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Packet tracer 5.2 Lab (11) Comprehensive router routing configuration

I. Lab Objectives Master the configuration of Integrated routes; View the routes generated by route redistribution; Familiar with Wan cable connection methods; Ii. Lab background Assume that a company connects to the egress router R1 through a layer-3 switch, and router R1 is connected to another router R2. Layer 3 and R1 run the r12002 routing protocol, whi

Virtual Machine-based VPN lab environment construction

1 Introduction Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology is used on the Internet to establish its own Private Network by means of encryption and authentication, to meet the security and confidentiality needs of enterprises to transmit data over the Internet. VPN, as a mature security technology application on the Internet

Cisco routing configuration: Cisco routing configuration via fixed IP or dial-up internet

LAN is not changed, and the configuration and access control list of the external network Port WAN needs to be changed .Increase the configuration of the VPDN. Assuming the username is admin, password 123456, the configuration process is as follows:This case is XX Telecom ADSL PPPoE access, need to use a common ADSL modem and a Cisco 2600 router (dual Ethernet port), IOS 12.2 (), can realize LAN sharing Internet.  This case configuration is divided i

Some difficult problems in the configuration of Virtual machine network---met destination Host unreachable in the lab.

CSDN's new blog is fast. In the afternoon, I was going to NFS the board, and found that the virtual machine could not be discovered. Tested the network condition of the virtual machine: root@ubuntu:/nfsboot/etc# Ping This gateway is not up. PING ( bytes of data. From icmp_seq=1 destination Host unreachable From icmp_seq=2 destinati

Experience with configuring Linux lab on a virtual machine

Recently, I've been working on porting Linux embedded systems on embedded boards, but I don't want to spend too much money on development boards. Then search the Internet for the relevant arm simulator. There are qemu,skyeye,armulator, etc., in accordance with the online tutorial step by step practice, due to the inconsistency of the system environment and other reasons, resulting in deployment of the development environment failed. Inadvertently lear

server2016 Web server & three virtual host Lab documentation

server2016 Web server three virtual host Lab documentation Experiment Onefirst, the experimental task? website home Directory--Path: C/inetpub/wwwroot? Default Document Format: View default document, most commonly used index.htmlChange document to open suffix displayTo add the Tang poetry website to its own website to runsecond, the experimental steps1. Build a Web serverTo start sever2016 from a

Network Configuration of the ubuntu10.04 virtual machine in the lab

The lab uses the ubuntu10.04 Virtual Machine network to configure the lab and the dormitory network. I came to the lab yesterday. To use nfs, you must set up a network to access the Internet using ubuntu10.04 in the virtual machin

Linux virtual machine emulation Configuration Network routing Environment-Simple edition

the defaults route for routing boundary example: IP r Oute add default via routedelTARGET Delete Route IP routeFlush[Dev IFACE] [via PREFIX] Empty routing table example: IP route flush Dev eth0③/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-Interface (eth0) (system default) route plus routing record configuration file? Note: Need service network Restart to ta

Linux Virtual Machine simulated configuration Network Routing environment-lite version, linux Virtual Machine

Linux Virtual Machine simulated configuration Network Routing environment-lite version, linux Virtual MachineNetwork Routing must be configured at home or in the company, so it is very important. Today, I will give you a small experiment on configuring network routing, for y

Overview of route table search algorithms for Internet routing-Hash/LC-trie tree/256-way-mtrie tree

Note: There is no source code analysis in this article. However, I think it is more useful to understand the essence than to understand the source code, because after understanding the essence, you may not need to look at the source code again, you can even write the source code. This is why the Linux kernel and Cisco websites contain a large number of documents. Introduction: routing is a core concept of the Inte

Easy configuration of Linux dual-nic virtual Routing

Linux is becoming more and more popular among computer users. As a result, many users may encounter the problem of dual-nic virtual routing in Linux when learning Linux, here we will introduce the solution for the Linux dual-nic virtual routing. Here we will share with you. Reason: I have been in the

In-depth exploration of practical application of virtual routing domain Technology

At present, the virtual routing domain technology is also widely used. Here we mainly introduce the virtual routing domain technology, this section describes how to use vro domain technology to implement VPN and further explores vro domain technology. At present, most cities have already built IP Broadband man networks

Introduction to the virtual routing cluster technology of gigabit exchange Routers

improve the reliability and adaptability of networks with high application requirements. CABLETRON's virtual routing cluster technology complies with the VRRP (Virtual redundancy routing protocol) standard protocol developed by IETF (Internet Engineering Task Group.   (Fig

On the virtual routing cluster technology of gigabit switching routers

. Virtual routing cluster technology is integrated into SSR software as a module to ensure the practicability of network application, and improve the reliability and adaptability of the network with higher application requirements. The Cabletron Virtual routing clustering technology follows the standard protocol of V

How to crack the network envelope routing: Internet sharing solution

who use the Broadband Router encounter multi-machine sharing restrictions, in addition to the corresponding cracking settings for the Broadband Router, you may wish to update the Fireware version of the device so that you can find a better Cracking Method in it, so that the multi-machine sharing can always be smooth. The easiest way to crack the vro sealing of China Telecom Netcom is ~~ Right-click my computer management point Event Viewer and click the source "RemoteAccess". For example, if my

Easy maintenance of Internet cafe LAN broadband routing reduces costs

hire a large number of high-level technical personnel to maintain the network. Recently, Alpha, a well-known network equipment manufacturer, has launched a new fiber-optic Broadband Router for Internet cafe customers. This product model is Alpha AFR-R1602, is specially designed for large and medium-sized Internet cafes Broadband Router. In terms of appearance, Alpha AFR-R1602 is black-black and can provid

Introduction to Virtual Routing Redundancy protocol under Linux (VRRP)

internet lines, they need to load balance and routing routes, routers backup (VRRP is also mainly designed for this requirement) In order to be able to guarantee the uninterrupted and stable operation of the network, VRRP is a best choice, VRRP is the abbreviation of Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Redundancy Protocol, which is described in detail in RFC2338

Advanced wireless routing settings-virtual server and DMZ host

Advanced Settings of wireless routing-virtual servers and DMZ hosts this article mainly introduces the virtual servers and DMZ host functions of wireless routers, that is, allow Internet users to access the servers in the home. Therefore, if you do not have this requirement, you can skip this section. To ensure LAN sec

Steps to build the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for an Internet-deployed (IFD) ADFS Virtual machine environment (CRM is installed on the same server as ADFS) from the network

Relying Party trust:https://neu.crm5.lab:8081To add a translation rule:1)2)3)Three after the completion of the rules;3: VerifyIn the browser address bar input: https://neu.crm5.lab:8081 after the following login screen:Enter the domain administrator user name password, enter the CRM interface;Ok, declare success.Description: Setting up an environment on a virtual

How to implement virtual machine Internet with several ways of networking in VMware

ping192.168.15.96 on the and the results show that two NICs can communicate with each other. Assuming there is dhcpserver in the network, the same virtual network card can get the IP address from the dhcpserver. So bridging network mode is the simplest and most straightforward mode in VMware virtual machines. It is the default option when you install a v

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