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"Error:no Such job '" Problem resolution occurs when Jenkins uses Jenkins-cli.jar to make a remote call (Windows)

The most recommended solution on the Web is to log in with SSH key, but I find Linux very easy to implement, but Windows doesn't know where to set it.Original: reference: Http:// reference: at the article is basically a

Jenkins integrates and uses JIRA bug tracking management tools _devops

configuration items, down and carefully studied.Jira Install Jenkins integration for Jira plugin Jira configuration applications and Jenkins websites Add Application: Add Jenkins: After adding: The main here reported an exception warning: Here is used in front of the Jira Plugin for Jenkins Plug-ins, installed af

Kubernetes Cluster uses Jenkins to continue publishing

Server Address Http://git. Client ID fill in the previous step Gitlab server generated application ID Client Secret fill in one step Gitlab server-generated SecretAuthorization policy: Login user can do anything allow anonymous read accessSave, Jenkins home point login, jump Gitlab user login, enter gitlab user name password, and then display the following pageDot Authorize login into JenkinsJenkins u

iOS uses Jenkins for continuous integration

inside and points to IPAThe contents are as followsIn this way, when browsing the Web ios_down.html, click on the install tag, then point to the Hello_jenkins.plist file, and the resolution to the IPA file, the phone also prompts to download the installation hello_jenkins, download and install.10. CompleteMobile AccessHttp:// have installed to the mobile phone, do not send a map.11. Finally take note of some issuesNote the path problem,

Jenkins uses new experience

/exconbasis/tags/release4.1/ ' in revision ' 5 ' 842 'But the current version of the Repository is not ' 5842 ' but ' 6874 ', which makes people very puzzled why Jenkins went to this library to fetch files, to troubleshoot the whole day, and finally find the problem,Mentioned in was the branch created? I ' m guessing the error message may actuall

IOS uses jenkins for continuous integration article 2, iosjenkins

IOS uses jenkins for continuous integration article 2, iosjenkins In the previous article, I tried continuous integration without in-depth research. In the past two days, I have learned more about the continuous integration environment and internal release systems for the company. This article mainly introduces other things and does not repeat the content of the previous article. If

"Continuous integration" uses Jenkins for multi-platform parallel integration

requirements, so Jenkins only chooses one of several nodes in the label to perform the integration. So I choose Nodes, X86-linux-ci-slave and X86-solaris-ci-slave are selected, after saving we will see the "Foo-multiplatform-ci" job on the main page of the two configuration : X86-linux-ci-slave and X86-solaris-ci-slave. Click "Build Now", the two configuration corresponding to the ball symbol will be flashing at the same time, this shows that "Foo-mu

iOS uses Jenkins for continuous integration 2

, if not checked, it will be in destination directory structureThe directory structure of source is also created, which is very uncomfortable.Here again to support the phone directly download the installation of things.When playing the IPA package, you can directly generate the plist file, its plist URL to fill in the address of your service, this address plus the file name constitutes the HTTP service address URL to download the IPA package. Jenkins

Jenkins uses MAVEN to appear C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile solution

The reason Jenkins uses Maven to appear C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile is that the account that the Jenkins service initiated uses the system's account number and is converted into a specific desktop user account in the service.If your command runs fine on Win command prompt as user ' X ' and then you should

Centos 7 uses Jenkins to pack Android projects

, click OK to prepare the work has been done, the next is the configuration task: Click New on the Home page, customize the task name, and then type Select the free-style software project, click OK.Here are the configuration parameters for the task:Fill in git address, for Gitlab, recommended to choose the address of the beginning of HTTPS, to avoid a series of SSH permissions issuesSelect the branch trigger that you want to pull at the same time. I configured the build-time-to-gradle version ev

Jenkins uses Checkstyle, coverage, PMD, findbugs plugin

1. After installation start Jenkins, in Manage Jenkins, select Manage plugin, install related available in Plugins tab FindBugs Plug-inThis plug-in collects the FindBugs analysis results of the project modules and visualizes found.If you like this open source plug-in consider supporting I work by buying my Android game Inca.Jenkins Cobertura PluginThis is plugin integrates Cobertura coverage reports to Jenk

