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TCP's handling of sack and the processing details of the chaotic sequence

Not easy Ah, the weather is very hot, finally to the weekend but nowhere to go, last night on the special application to the wife for a short weekend time to summarize the recent work, it is not easy, if the application is not approved, I have to

[09-19] double-click *. EXE to generate *~. EXE (version 2nd)

EndurerOriginal 2Version 2006-09-131Version A netizen's computer experienced a strange phenomenon. Double-click *. EXE to generate *~. Exe. if you double-click a.exe, A ~ is generated ~. EXE. Four files are concurrently added: setup.exe and setup ~.

The selection problem of SEQ in the RST message of TCP for Linux protocol stack

In the "in-depth understanding of parallel programming" in the group, a Millet brother asked a question, server a contracted to the server b,seq is 1, but in the case of failure to receive Server B message reply, sent aRST, but in the RST message,

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) (lower)

3.4. Establish a connection A three-message handshake is used to establish a connection application. If both parties send SYN at the same time, the two parties will find that the SYN is not confirmed, so they will know this situation. Generally,

TCP three-way handshake and Its Principle

TCP/IP is composed of many different protocols. It is actually a protocol group. It is also called the TCP transmission control protocol (Transport Control Protocol. Reliable host-to-host layer protocols. The transport control protocol is the fourth

Application and principle of TCP three-times handshake

TCP/IP is a large number of different protocol components, is actually a protocol group, TCP User Data reporting Protocol (also known as TCP Transmission Control Protocol, transport control Protocol. Reliable host to host layer protocol. The first

How to clear Backdoor. Win32.IRCBot. acd from MSN virus propagation

Virus name: Backdoor. Win32.IRCBot. acd (Kaspersky) Virus size: 118,272 bytes Shelling method: PE_Patch NTKrnl Sample MD5: 71b015411d27794c3e900707ef21e6e7 Sample SHA1: 934b80b2bfbb744933ad9de35bc2b588c852d08e Time detected: 2007.7 Time updated: 2007

MSN Spread virus BACKDOOR.WIN32.IRCBOT.ACD Removal method _ virus killing

Virus name: BACKDOOR.WIN32.IRCBOT.ACD (Kaspersky) Virus size: 118,272 bytes Adding shell way: Pe_patch NTKRNL Sample Md5:71b015411d27794c3e900707ef21e6e7 Sample sha1:934b80b2bfbb744933ad9de35bc2b588c852d08e Discovery Time: 2007.7 Update Time: 2007.7

Undo operation in Linux TCP congestion control

The TCP implementation of Linux is complex and cumbersome, it is recommended not to go directly to the code, but instead take the time to take the TCP specification first. This article mainly describes the TCP implementation of the undo operation,

Solve the Problem of pop-up www.duduw.com Advertisement

EndurerOriginal 2006-09-08 th1Version On a computer of a netizen, The hxxp: // www.dududuw.com advertisement window is always displayed when I use IE to browse the webpage. Use hijackthis (which can be downloaded from hxxp: // endurer.ys168.com) to

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