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How do I turn off notification messages for the Apple Mac app?

How do I turn off the notification message for the Apple Mac app? We all know that Mac notification hubs will occasionally push notification messages for individual applications, and if these push messages are annoying to your wor

How does Samsung Galaxy Alpha turn off flashing notifications? g8508s off Flashing Notification tutorial

1. To shut down only need in the mobile phone "application" inside find the corresponding function to close into can, specific as follows. 2. Click "Set". 3. Because this flashing notification is an "accessibility", we only need to click on the accessibility feature. 4. Then "Listen" in the accessibility function. 5. The "flashing notice" of the hook can be canceled. After the above operation, you

Use Nonotifications to turn off Ubuntu notification tips

use Nonotifications to turn off the Ubuntu notification prompt . Connect a mobile phone in Ubuntu, wired or wireless network, new system updates will be on the right side of the desktop pop-up notification prompts, this feature can help users in real time to understand the system and hardware working status of dynamic

Tencent Map app notification bar information too much push off tutorial

To the users of Tencent map software to detailed analysis to share the notification bar information too much push off the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, open the Tencent map, click below me, drag to the bottom click "Settings" 2, the "Receive notification message" Switch off After doing the ab

How does the Win7 system turn off the WIN10 upgrade notification?

How does the Win7 system turn off the WIN10 upgrade notification? 1, click the Start menu, click "Control Panel", the view will be modified to "large icon" select "Program and Function" button; 2. Click "View installed Updates" On the left side of "program and function"; 3, in the "Installed Update" interface to find "KB3035583" (throug

Turn off WordPress New user Registration Email notification

Turn off WordPress New user Registration Mail notification method: Open wp-includes/pluggable.php File Search location to: The code is as follows Wp_mail (get_option (' Admin_email '), sprintf (__ (' [%s] New User registration '), $blogname), $message); Note, save it. The code is as follows W

Users will not be able to turn off new changes to the WIN10 Pro App Store

Now, there are some new changes in the WINDOWS10 Pro system, and if we upgrade the system to WINDOWS10 professional build 1511 (that is, Win10 TH2), you won't be able to close the Win10 App Store in the future, even if it's changed by Group Policy.After 365bet system city For more information, this policy is only suitable for WIN10 professional system, and in WIN10 Enterprise Edition and Education edition, WIN10 Store can be turned

Ios-oc-app hot Update, dynamic update (imitation QQ to turn a feature on or off)

(@ "Get failed"); Return } if ([ClassType isequaltostring:@ "NSObject"]) {nsobject *bundleobj = [LoadClass new]; Nsarray *ARRVC = [bundleobj performselector: @selector (Getvcs)]; Tabcontroller *TVC = [[Tabcontroller ALLOC]INITWITHVCARRAY:ARRVC]; [Self.navigationcontroller PUSHVIEWCONTROLLER:TVC Animated:yes]; }else if ([ClassType isequaltostring:@ "Uiviewcontroller"]) {Uiviewcontroller *UVC = (Uiviewcontroller *) [LoadClass N EW]; [Self.navigationcontroller

Android code optimization: Turn off output log

Android Close LogWhen we develop, we often output various logs to debug the code. But wait until the app release apk runs without expecting it to output the log.Turn off output log log.v (), LOG.I (), LOG.W (), LOG.V (), LOG.E (), etc.Principle:Then we can delete various log output codes through Proguard. Then when you export the APK, the log code will be filtered out.By configuring Proguard, the method of

Sing it. How does app turn off message push?

Turn off message push to prevent some of the useless messages from bothering us, let's show you how to turn off message push. 1, open the phone to sing the live room into the application after the click on the navigation bar "my", and then click on the upper right corner "gear" set icon 2, then click on t

Windows7 optimization tips to turn off unnecessary functions

Genuine WINDOWS7 sales have exceeded 400 million, and pirated Windows7 (Win7 flagship) has become more popular, but also the risk of a great (Win7 system download process may download to the virus, Win7 activation may also cause Win7 crash). Many users want their Windows7 to run more smoothly and run faster, but most users can't find the right way to speed up the system! In fact, using some small skills can let Windows7 fly! Here's a small way to optimize Windows7--

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