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The following topics are completed on the bookstore project (please run the database file first): 1, write unit test cases, test the action layer of user registration function. (Note: Test cases should consider success and failure.)

Label:First of all, I would like to explain that the user registration action in the method does not make any judgment can be registered, nothing to consider, even if all is empty, he can register successfully. If you want to write a test case, follow my steps, useraction In The register () method to add some judgment, and in the JSP page to give the corresponding hint, because there are too many loopholes, I wrote only one judgment-if the user name i


From use CASES to TEST CASES-test note of "Essential software Test Design"2015-08-31Content:12.1 What is use Cases?12.2 Use Cases12.2.1 Example:use Case–withdraw Money12.3 The model–compiling the Flow Graph12.4 Creating Base

Orleans Initial Contact (2) test cases and orleans Use Cases

Orleans Initial Contact (2) test cases and orleans Use Cases Return to navigation] After a brief understanding of Orleans, we can use several examples to deepen our impression.I. Quick Start example This example is also followed by Microsoft Orleans Getting Started Guide (https://www.cnblogs.com/endv/p/6147976.html) This article made The example in the previous n

Robot+selenium writing Web UI Automation use Cases

Usually we can use the robot framework to write interface automation use cases, but some sites do not do the front-end separation, the iterative process has a lot of repetitive test work, there is no interface to call validation, there are automated test requirements, how to do? At this point, the Web UI Automation of

Automated test = unittest and requests interface test cases, test express query api (2), unittestrequests

Automated test = unittest and requests interface test cases, test express query api (2), unittestrequests Generate a test report based on the original one: First, generate a report file using unittest of HTMLTestRunner. py. Then slightly modify the code: Import requestsimpor

Python Automation Test Example--a simple automated test case script--batch execution of test cases

=driver.find_element_by_name (' NR ') #设置每页搜索结果为100条, first find id= Nr label, and then find the option tag under the Id=nr tabA Select button with value equal to 100 m.find_element_by_xpath ("//option[@value = ' 100 ' ]. Click () time.sleep (2) #保存设置的信息 driver.find_element_by_xpath ("//input[@ Value= ' Save Settings ']. Click () time.sleep (2) n=driver.switch_to_alert () n.accept () defteardown (self): Self.driver.quit () self.assertequal ([],self.verificationerrors) ' teardown The method

Using the flaky plug-in to run failure cases in UI Automation tests

In UI Automation testing, sometimes it is often prompted to run the use case failure, in a single step or a single use case debugging, the use case is successful, the failure factor is mainly the environment, code or front-end positioning and other reasons.You can read this article "How we make UI testing stable" in detail, but, here, we don't discuss the problem, let's look at the optimizationThe original

20 smart Watch UI design cases worth learning

While many of the cases are the conceptual design of the Apple Watch, there are some bright spots on the UI that can be used to catalyze creativity and to learn from it. Spotify pulse–apple Watch UI Instagram Android Wear Concept UI Cyclus™–smartwatch concept Iwatch Concept Smart Watch IOS 7

Test case reuse technology in software testing-test Cases

Absrtact: Software Testing is a reliable means to ensure the quality of software, and is an essential part in the process of software development. This paper presents a test case design process for reuse, which provides the implementation strategy for software test case reuse. The reuse of software test cases is of gre

Excellent user experience Design: 15 different Ui/ux cases

User interface and user experience (Ui/ux) is the key to any product success or failure, especially web,web is a kind of open, can be accessed by anyone anywhere anytime, a special product, the user's experience almost means everything, although the content is more important, but the content can be replaced, experience is unique, This article analyses 15 different ui/ux

Write test requirements and test cases

There's not much difference in the template of the test case, and I always wanted to find a good test case template when I first came into contact with the test. Typically, the test case template includes the main three items: operating instructions, expected results, and no pass. With these three items, the other is b

Interesting UI of iOS development-UIScrollerView controls and cases, iosuiscrollerview

Interesting UI of iOS development-UIScrollerView controls and cases, iosuiscrollerview This is a technical point for interesting UI modules in iOS development. If you are an iOS enthusiast who already has C basics, but you are not familiar with Objectiov C, you need to learn the Objective C series of the core iOS development language I shared earlier.If you have

Swtbok test practice series (9) -- is the more detailed the design test cases, the better?

When a tester designs a test case, the first problem is whether the detailed steps of the test case are as detailed as possible? Or how do I grasp the detailed steps of the test case? There must be a lot of people who are in favor of detailed test cases on this issue, becaus

[Tool] four principles for designing test cases

(whether at the API or UI level), code writing should also have a different product code writing style. readability and description should be the key considerations. In the test code, of course, we can introduce good design ideas such as object-oriented and design patterns, but we must use them appropriately. process-oriented coding methods are more conducive to organization, reading, and description.3. si

Python+selenium UI Scripting Use Cases

=self.wd.find_e Lements_by_css_selector ("table[border= ' 1 '] tr>td:nth-of-type (8) >input[value= ' delete ']") If Len (cords) ==0: Break Cords[0].click () time.sleep (1) #定位元素前后要加等待时间, especially the refreshed page def hospitalconfig (self): Self.wd.find_ Element_by_partial_link_text (U "Hospital View SQL"). Click () hospitals=self.findeleorg () hospitaldatatype=self.findeledept () For NUM in range (len (hospitals)-1): Hospitals = Self.findEleorg () Hospitals[num].click () for Nu

White Paper on test case design-basic concepts of Test Cases

White Paper on test case design-basic concepts of Test CasesAuthor: Vince Source: http://blog.csdn.net/vincetest Contents1. Overview2. Basic concepts of Test Cases2.1. Definition of Test Cases2.2. Test Case features2.3. Test Case

The key to preparing a test plan and test cases !!!

The problem is as follows: In the test process, the test plan is the arrangement of the entire test activity, while the test case is the guidance of the test execution. However, at present, many testers still do not realize the importance of the

Anti-blind UI Automation test _ Automation test

provide a convenient way to generate a mapping of the UI. And this mapping is easier to maintain whether it is convenient to debug test programs, such as whether to support breakpoints and variable value viewProduct inside the custom UI, or the proportions of the UI controls that are called from the drawing, are key n

Python instance writing (7)---Test Report and test suite (multiple py files, multiple use cases within 1 py files)

I. A. py file executes the test case in bulk (a. py file under multiple use cases)If used directly: Unittest.main (), it is executed in alphabetical order,The use of Suite.addtest (the class name ("Method name"), which is the order of additions, modifications, and deletions, avoids the processing of the test data after the completion of the use

5 ways Python uses the UnitTest test framework to organize test cases

Using the UnitTest test framework, you can write test cases in two main ways: using the Main method and leveraging Testsuite, where you can use a test suite to organize your test cases in 4 ways.Before you do this, you should unde

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