void window open

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C # Close the first Form window and open another new window method

C # Close the first Form window and open another new window method Many people ask how to close a FORM and open another new Form. The most serious problem is that when performing login verification, You need to close yourself after successfully

See for reality (2): Windows window, message, subclass, and superclass

See for reality (2): Windows window, message, subclass, and superclass This article was intended to introduce the two more "uncommon" terms of class and super class. Windows and messages are discussed for the purpose of describing integrity, and

Translation: JavaScript: void Operator

SyntaxVoid expr The void operator calculates the expression expr and returns undefined. Example:> Void 0 Undefined > Void (0) Undefined > Void 4 + 7 // because the void ratio + has a higher priority, this expression is parsed to (void 4) + 7 NaN >

How to use Windows. open () and window. showmodaldialog ()

Windows. open () usage OverviewI. Windows. open () support environment: javascript1.0 +/jscript1.0 +/nav2 +/ie3 +/opera3 +Ii. Basic Syntax:Window. Open (pageurl, name, parameters)Where:Pageurl is the sub-window pathName is the sub-window

How to Use windowmanager and windowmanager. layoutparams and implement floating window

Http://www.jcodecraeer.com/a/anzhuokaifa/androidkaifa/2012/1105/509.html   When writing Android programs, windowmanager is generally used to obtain the width and height of the screen to layout small things. Basically, there is no other

Three methods to open Response. Redirect in a new window

Response. by default, Rederect redirects to this page. Therefore, besides using Windows in js. in addition to the open or add target attribute to tag A, it seems that you cannot open A new page in the background. Otherwise, you can set the target

Use XCB to write X Window program (05): Use asynchronous mode to communicate with X server and get and set properties of window

In the previous example, we never cared whether the function and X server communication were synchronous or asynchronous when the XCB function was called. Because in the previous example, we basically don't care about the return value of the XCB

Use C # To open a new window and close the old window

I recently developed a membership point management system in practice. By the way, I studied how to close the old window after opening a new window. I checked a lot of information on the Internet and summarized it as follows in combination with my

Close the first Form window in C # and open another new window method

1 Hidden method, the principle is to hide the old window, and then open a new window.Create a new NewForm window (NewForm is your own defined form) NewForm fm=new NewForm ()This. Hide ();//hidden now this window FM. Show ();//New window appearsThis

Use C # To open a new window and close the old window; Use winform to prevent repeated opening of multiple identical subforms

1. the most widely used method on the Internet is the hidden method, the principle is to hide the old window and open a new window. the Code is as follows: // write the code in a proper position in the old window // create a newform window

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