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C Language standard library function qsort specific explanation

1Simple Introduction to FunctionsFunction: Sort by using high-speed sort routinesHeader file: stdlib.hUsage: void qsort (void *base,int nelem,int Width,int (*fcmp) (const void *,const void *));Number of references: 1 The first address of the array

The understanding and use of the Qsort function in C and the sort function in C + +

one, qsort () functionPrototype: _crtimp void __cdecl qsort (void*, size_t, Size_t,int (*) (const void*, const void*));Parameter explanation: 1, the first address of the array to be sorted, 2, the number of elements to be sorted in the array, 3, the

Qsort functions and sort functions (carefully reviewed)

First, explain qsort and sort. They can only sort the data in the continuous memory. structures like linked lists cannot be sorted. First, qsort Qsort, and unstable ). The qsort function integrated in the C language library function uses a three-way

Seven methods of qsort in STL

Qsort () should be a fast sort. It seems that data is moved in blocks, which is faster. Prototype:_ Cribd void _ cdecl qsort (void *, size_t, size_t, INT (*) (const void *, const void *)); Explanation: qsort (array name, number of elements,

Use of the Qsort function-sort elements in a normal array, pointer array, two-dimensional array

In ANSI C, the prototype of the Qsort function is #include void Qsort (void *base, size_t nmemb, size_t size, int (*compar) (const void *, const void *)); Explanation: The Qsort function sorts an array containing nmemb elements,

Differences between qsort and sort

Next, let's explain qsort and sort in detail and try again! (Note the writing of comparison functions of qsort and sort, which is prone to errors) First qsortThe basic quick sorting method divides an array into two points and one score in the middle

Qsort and sort in a sort

Original: http://www.cnblogs.com/ForeverJoker/archive/2013/05/25/qsort-sort.htmlLet's start by explaining Qsort and sort, which can only be sorted on contiguous memory data, such as a list of structures that can't be sorted.First of all, qsort.Qsort

Qsort and sort learning and comparison

1.qsort function:Primitive : void qsort (void *base, int nelem, int width, int (*fcmp) (const void *,const void *)); power : sorting using a quick sort routineParameters1 array first address to sort2 number of elements to be sorted in the array3

Differences between qsort and sort Functions

Reprinted from http://blog.csdn.net/yzl_rex/article/details/7874513 Next, let's explain qsort and sort in detail and try again! (Note the writing of comparison functions of qsort and sort, which is prone to errors) First qsortThe basic quick sorting

Qsort usage)

Quick sorting qsort is really powerful I. Sorting int-type ArraysInt num [100]; Int CMP (const void * a, const void * B){Return * (int *) A-* (int *) B;} Qsort (Num, 100, sizeof (Num [0]), CMP ); 2. Sort char array (same as int type) Char word [100];

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