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ASP. NET has no magic -- ASP. NET Identity's "multi-factor" authentication code, asp. netidentity

ASP. NET has no magic -- ASP. NET Identity's "multi-factor" authentication code, asp. netidentity The previous article introduces the authentication mechanism and process in ASP. NET. This article uses code to introduce how to implement third-party account authentication and two-fa

VMware View combined with Ckey two factor authentication

1. Demand AnalysisProblem descriptionemployees in the internal and external network office environment with the help of VMWare view access to virtual desktop resourcesMany people still log in with an initial password or an overly simple static passwordWeak password Easy Network Information System leakage EventRegular replacement of the domain login password plan caused many people's dissatisfactionAchieve goalsImprove the security of VMware View user logins

Mobile number two-factor real-name authentication

Mobile String Phone number Verificationresult String Results:-12 factor verification is inconsistent; 0 system no record; 12 feature Validation is consistent Clear text JSON returns an example:{ "Error_code": 0, "Reason": "Success", "result": { "Name": "Guoziyi", "Mobile": "18003711220", " Verificationresult ":"-1 " }}Ciphertext JSON return Examp

WEB API Authentication (authentication) and authorization (Authorization) "One" (12)

ObjectiveWhether it is an ASP. NET MVC or Web API framework, the authentication of request information from the request to the response, and the authorization of the access page after the success of the authentication are extremely important, with two sections to focus on both, this section first tells some basic information about both, In the next section, we wi

Sina Weibo Oauth2.0 authorized authentication and use of SDK and API (Android)

. Click on "Advanced Info", authorization settings, set authorization callback page and cancel authorization callback page. What I'm setting here is You can set this place yourself.Finally: The basic setup work is done here. The last we need to get from here is the PP key and app Secret, and the URL of the callback pageSecond, Oauth2.0 authorized authentication mechanism n Sina Weibo Android SDK provides developers with Oa

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