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Use PowerShell to bulk get Exchange 2013 mailbox user capacity usage

Today, customers are asked to get some basic information about mailbox users, one of which is mailbox capacity usage. I needed to use PowerShell to get this information in bulk, so I started writing PowerShell scripts. I understand that Microsoft official website This script is p

The U-mail system is easy to play with mailbox capacity and large attachments

I believe you often have this experience: When I receive an email, it takes a long time to read it, and a large attachment is sent. The attachment contains a picture or video, which not only slows down the download speed, in addition, for the "mobile phone party", a waste of traffic is really hateful, but in the multimedia era, the sender is afraid that you cannot understand his intention, and the entire large file is required. In daily work, the nature of your work may have nothing to do with p

Li Yanhong: there will be no capacity limit for Baidu's mailbox

Li Yanhong, Chairman and CEO, told his blog that Baidu may want to provide email services.Li Yanhong said in his blog: "I have been using Outlook to receive emails. Outlook always reminds you to archive files and so on. It is very complicated. It is always afraid that there will be too many emails and problems will occur if the quota is exceeded. Emails were lost several times in the past few years because they exceed the limit of 2 GB. If Baidu is a ma

Exchange 2013 Statistics Mailbox Capacity-powershell

Hello everyone, today get a demand, is to count all user mailbox capacity, for the OFFICE365 migration to prepare, because we buy on the O365 capacity is limited, their own management did not limit, some users have used dozens of G.This requirement I do not know how to use the graphical interface to do, check on the Internet, found that some of the documents are

How to quickly upgrade Hotmail and MSN Mailbox capacity _ Web surfing

For commonly used Hotmail or MSN mailbox Friend, your MSN or Hotmail mailbox now how much space? For newly registered is also 25M, with enough one months to 250M. If you have used the old method of changing your nationality or have been invited to upgrade to 2000M, the method described below will not be tried again. I was in there today accidentally found a way, is just applied to the two types of mailbox

Small and medium-sized enterprises break through 42 million mailbox only 10%_it industry

rapid society, "efficient" has become a mantra of some executives, but for those who travel frequently, sending and receiving mail is a difficult problem. Now many service providers have to support the function of mobile phone mailbox, simply through the mobile phone browser login to their VIP mailbox, it can be as convenient as the use of computers as quickly as possible. Shopping malls such as battlefi

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