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Importing unused CSS files and displaying unused HTML pages on different devices

=function() { varUA =navigator.useragent, Iswindowsphone=/(?: Windows Phone)/. Test (UA), Issymbian=/(?: SymbianOS)/.test (UA) | |Iswindowsphone, Isandroid=/(?: Android)/. Test (UA), Isfirefox=/(?: Firefox)/. Test (UA), Ischrome=/(?: chrome| Crios)/. Test (UA), Istablet=/(?: ipad| PlayBook)/.test (UA) | | (Isandroid !/(?: Mobile)/.test (UA)) | | (Isfirefox /(?: Tablet)/. Test (UA)), Isphone=/(?: IPhone)/.test (UA) !Istablet, IsPc=!isphone !isandroid !Issymbian; return{istablet:istabl

Android app slimming (removal of unused resources in engineering) detailed _android

Remove unused resources from the Android project The project needs to change again, the UI a tune again, the result is a project in a heap has not used but did not clean up the garbage resources, not to mention the size of the project, for the new entrants to the project or to see the code of other modules, these resources may also be not clean up the resource can be troubled, so it is best to clean up the rubbish, For a slightly larger project, manu

Unused column and drop column operation essence in Oracle

The operations of the unused column and drop column are essentially different, and the unused makes the SQL inaccessible to column by changing the data dictionary's information, and the drop is changed directly at the physical data layer. The operation background tracking here can be validated with event 10046, which is not described here. The following is an experimental way to verify the operation compar

Remove unused resources from Android projects

5 6 res/values/arrays.xml:202: Warning: The resource R.array.msg_my_friend_category_items appears to be unused [UnusedResources] "msg_my_friend_category_items">^M ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ res/layout/back_up_level_list.xml: Warning: The resource R.layout.back_up_level_list appears to be unused [UnusedResources] res/layout/backup_list.xml: Warning: The resource R.layout.backup_list appears t

How to obtain an unused IP address

Local area network users sometimes need to set their own computer IP address, but sometimes do not know which addresses have not been used. Tutor System how do you view unused IP addresses. When we troubleshoot a Windows operating system DHCP problem, we sometimes find out which addresses are not being used in an address range. Simply create a batch file that requires it to return only those unused IP addr

Remove unused using

See an article on using management from msdn.Article, Feel good, original: http://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-cn/library/bb514115.aspx In the Visual Studio user interface"Remove unused using"Option to removeSource codeUnusedUsingCommands,UsingAlias andExternAlias. You can call this operation in either of the following ways: Main Menu:"Edit"Point"Intelliisense"And then point"Organization using"And then click"Remove

Ocp1z0-047:alter table set unused after a variety of situation processing

For the use of ALTER TABLE setunused, check the official documentation: alter_table::= column_clauses::= Drop_column_clause:: = SET Unused Clause Specify SET unused to mark one or more columns asunused. Specifying this clause does is not actually remove the target columns Fromeach row in the table. The It does not restore the disk space used Bythese columns. Therefore, the response time are faste

Unused Code rules

· Unusedprivatefield: detects when a private field is declared and/or assigned a value, but not used. Translate unused private variables: private variables are declared or assigned values, but not used · Unusedlocalvariable: detects when a local variable is declared and/or assigned, but not used. Translate unused local variables: local variables are declared or assigned values, but not used · Unusedprivatem

MySQL duplicate index, redundant index, definition and lookup of unused indexes

large number of tables, querying the information_schema table may cause performance problems. It is recommended to use the pt-dupulicate-key-checker tool. Be very careful when deleting an index: If a query such as the where a=5 order by ID is available on the InnoDB engine table, then index (a) is useful, and the index (a, b) is actually (A,b,id) the index, which isfor a query such as the where a=5 order by ID cannot be sorted using an index, but only by using a file sort. Therefore, it is

COMAPI.C:425:15: Error: Variable ' status ' is set but not used [-werror=unused-but-set-variable]

Compiling dhcp-4.0.3COMAPI.C: In the function ' Dhcp_group_remove ':COMAPI.C:425:15: Error: Variable ' status ' is set but not used [-werror=unused-but-set-variable]isc_result_t status;^COMAPI.C: In the function ' Dhcp_control_signal_handler ':COMAPI.C:514:25: Error: Variable ' control ' is set but not used [-werror=unused-but-set-variable]dhcp_control_object_t *control;^COMAPI.C: In the function ' Dhcp_sub

Novice Tutorial Tools use (11)--eclipse Remove unused references

When you write code, you often see the following:Everyone knows that this is due to the introduction of unused packages, so eclipse gives hints to tell you that these are useless references that affect aesthetics, increase the amount of space the code occupies, and add a burden to the compilation of the code. So for these useless code, we should remove it. Let's take a look at three ways to get rid of useless references.The first type: Remove theWhen

