udp web server

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UDP reliably transmits those things

Have time to go to the forum, found that the discussion UDP reliable transmission and heat up, some people think that UDP high efficiency, some people think that UDP packet retransmission mechanism is easy to control, there are friends to limit the

The principle of the "ping" command is to send a UDP packet to the other host, and HTTP will actively release the

Socket is a set of interfaces built on the TCP/IP protocol is not a protocolApplication layer: HTTP FTP SMTP WebTransport layer: Provides logical, not physical, communication between two applications (TCP UDP)TCP reliable connection-oriented

Similarities and differences between TCP, UDP and RTP (RTCP)

Original address: http://www.cnblogs.com/imystr/p/4026639.html OSI Seven layer modelLayer-Functional TCP/IP protocol family in OSIApplication-layer file transfer, email, file service, virtual terminal tftp,http,snmp,ftp,smtp,dns,telnetPresentation

Fifth Transport layer (UDP and TCP three-time handshake, four wave waves analysis)

PrefaceThrough this chapter, can know in fact three times handshake and four waves actually really good simple, through this chapter of learning, I believe you will also think, in the future do not need to hear others ask three times the process of

Web Service,soap, HTTP,TCP,UDP

WebService and SoapHTTP is only responsible for transmitting the data in the past, not the data is XML, HTML, pictures, text files or anything else. and the SOAP protocol defines how to make an object into XML text, how to call it in a remote way,

TCP/UDP detailed

Reprint: Http://www.cnblogs.com/visily/archive/2013/03/15/2961190.html, fanciesRelated: HTTP protocol detailedIn-depth understanding of the HTTP protocol1. The necessity of transmission layer existenceBecause the packet transport of the network

TCP, UDP network programming job generation, write C language TCP program network programming using C

TCP, UDP network programming job generation, write C language TCP programNetwork Programming using COverview? This homework was due by 11:59:59 PM on Thursday, April 26, 2018.? This homework would count as 8% of your final course grade.? This

UDP Flood caused by firewall Not Configured

Lu Yao, Chongqing University Figure 1 result of packet capture by Ethereal Figure 2 topology of the attack and defense Experiment Figure 3 parameter settings of the attack and defense Experiment IP address planning table of the attack and

HTTP, TCP, UDP, Socket interpretation

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. 1. Guidance Remember to go to college in the "Computer Network Foundation" specialized class, at that time is really pure kind ignorance, think I later do not engage

HTTP protocol implementation method based on hybrid TCP-UDP

Abstract:Currently, all applications used for web page access are based on the HTTP application protocol, while the lower layer uses the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) [1] as the transmission protocol. However, TCP is not suitable for short

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