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[Erlang0068] Erlang dict

Dict is a dictionary implemented by a dynamic hash table. the interface is consistent with orddict. The implementation is similar to the idea of dynamic expansion of array. Compared with proplists and orddict, it supports larger data volumes, you

Python collection type (list tuple dict set generator) graphic detail

Python's nested collection types are list, tuple, set, Dict. List: Looks like an array, but more powerful than an array, supports indexing, slicing, finding, adding, and so on. Tuple tuples: Functions are similar to lists, but once generated, the

Quick start of basic operations for list (list), tuple (tuple), Dict (dictionary) in Python

Recently looked at Python's list, dictionaries and tuples and other data types, feel that these data types are more commonly used, by the way, summed up some of the more common usage. The list is the most commonly used data type in Python,


One: List listingList is an ordered set of elements that can be added and removed at any timeBy  [ ]  enclosing all the elements of the list, it is a list object. In general, we assign a list to a variable so that it can be referenced by a variable

VIM Quick Configuration C++,python Environment

Configure the VIM environment with one click with a profile written by a master on GitHub-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Introduction See this blog: http://www.cnblogs.com/ma6174/archive/2011/12/10

3d-touch Home screen Quick Actions use

1.3d-touch Brief Introduction3d-touch is the iphone 6s launch of a new way to let you interact with the mobile phone. This time, the IPhone will be able to sense the intensity you press on the screen. In addition to the familiar Multi of taps,

Python Quick Start (1) and python Quick Start

Python Quick Start (1) and python Quick Start I learned python more than a month later. While recording these essays, if you can see it, I hope it will help you. If there are any errors, please advise me! The main record is an overall understanding

Python Quick Start (4) sorting, dictionary, and files

08Python Sorting:1. The simplest sorting method: #sorted(list) function: which takes a list and returns a new list with those elements in sorted ordera = [5, 1, 4, 3]print sorted(a) ## [1, 3, 4, 5]print a ## [5, 1, 4, 3]#The sorted() function can

Python defaultdict module and namedtuple module Quick Start Guide, pythontupledict

Python defaultdict module and namedtuple module Quick Start Guide, pythontupledict Python has some built-in data types, such as int, str, list, tuple, and dict. The collections module of Python provides several additional data types based on these

Backup and restoration of a single mysql table and a single mysql table

Backup and restoration of a single mysql table and a single mysql table A. Install MySQL backup tool xtrabackup 1. percona official xtrabackup binary version; decompress the binary version to use it. 2. Decompress xtrabackup and create a connection.

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