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Share 20 of the latest free UI design materials for designers

User interface design involves a lot of creativity, inspiration and skills that require effective communication with customers. A good user interface is consistent and makes the site easier to understand and use. UI design focuses on user experience

UI article--User experience

Content is original, reproduced please indicate everywhere thank you.  User Experience, or UX, is a holistic concept of the user (users) and interactive (interactive) technology systems domain. Specifically, it represents the usability (usability)

21 Awesome Web site UI design style guide

In web design or APP UI design, designers often take the time to organize various UI elements, such as font size, paragraph spacing, button color, size, and so on, in order to better standardize the design of documents, while making Style Guide may

Web testing introduces a UI test

With the rapid development of Web 2.0 technology, many companies have developed web-based Web services, often in the design and development of Web applications, it is difficult to simulate a large number of users to access the system at the same

UI training How to design a minimalist tri-color icon

In the UI training session, I learned that in UI design, the markers design is a different kind of minimalist style, which is more subtle and interesting. Color matching is the eternal topic in the design, in my opinion, simplicity is the essence of

Creating wheels, mimicking WPF's UI framework, is not perfect ...

WTF (temporarily named, casually up = _=), mimicking the framework of WPF, is yet to be perfected, with only simple underlying elements that support data binding. Although Mono is supported, Mono has a bug Writing this is just a hobby, it doesn't

Photoshop three UI selection color method sharing

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the three kinds of UI selection color method. Analytical sharing: Method One: Color Wheel color The color wheel is made up of 12 basic colors.

Full-screen immersive transparent status bar effect for Android UI experience

Objective:After Android 4.4, Google provides immersive full-screen experience, in immersive full-screen mode, the status bar, virtual key dynamic hidden, the application can use the full screen space, according to Google, to give users an immersive

About the button node in the UI in Unity

The button is the most commonly used UI node and contains components that have1.Image componentsDisplay the button's texture, drag the image map into the image component, and then click Set Native size to show the map's original size2.Button

HTML5 Tricks for Mobile

IOS 7.1 Safari Adds the Minimal-ui property to the META tag to hide the address bar and navigation bar when the page loadsCreating a fullscreen experienceOn Android browser–the default Browser on Android up to 4.3, and different to chrome–the only

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