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How to load a local. CSS File & JavaScript resources using IPhone UIWebView Class

This post would cover the basic setup and creation of an application with Web content for IPhone that would load local CSS f Iles and some useful JavaScript functions. Most of these hints I found partially in different blogs and forums listed in the reference section. Collect all them together. You can use the following technique-to-create a more attractive application design.Creating an application using UIWebVie

How the iphone empties the UIWebView cache

diskcapacity:cachesizedisk diskpath:@ "Nsurlcache" Autorelease; [nsurlcache:sharedcache];//... other launching Code} Once you have it properly configured and then if you need to purge the cache (for example in applicationDidReceiveMemoryWarning or if you close a UIWebView ) Just do:[[NSURLCache sharedURLCache] removeAllCachedResponses];And you'll see the memory is recovered. I blogged about this issue here:http://twobitlabs.com/2012/01/ios-ipa

iphone Development-Change the link address when you click on the UIWebView link address

that are not jump to this app page, such as http://www.baidu.com, you need to find the hyperlink address to a://**if ([[URL scheme] isequaltostring:@ "Aichang"]) {}Get the hyperlink address, the next step is to change the URL scheme, so that it becomes B, the code is as followsNSString *newurlstring = [NSString stringwithformat:@ "b://%@%@", url.host, Url.path];if (url.query) { newurlstring = [newurlstring stringbyappendingformat:@ "?%@", Url.query];} url = [Nsurl urlwithstring:newurlstring]

iphone Development-Change the link address when you click on the UIWebView link address

= [newurlstring stringbyappendingformat:@ "?%@", Url.query];} url = [Nsurl urlwithstring:newurlstring];if ([[[UIApplication Sharedapplication]canopenurl:url]) {[[UIApplication Sharedapplication]openurl:url];return NO;}} return YES;}Also change the bclient in the info in the URL schemes to B for example toEndTo the positive, to the odd win.Change the server side of the Web page content is the most direct method, but the price is also some big, directly to the client click on the link address. Fa

(Iphone/ipad Development) customizing the menu bar in UIWebView

rewriting-(BOOL) Canperformaction: (SEL) Action Withsender: (ID) sender function, tell the menu bar which menus can be displayed.Then there is the discussion of the custom menu bar, where it should be written.Before is written in Customwebview.m's initWithFrame method, but the long press after the menu bar has not come out, later found that if you add this control through Xib, through the breakpoint tracking can be found that it will not execute the initWithFrame method, so the code should be w

IPhone programming-Basic Application of uiwebview

In iPhone applications, uiwebview is a good control for displaying website page content. Some basic usage records of this control are as follows.The first step is to load the text type, such as HTML and TXT.-(Void) loadhtmlstring :( nsstring *) string baseurl :( nsurl *) baseurlThat's all. The implementation code is as follows:Nsbundle * bundle = [nsbundle mainbundle];Nsstring * respath = [bundle resourcepa

[Palm Eye] Open itunes.apple.com link from iphone uiwebview launch app Store

Method One: Apply to App not applicable to UIWebViewNsurl *Itunesurl;//Process a linkshare/tradedoubler/dgm URL to something IPhone can handle- (void) Openreferralurl: (Nsurl *) referralurl{nsurlconnection*con = [[Nsurlconnection alloc] Initwithrequest:[nsurlrequest Requestwithurl:referralurl]Delegate: Self startimmediately:yes];}//Save The most recent URL in case multiple redirects occur//"Itunesurl" is a Nsurl property in your class declaration-(Nsu

Use UIWebView to open pdf, doc, and xls files on iphone

[Cpp] // file name and type NSString * path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource: @ "xls1" ofType: @ "xls"]; // obtain the NSData * data = [[NSData alloc] initWithContentsOfFile: path]; NSString * string = [[NSString alloc] initWithData: data encoding: NSUTF8StringEncoding]; NSLog (@ "% @", string); UIWebView * webView = [[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame: CGRectMake (0, 55,320,300)]; webView. delegate =

IPhone development-the easiest way to check the Touch/UITapGestureRecognizer event on UIWebView

I have a program that needs to check whether UIWebView has touch actions. Unfortunately, touchesBegan and other events on UIWebView cannot be detected. I checked on the Internet and found many solutions, such as adding a transparent UIView to UIWebView, resetting the sendEvent of UIWindow, or resetting the hitest method of UI

