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Two ways to create a bullet chart in Tableau Desktop (Bullet chart)

A bullet chart, as the name implies, is a way of thinking about the trajectory of a bullet when it is shot out. At first, the bullet chart was developed to replace the kind of odometer that is common on the instrument panel, such as the speedometer,

American group R language data Operation combat

First, IntroductionIn recent years, with the continuous innovation of distributed data processing technology, such as Hive, Spark, Kylin, Impala, Presto and other tools continue to innovate, the calculation and storage of big data collection become

Yahoo's spark practice, Next Generation Spark Scheduler Sparrow

Yahoo's spark practice Yahoo is one of the big data giants who have a unique passion for spark. This summit, Yahoo contributed three speeches, let us one by one. Andy Feng, a prominent Yahoo architect from the University of Zhejiang , tried to

Why SQL is beating NoSQL, what this means for future data (reprint)

Why SQL is beating NoSQL, what this means for future data: translator notes: After years of silence, today's SQL is coming back. What's the reason? What impact does this have on the data community? Look at

Ebay has open source its large, high-speed Sql-on-hadoop database

ebay, the online auction site, has open source for its database technology, called Kylin, which says it can quickly query petabytes of data stored in Hadoop. ebay is not a big data user compared to companies like Google and Facebook, but it does

Four ways to get you through. Data Visualization interface Design

Dashboards, big data, data visualization, data analysis-more and more people and businesses are starting to use their data to do something interesting. In my career, I have been privileged to participate in a large number of data-oriented interface

The evolution of the Apache Kylin Big data analytics Platform

The evolution of the Apache Kylin Big data analytics PlatformExt.: am Li Yang from Kyligence, co-founder and CTO of Shanghai Kyligence. Today I am mainly here to share with you the new features and

9 skills required by Big data engineers in 2016

Apache HadoopHadoop is now in its second 10-year development, but it is undeniable that Hadoop has developed in the 2014, with Hadoop moving from test clusters to production and software vendors, which is increasingly close to distributed storage

9 skills required to get big data top jobs in 2015

before big Data commercialization, leveraging big data analytics tools and technologies to gain a competitive advantage is no longer a secret. In 2015, if you are still looking for big data related jobs in the workplace, then the 9 skills introduced

Data mining engineer Interview Guide

From: Link: The data mining field is a unique industry, and the general recruitment interview method may not be suitable for the

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