Ignoring unused library classes...java.io.ioexception:you has to specify '-keep ' options for the S

When you perform a Maven install package, the following error message appears:Ignoring unused library classes...java.io.ioexception:you has to specify '-keep ' options for the shrinking step.[Proguard] Ignoring unused library classes...java.io.ioexception:you has toSpecify'-keep 'Options for theShrinking step. [Proguard] Original Number ofLibrary classes:19765[Proguard] Final Number ofLibrary classes:1

Linux 7 runlevel (0: Shutdown, shutdown mode, 1: Single user mode, 2: Multi-user mode, 3: Full multi-user text mode, 4: System unused, reserved for general use, 5: Graphical mode, 6: Restart mode), reset root password method

Init is one of the most indispensable programs in Linux system operation. Init process, which is a user-level process initiated by the kernel. The kernel will find it in several places in the past that used Init, and its correct location (for Linux systems) is/sbin/init. If the kernel cannot find Init, it will try to run/bin/sh, and if it fails, the boot of the system will fail.Linux 7 RunLevel (0: shutdown, shutdown mode,1: single-user mode,2: Multi-user mode,3: full multi-user text mode,4: sys

Introduction to algorithms 11.2-4 create a free linked list with unused slots in the hash list

I. Question This section describes how to allocate and deploy the storage space of elements by linking all unused slots into a free table. Assume that a slot can store a flag and an element with one or two pointers. All dictionary operations and free linked list operations should have the expected o (1) running time. Is the free linked list a double-stranded table? Or is it enough for a single-chain table? Ii. Thinking Known (1) all

Delete unused images in the ios project using scripts.

Delete unused images in the ios project using scripts. I recently learned a major trick in reading Tang Qiao's "iOS development advanced": using scripts to delete unused images in ios. (there is a small problem in the paper. Refer to the issue on github: delete unused images in ios using scripts ). We recommend that you save the code in A. sh file and execute the

How to fix the field set to unused

To restore the unused field, follow these steps ).1. Create an experiment table tttaSQL> Create Table ttta (a integer, B integer, C varchar2 (10), d integer );The table has been created.SQL> insert into ttta values (1, 2, '3', 4 );One row has been created.SQL> insert into ttta values (2, 3, '4', 5 );One row has been created.SQL> commit;Submitted.Alter table ttta set unused column C; set the c field in the t

Linux VPS Host mount unused data disk and specify WDCP panel installation data Disk directory

As we buy Xen VPS will be directly logged on to the root and then install the Panel or a key to build the station, the site may be small data or the beginning of the stage can not find the problem, as time goes by our site data will gradually increase, and then there will be a variety of problems original data disk occupied, The inspection found that we only used about 10G to fill up the disk, but we purchased the VPS may have 50GB or 30GB, that is, there are 20GB or 40GB not loaded into the dat

How to fix a field that is set to unused

How to fix a field that is set to unused, the following methods can be recovered (the following steps should be backed up before execution). 1, create the experimental table Ttta Sql> CREATE TABLE Ttta (A integer,b integer,c VARCHAR2 (A), D INTEGER); Table has been created. Sql> INSERT into Ttta VALUES (1, 2, ' 3 ', 4); 1 lines have been created. Sql> INSERT into Ttta VALUES (2,3, ' 4 ', 5); 1 lines have been created. Sql> COMMIT; Submit completed. AL

Remove unused resources from Android projects

To clean up useless resources, the first thing to do is to find them, and we know that the Anroid SDK has a tool called lintthat can help us look at problems in the project, one of which is to find useless resources, so this is a simple step, Execute the following command directly on the project that needs to be cleaned:" unusedresources " [Project_path] > Result.txtOrThe first step:Using the Android-sdk-windows\tools\lint.bat toolExport test results to a text file firstCode: Lint Project Catalo

Pip Error Unused-command-line-argument-hard-error-in-future Workaround

On my Mac air, when I install some Python libraries with Pip, I occasionally get some errors, about "Unused-command-line-argument-hard-error-in-future", the following error: Copy CodeThe code is as follows: Cc-fno-strict-aliasing-fno-common-dynamic-arch X86_64-arch i386-g-OS-PIPE-FNO-COMMON-FNO-STRICT-ALIASING-FWRAPV -mno-fused-madd-denable_dtrace-dmacosx-dndebug-wall-wstrict-prototypes-wshorten-64-to-32-dndebug-g-fwrapv-os-w All-wstrict-prototypes-

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