IPhone control-UIWebView

1 #import 2 3 @interface UITestViewController : UIViewController 4 { 5 6 } 7 8 @end 9 10 11 12 13 //14 // UITestViewController.m15 // UITest16 //17 18 #import "UITestViewController.h"19 20 UIActivityIndicatorView *activity;21 22 @implementation UITestViewController23 24 - (void)viewDidLoad {25 26 [super viewDidLoad];27 28 [self.view setBackgroundColor:[UIColor blackColor]];29 30 CGRect webRect = CGRectMake(10,10,300,380);31

iphone development-uiwebview Turn off auto-detect data

If you have a paragraph in your Web page, the content of the middle content is Www.yesareno.com,UIWebview will automatically identify you as http:// Www.yesareno.com, of course, most of the cases are good, but there are some special cases, you do not like the www.yesareno.com to identify as hyperlinks (that is, click No response, regardless of the abnormal needs of it), how to achieve it?When you click Www.yesareno.com in the Web page, the WebView pro

IPhone development-real-time access to html content in UIWebView

On the Internet, I found a method to obtain the html content of a webpage by running a javascript script: Get all html: [Cpp] NSString * lJs = @ "document.doc umentElement. innerHTML ";NSString * lJs = @ "document.doc umentElement. innerHTML "; Obtain the webpage title: [Cpp] NSString * lJs2 = @ "document. title ";NSString * lJs2 = @ "document. title "; The usage in WebView is as follows: [Cpp] UIWebView * lWebView = [self getCurrentWebView];NSString

Key to iPhone browser development: uiwebview

Nslog (@ "loading "); Uiview * contentview = [[uiview alloc] initwithframe: [uiscreen mainscreen] applicationframe]; Contentview. backgroundcolor = [uicolor bluecolor]; Nslog (@ "self view "); // View orientation Rotation Contentview. autoresizingmask = (uiviewautoresizingflexiblewidth | uiviewautoresizingflexibleheight ); Self. view = contentview; // Set attributes // Automatically adjust the View Size Self. View. autoresizessubviews = no; // // Create a layer for storing webview Cgrect

Communication between JavaScript and Objective-C in UIWebView, uiwebview

Communication between JavaScript and Objective-C in UIWebView, uiwebviewObjective-C-> JavaScript before iOS7 UIWebViewThe object has the following methods: - (NSString *)stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:(NSString *)script This method can executeJavaScriptString and return the return value of the string type. For example: UIWebView * webView = [[UIWebView a

Basic usage of UIWebView and UIWebView

Basic usage of UIWebView and UIWebView I. basic use of UIWebView 1. Create a UIWebView: CGRect bouds = [[UIScreen manScreen] applicationFrame];UIWebView * webView = [[UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame: bounds]; 2. Set attributes: Web

How to get Status Code from UIWebView for iPhone Development

IPhoneDevelopment fromUIWebView.Status CodeThe example tutorial is the content to be introduced in this article. This article is based on code implementation, and there is not much content. Let's look at the implementation code. Obtain from

How does uiwebview run javascript JS?

WebKit on the iPhone (Part 1) If you develop an application which shocould display a web page or HTML file, you can use the WebKit framework, which is part of the MACOs and also of the iPhone OS. But while on the Mac, the WebKit framework provides almost 160 public header files which define even more public classes and tons of methods you can call to get control of all aspects of loading, rendering, display

Use of UIWebView, simple browser implementation, uiwebview Browser

Use of UIWebView, simple browser implementation, uiwebview Browser# Import "ViewController. h"@ Interface ViewController () @ Property (nonatomic, weak) UIWebView * web;@ End@ Implementation ViewController-(Void) viewDidLoad {[Super viewDidLoad];[Self _ setTextField];[Self _ loadWebView];}# Pragma mark-set the input box-(Void) _ setTextField {Self. tf. clearButto

JS Call oc Method UIWebView jump to another UIWebView

1 //2 //BusinessListViewController.h3 //Loulilouwai4 //5 //Created by Jouhu on 15/7/31.6 //Copyright (c) 2015 Jouhu. All rights reserved.7 //8 9 #importTen One @interfaceBusinesslistviewcontroller:uiviewcontroller A@property (Strong, nonatomic) NSString *urlstring; - //@property (Strong, nonatomic) NSString *titlestring; - the @end1 //2 //BUSINESSLISTVIEWCONTROLLER.M3 //Loulilouwai4 //5 //Created by Jouhu on 15/7/31.6 //Copyright (c) 2015 Jouhu. All rights reserved.7 //8 9 #import "BusinessLis

Uiscrollview embedded Uiwebview,uiwebview inside a ListBox

There are multiple UIWebView in the Q:uiscrollview, the left and right slide will toggle UIWebView,One of the UIWebView embedded in a CSS write Listbox,listbox in a number of pictures, left and right to slide the picture will switch.How to distinguish these 2 kinds of sliding, in the listbox kind of sliding, do not let Uiscrollview also slide, in the other parts

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