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Open source Distributed version control tool--git Tour

Transferred from: design idea of the distributed code base and file snapshot, which is advocated by Git, is a challenge and subversion relative to the traditional CVS, SVN and other

GIT Cheat Sheet

Http:// One: Overview There are countless books on the web for Git and cheatsheet. But its editorial thinking is to explain the order. Always wanted this article cheatsheet: in daily use of git, I

Git Learning (a) Introduction and installation

Git Introduction and InstallationGit is currently the world's most advanced distributed version control System (no one). It's also a legendary birth, and Linux founder Linus spent two weeks writing a distributed version control system in C, which is

Automatically save user name and password under git command line

Introduction: Git is a very popular version management tool, based on the client git a lot of, such as tortoise git, Smart git, etc., many times, we still have to be based on the command line for GIT operations, each need to enter a username and

Git learning Note: GUI client

Users who are used to Windows do not like to operate with something similar to the command line. Of course, I do not like it either, but it is too slow.Perhaps with the help of the command line, it is also very common for the Linux system to double

SVN settings ignore file list

SVN settings ignore file lists in the company Project version control is generally using centralized SVN, I am also familiar with the basic version management concepts and operations from the svn tool. However, as a Linux system and application

Turn: setting up a msysgit server with copssh on Windows

Http:// OK-Let me start this post by saying this is absolutely not for the faint hearted. this was a serious-and I re-emphasize this-serious pain in the arse to the do.

SVN settings ignore file list

SVN settings ignore file listVersion Control for projects in the company generally uses centralized SVN. I am also familiar with basic version management concepts and operations from svn tools. However, as a Linux System and Application Developer,

Sublime text manual localization and plug-in development and submission method tutorial (3) -- submit plug-in

(Reprinted must indicate the original address and the author "bihai Qing Tian Zhao Liang" and blog address In the first part of this tutorial series talked about the "St Chinese method"

10 recommended tools for Java developers and 10 recommended tools for java developers

10 recommended tools for Java developers and 10 recommended tools for java developers The following are the 10 most commonly used tools for Java programmers in their daily lives. If you are using Java, this article will help you. If you are not

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