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Python crawler: capture Sina news data, python Sina news

Python crawler: capture Sina news data, python Sina news Case 1 Capture object: Sina domestic news (http://news.sina.com.cn/china/), the title of the List name, time, Link. Complete code: 1 from bs4 import BeautifulSoup 2 import requests 3 4 url =

Register a search engine for free

Log on to the search engine is an important step to promote websites. I have sorted out the main search engines for your convenience and hope to help you. The following addresses have been tested and can be used. If you find dead links during use,

How to implement offline caching in "Go" Android

Original address: http://www.jcodecraeer.com/a/anzhuokaifa/androidkaifa/2014/1209/2136.htmlOffline caching is when the network is unblocked, the data received from the server is saved locally, and the data in the local file is read directly after

HTML5: Understand Polyfills, HTML5: Polyfills

HTML5: Understand Polyfills, HTML5: Polyfills Using HTML5 to build websites and applications may be a daunting task. Although more and more modern browsers are now supporting new Html5 features, only a few are lucky to write code for these latest

Node favicon. Icon request

1 var HTTP = require ("HTTP"); 2 var Server = http. createserver (); 3 server. on ("request", function (req, Res) {5 console. log (req. URL); 6 res. end (); 7}); 8 server. listen (1337, " "); Such code will have two requests during the

PHP Mini-Frame Design

First, the framework of the overall analysis Before implementing a framework, we need to understand how the framework should achieve a result, according to the traditional framework of the idea, can roughly summarize the following: 1. Implement the

Python automation use case framework building--Directory structure planning

Directory Structure Building1 test_framework2 |--config (config file)3 |--data (data file)4 |--drivers (drive)5 |--log (log)6 |--report (test report)7 |--test (program code)8 |--case (test case)9 |--common (abstract generic code)Ten |--page (Page

Ehcache configuration detailed and CacheManager use

xsi:nonamespaceschemalocation= "Http://ehcache.org/ehcache.xsd" updatecheck= "false"Cache configurationName: Cache names.Maxelementsinmemory: Maximum number of caches.Eternal: The object is permanently valid, but if set, timeout will not

Apache Instruction Set

As a top priority for the configuration and management of Apache servers, Apache server directives are very important, as we all know. Here is a detailed introduction to the Apache command set, named Apache Command Encyclopedia, I hope to be able to

10 strokes give you a clear website structure

Know how to optimize the structure of the site, people often ask: how to optimize the structure of the site? Today, SEM College for Everyone to organize, optimize the structure of the site 10 strokes: 1. Use text navigation Navigation is linked to

JSP built-in objects

Js| Object ①out-javax.servlet.jsp.jspwriterThe Out object is used to output the results to the Web page. Method:1. void clear ();Clears the contents of the output buffer, but does not output to the client. 2. void Clearbuffer ();Clears the contents

Basic knowledge of Python crawler

With the massive growth of data, we need to select the data we need on the Internet for our own analysis and experiments. This is the use of crawler technology, followed by a small series with the first encounter Python crawler!One,

Python Road--requests Module

Multi-process to obtain the source of multiple sites1 ImportRequests2 fromMultiprocessingImportPool3 4 defget_url (URL):5RET =requests.get (URL)6 return{'URL': URL,7 'Status_code': Ret.status_code,8 'content': Ret.text}9

12.Django and Ajax

Django and Ajax01.AJAX Introduction:AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is translated into Chinese as "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML."* Synchronous Interaction: After a client makes a request, it needs to wait for the server response to

Django-urls (routing)

The Django routing entry is the urlpatterns parameter of the urls.py .Distribute requests to individual view functions or classes by locating the corresponding relationships in urlpatterns .First, distribute the request to the function1. You should

Java connection Various database methods quick look-up table __c#

Java connection all kinds of database way quick look-up table 1, oracle8/8i/9i database (thin mode) Class.forName ("Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"). newinstance ();String url= "Jdbc:oracle:thin: @localhost: 1521:ORCL"; ORCL is the SID of the

Java connection all kinds of database way quick look-up table

The following is a list of how the various databases use JDBC connections and can be used as a manual. 1, oracle8/8i/9i database (thin mode) Class.forName ("Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"). newinstance (); String url= "Jdbc:oracle:thin:

JDBC Various database connections Summary __ Database

1 , oracle8/8i/9i Database (Thin mode) Class.forName ("Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"). newinstance (); String url= "Jdbc:oracle:thin: @localhost: 1521:ORCL"; ORCL is the SID of the database String user= "Test"; String password= "Test"; Connection

Site statistics code-just include this code to count

Statistics Have you ever tried to use one of the many fancy, Hightech, multifeatured, superfast and custom made Web Server statistics? I don't know about you, but I did. Every time I looked the 20+ page, I was Pretty sure that somewhere between

Java JDBC Driver

Java connection instances of various databasesSource: Net all over the world The code in this article mainly lists the key code to connect to the database, and the other Access database code omits 1, oracle8/8i/9i database (thin mode)Class.forName ("

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