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6. Oracle rollback (ROLLBACK) and undo (undo)

Reprinted from: http://blog.csdn.net/leshami/article/details/5731158One, rollback (ROLLBACK) and undo (undo)Rollback and roll forward are important means of ensuring that the data in an Oracle database is in a consistent state. --Before the 9i

InnoDB transaction log (redo log and undo log)

The database usually implements the transaction with the help of log, the common have undo log, redo Log,undo/redo log all can guarantee the transaction characteristic, Undolog implements the transaction atomicity, Redolog realizes the transaction

ORA-30036: unable to extend segment by 8 in undo tablespace 'undotbs1 ′

  Fault: The undo tablespace is getting bigger and bigger, so the final data crashes due to insufficient disk space; Problem analysis: the cause of the problem is as follows:1. There is a large volume of transactions that allow Oracle undo to

Oracle releases overused undo table space ____oracle

Symptom: Undo table space is getting bigger and longer this end data crashes because of insufficient disk space;Problem Analysis: The causes of the problem are mainly the following two points:1. There is a large volume of transactions so that Oracle

Oracle undo Parsing

What is Undo used? Before introducing undo, let's talk about another thing transaction, which is translated into transactions or transactions. We need to apply for many resources in the process of a transaction, and a complicated transaction also

Transaction and transaction isolation levels in SQL Server and how to understand the process and causes of dirty reads, uncommitted reads, non-repeatable reads, and Phantom reads

Originally intended to write about the transaction control process in the SSIS package, it was found that many of the basic concepts needed to be based on the isolation level of SQL Server transactions and transactions. So it took some time to get a

Monitor and manage the use of Oracle UNDO tablespace

Monitor and manage the use of Oracle UNDO tablespace The monitoring and management of Oracle Database UNDO tablespaces is one of our most important tasks in daily life. The UNDO tablespaces are usually managed automatically by Oracle (determined by

Read consistency analysis: undo, read consistency: undo

Read consistency analysis: undo, read consistency: undoThe following uses the consistent read Analysis of undo:[Oracle @ localhost ~] $ Lsb_release-LSB Version: core-3.1-ia32: core-3.1-noarch: graphics-3.1-ia32: graphics-3.1-noarchDistributor ID:

Oracle UNDO monitoring and oracleundo monitoring

Oracle UNDO monitoring and oracleundo monitoringOracle 10 GB and later versions have a new feature, that is, automatic adjustment of the undo retention time, which greatly simplifies management. For the undo tablespace of autoextend on, the

[Oracle] Understanding undo Table Space

First, back paragraph introduction In an Oracle database, when something modifies the data, Oracle first saves the original value of the data to a fallback segment. A thing can only save its fallback information to a fallback segment, while multiple

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