Master Lu's energy saving and cooling function evaluation

Hot summer, most of the time we prefer to stay at home, the most enjoyable thing is to turn on the computer, watching a two movies, play a game of two games DotA ... However, friends in the summer wh

PS Synthetic Super cool sci-fi energy field scene

There is not much material used in the tutorial, but the details are handled very well. In particular, the Energy field section, with a few pieces of material superimposed, fusion after the full energ

Interaction Design Impact Factors: The application of user's energy and attention

People-oriented design, we must consider the ordinary people in the general task of the implementation of the tolerance problem. Because the person's energy is limited, again strong demand, powerless

PS Photo synthesis to create the skill of martial arts master in Energy Ball

First open a piece of kung Fu handsome pictures (click to open) with a pen to pull out the main characters, into the selection, Ctrl+j copy the selection to the new layer, the bottom of the new layer

How to open IE 9 browser energy saving mode?

Microsoft officials tested the world's 5 popular browsers and tested projects that included the power consumption of the browser's own interface, HTML4 applications, and HTML5 applications (hardware a

Turn off wireless card energy-saving settings to solve the problem of frequent drop of laptop access WiFi network

Recently bought a Samsung R430 second-hand, configuration Pentium Dual-core T4500, 2GB memory and GeForce 310M graphics card, the speed is good, but after access to the WiFi network often drop line, a

IE9 browser to reduce power consumption so that the network energy-saving method

  when you turn on Internet Explorer 9 o'clock, the first thing you notice is a compact user interface. Most command bar features, such as print or zoom, can now be accessed by clicking the Tools butt

Shortcut keys to play Windows8 save time and energy saving method

The experience of using a PC for many years tells us that there are many shortcuts in Windows system to simplify the operation process, for us to bring a lot of convenience, whether it is the work of

Ways to save power by making Windows 7 more energy efficient

Today's high-definition video capacity is more and more large, a few gigabytes, more than a high-definition "Avatar" will be 46GB, not to mention the increasingly hot High-definition series. Even if y

Flash production of low emission and high energy-saving car advertising animation

Animated advertising is the most conspicuous way of advertising, can be in the colorful Web page so that viewers inadvertently notice the content of the advertisement in order to achieve the purpose o

Photoshop adds a stunning magic energy ball tutorial to a handsome guy

This tutorial focuses on the production of the Crystal ball section. The author uses a simple filter and a few high stylus brushes to complete it. The process is also relatively simple: first use the cloud filter to make shading, and then use the liq

How about Opera browser energy saving mode?

What about the energy saving mode of opera browser? Let's take a look at today's report! Opera browser Recommendation: Opera Browser Phoenix Science and technology news Beijing time May

Photoshop makes an awesome magic energy ball

The focus of the tutorial is the production of the Crystal ball section. The author uses a simple filter and a few high stylus brushes to complete it. The process is also relatively simple: first use

Win7 system cannot hibernate eject energy policy Manager What can I do?

Win7 system cannot hibernate eject energy policy Manager What can I do? 1. Press the "Win+r" key to Exhale and run, enter "CMD" in the Run box and press ENTER to open "command Prompt"; 2, ent

How to optimize keywords in new energy industry website

See a lot of industry sites are the name of each channel to do the first page of the keyword, the more channels the more keywords on the homepage, so that the optimization of the keyword to bring great difficulty. The following to the new energy-savi

"ASP Low-energy Theory"

Many people mistakenly think that ASP is a simple, inefficient pronoun, that the ASP is Low-energy, not mentioning, but also very simple, a study will be proficient. Some people say that ASP is not safe, write the ASP's program, if strictly accordin

It takes a little more positive energy to do the optimization.

Site by K, in addition to irritability, we also have some thinking. For example, to do optimization, the webmaster needs a little more positive energy. What is positive energy? Contrary to giving up and complaining, positive energy is the power and e

How to send out chain to save energy

Outside the chain construction is a forever discussion topic, regardless of "content is king" Four characters have been stressed how many times, and no one dares to say that hair outside the chain is not used, unless the entire Internet chain to use

Why do we have to spend time and energy on design

Article Description: recently, through a variety of channels and forms of contact with a number of designers, they come from different companies, doing very different products, but when I asked similar to the "design of the meaning" of such a questio

Add Energy to your DHTML

Dhtml *purpleendurer corrected some of the errors in the original. You can use IE to add behavior to your HTML elements and create object-oriented page design methods. Phillip Perkins creates a <DIV> object that, when the user drags it, contin

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