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PHP+MYSQL Website Development Environment Erection (3): XAMPP

XAMPP is a relatively powerful local test platform, although the panel is in English, but clearly understandable. Registration as a system service has the advantage that the boot can automatically run, but will consume a certain amount of system

Install and configure XAMPP in Windows

XAMPP is an open-source, free network server software. After simple installation, you can build a server environment on your PC. This article describes how to install XAMPP (Apache + MySQL + PHP) in windows and how to use it and its related problems.

Recommend an integrated environment XAMPP

Excerpt from: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_72c4b92501012ll7.htmlA novice contact joomla! The process should look like this: After seeing the word, you first have to figure out "what is joomla!" and then you want to "try it out". However,joomla! is


First, frequently asked questions1. After installing Xampp4linux, only native (http://localhost) access, other machines in the LAN can not accessAnswer: Modify httpd.conf in/opt/lampp/etc, change listen 80 to listen native IP address: 80 native IP

Installation and configuration of the XAMPP

Tools/Materials Xampp-win32-1.8.2-1-vc9-installer.exe 101 MB Wordpress-3.7.zip or Wordpress-3.6.1-zh_cn.zip Method/Step Download Xampp-win32-1.8.2-1-vc9-installer.exe file, size is 101 MB, Baidu Network disk:

XAMPP Related learning Experience

Need to remember: if the XAMPP installed, Apache 80 port has been accounted for, then you have to modify the port number, the port number modified, enter the address must be after localhost or IP plus the new port number. How to modify the port

Use MySQL-Client in Ubuntu to connect to MySQL-Server in XAMPP

XAMPP is green and will not be automatically started upon startup. Even in Linux, I still like green software. First, install MySQL-Client: sudoapt-getinstallmysql-client in Ubuntu to start mysql: sudo/opt/lampp/lamppstartmysql in XAMPP. If you

Windows+xampp+yii+sqlserver Configuration Tutorial

First download XAMPP website address: https://www.apachefriends.org/zh_cn/index.html650) this.width=650; "Src=" https://set1.mail.qq.com/cgi-bin/viewfile?f= 71bd4ac129c94b1fbced14094faec37e932d33b78077cdf9ca86893782ce0c1a0f17b8bd20b0647a8fbbd89696b66

After XAMPP is installed in Linux, Navicat cannot connect to the database.

After XAMPP is installed in Linux, Navicat cannot connect to the database. after XAMPP is installed in Linux, mysql is installed in its own environment. at this time, the root user of mysql does not have a password. Www.2cto.com first enters mysql

On mac, how can I use a terminal to open MySQL and xamppmysql that comes with XAMPP?

On mac, how can I use a terminal to open MySQL and xamppmysql that comes with XAMPP? Start directly and describe the possible errors in each step. 1. Install xampp, open the terminal, and enter: mysql -u root -p It's a good luck to enter and wipe it.

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