6. Jenkins uses role-based Authorization strategy plugin to manage project permissions

/wyfs02/M02/80/8C/wKioL1dD9bHikeKNAAPtQkJoAks763.png "title=" 8.png " alt= "Wkiol1dd9bhikeknaaptqkjoaks763.png"/>4, create the project, login verificationLog in to Jenkins with the admin administrator and create a few projects where the project created for Team a teamaapiservice,team B is teambuserservice.650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 9.png " alt= "Wkiom1dd9wvjutk_aahfmr7ws

Jenkins uses Oclint to scan OC code

compilation log.Tee Xcodebuild.log | Xcpretty-r Json-compilation-database-r json-compilation-database The output format of the data is in JSON format. The output data is Build/reports/compilation_db.json2), analytic results using oclint to do scanningWhen using Oclint, you need to rename the Build/reports/compilation_db.json to Compile_commands.json and move to the current directory.Oclint-json-compilation-database---Report-type pmd-o oclint.xmlThe output format of the results is in PMD format,

Windows uses the latest version of jdk1.7.0_51 above connection Jenkins appears SecurityException

I installed jdk1.8 on the slave node and reported a security restriction error when starting slave-agent on the node:After checking the information online, it was discovered that the following security mechanism was added to the latest version of the Java 7 Update51 version upgrade.Improved security settings in the Java 7 client prohibit your from launching the Java application.Solution:Go to Windows-Control Panel-JAVAAdd the master machine that Jenkins

Jenkins Introductory series--02 chapter II Jenkins installation and configuration

will see that the task is running on the dashboard in the queue and on the current work home page. Both of these are shown below.Figure 29 Home Monitoring (left), project monitoring (right)Once the build is complete, the completed task will be displayed in three places.You can see it on the control panel of Jenkins, such as.Figure 30 Home Page Project interfaceAs shown above, you will notice that there are two icons that describe the status of the cu

Jenkins k8s dynamically increases/decreases jenkins-salve and creates and deploys a jenkins-master image,

Jenkins k8s dynamically increases/decreases jenkins-salve and creates and deploys a jenkins-master image, In this tutorial, k8s is installed by default.1. Create a jenkins-master 1. Pull the jenkins Image Docker pull jenkinsci/jenkins

Jenkins (2)

responsible for continuous integration of all components in the environment. That is to say, a jenkinsserver has many builds. So sometimes the "Monitor an external job" mentioned above is used. But not distributed builds. At the same time, because Jenkins enters every environment, including production, it uses auto deployment to automatically deploy Jenkins in e

Jenkins Official Document Learning notes first acquaintance Jenkins

chart. 8, distributed build: Jenkins can distribute build/test loads to multiple computers. This allows you to take full advantage of the developer's idle workstations. 9, file fingerprinting: Jenkins can track which jar files are built at which build, and which build is using which version of the jar package. Even the jar packages generated outside of Jenkins

Preliminary Jenkins use Kubernetes Plugin to complete the continuous construction and release

, the following is installed software and version: Docker:version 17.09.0-ce Oracle virtualbox:version 5.1.20 r114 628 (Qt5.6.2) minikube:version v0.22.2 kuberctl:Client version:v1.8.1 Server version:v1.7.5 Note: The Minikube boot k8s node instance is required to run in the VM virtual machine in this machine, so the VM needs to be installed in advance, where I choose Oracle VirtualBox. K8s run the bottom of the use of Docker containers, so the machine needs to install a good Docker environment,

Jenkins (2)

responsible for continuous integration of all components in the environment. That is to say, a jenkinsserver has many builds. So sometimes the "Monitor an external job" mentioned above is used. But not distributed builds. At the same time, because Jenkins enters every environment, including production, it uses auto deployment to automatically deploy Jenkins in e

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