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(+) OpenSSL X509 (Signed and self-signed)

Tags: key-o definition asi tin PEM option Full ArtIt is mainly used for outputting certificate information , can also sign certificate request file, self-signed, convert certificate format , etc.The OpenSSL x509 tool does not use the settings in the

Decoding X509 certificate files via OpenSSL

Tags: x509 CA certificate OpenSSLUnder the Windows platform, if you want to parse a X509 certificate file, the most straightforward way is to use Microsoft's CryptoAPI. But under the non-Windows platform, you can only use the powerful open source

X509 Certificate Generation

Tags: test signature application parameter Machine tle today integer followX509 Certificate IntroductionThe digital certificate standard developed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T), which I believe is well known, is now available

Golang Code Collection-Public key encryption private key decryption based on RSA-private key signature public key authentication

First, the public and private files are generated by Genkey.go, and the generated public and private keys are used in rsa.go to encrypt and decrypt//file genkey.go//generate the public and private key Pem file ' Gopackage mainimport ("Crypto/rand" "

OpenSSL, X509, CRT, CER, key, CSR, SSL, TLS what the hell is all this?

Label:Today, when trying to build a Docker registry private warehouse on a Mac machine, the latest registry of the Cup has been forced to use SSL authentication for security reasons, so we have a detailed understanding of the use of OpenSSL on Linux/

Using CryptoAPI to resolve X509 certificates and P12 certificates

Label:Read into a CER file, CertCreateCertificateContext generate Cert_context. Cert_context there is a cert_info,cert_info in this data structure that has a subjectpublickeyinfo, Subjectpublickeyinfo is a data segment of the Publickey_info type ,

[Repost] Use CryptoAPI to parse X509 certificate and P12 certificate

Label:The original is in http://bbs.pediy.com/archive/index.php?t-97663.html, but I think this article is very good, I copied down to make my notes withI. Analysis of X509 certificate 1. Read the certificate data from the certificate file on

How WCF uses X509 certificate Z

Label:How WCF uses X509 certificatesHow to create a certificate:MAKECERT.EXE-SR localmachine-ss my-a sha1-n Cn=jiangserver-sky exchange-pe (service-side certificate)MAKECERT.EXE-SR localmachine-ss my-a sha1-n Cn=jiangclient-sky exchange-pe (client

iOS adaptation HTTPS, creating a self-signed SSL certificate (X509) Specific steps

Tags: Data security syntax/etc/manage Methods client data-Access highlightIntroduction (Creating a generated certificate can only be used for test use.) If you want to use a self-signed certificate, you can only issue certificates to the CA

The "cryptographic algorithm" PFX file extracts the public key private key

Tags: tool has a standard output two can not print Base64 encoding 3DES certMethod 1:Original PFX certificateOpenSSL pkcs12-in myssl.pfx-nodes-out Server.pemExtract private keyOpenSSL rsa-in server.pem-out Server.keyPresent public keyOpenSSL x509-in

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