People watch: "Two startups" in Chinese online

Online | Chinese Digital publishing dream to get people watch to redeem an acquired start-up company 5 years later He became a pioneering star during his school years, get 10 million yuan venture capital, 24 years old to become the company president;

Six tips for mobile internet startups

At the mobilize 2011 conference there are many senior mobile internet companies that discuss their products and share what they have learned in development applications and services. Gigaom picked out six good suggestions for start-up mobile internet

10 Commandments that web startups should follow

Evan Williams is the founder of blogger and the founder and CEO of podcast Service website Odeo. Based on his own experience, he lists the 10 commandments that Web startups should follow (Ten Rules for Web startups), excerpted and annotated as follow

Do startups need a product manager?

Everyone is a product manager, not everyone can be a product manager. Recently chatting with the founders of several startups, just beginning to transform the Internet, hoping to recruit some of the relevant talent, but it has been unclear need to re

The 10 big death omens of startups.

10. You believe that for venture capitalists, a well-planned business plan can compensate for your inexperience; 9. You pay thousands of dollars to hire someone to write your business plan; 8. You rent an office at the start-up stage; 7. You would ve

10 Commandments for Web startups-web operations

10 Commandments for Web startups I suggest you all look down 1. Shrink: Focus on a possible problem that is as small as possible, and you can solve the problem. Don't think about everything, can chew, and become a copycat. Small can become big, boat

Interviewing startups, algorithmic engineers.

Tags: quasi-Newton Method Update mutual trust interviewer introduction differential PAP boost PKUTwo rounds of technical backbone, one round technical director, and finally CTO, then HR. A total of four rounds of technical +hr, or small

Apicloud brings technology into Yunnan to help internet startups

Label:What are the advantages compared to the two or three-line urban entrepreneurship in the North Canton ? in the article, the small series in-depth discussion of the current two or three-line cities in the Internet Industry development status,

[to] a recovery after a failed startup: How startups has set about, technology, sell products, find financing

Tags: repair optimization Contact Establish operations why is that an effect decision[Turn]'s note: This article is from the public number "surplus capital" (id:incapital2009), 36 Krypton authorized release.Author

Do Internet startups need technology outsourcing?

Tags: founder technology of Internet Entrepreneurship product development Programmer650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "style=" border:0px;margin:0px;padding:0px;font-size:0px;

Do Internet startups need technology outsourcing?

Label:Internet startups always have a variety of voices to consider whether to use technology outsourcing or internal contracting. I have some experience in technology outsourcing and internal contracting, and I am now a co-founder of a company that

"Summary" startups build high-scalability architectures with AWS

Label:: Full MP4 VideoSpeaker: Dr. Xia.1. Churyang's understanding Startups need fast, multi-, good, and provincial technology architectures Fast: fast access to resources and services for business needs Many: Have a

Why are most Internet startups willing to use incremental models for development?

Label:The incremental model incorporates the basic components of the waterfall model (repeated application) and the iterative characteristics of the prototype implementation, which uses a linear sequence that is staggered with the progress of the

Why are most Internet startups willing to use incremental models for development in the second quarter of the strike? 》

Label:Why are most Internet startups willing to use incremental models for development? 》What is this for?The reason:(1) Nowadays the Internet technology is changing rapidly, and the demand of users is not invariable. The flexibility of the

Why most Internet startups are willing to use incremental models to develop

Label: 1, the incremental model in batches to provide users with products, the entire software product decomposition into a number of incremental components, developers of a component of a component to provide products to users. Therefore, from

Why are most Internet startups willing to use incremental models for development?

Label:Most Internet startups today are willing to use incremental models for development. So let's look at the incremental model first. The incremental model is also called the cumulative model. When developing software using incremental models,

Why are most Internet startups willing to use incremental models for development?

Label:There are a variety of current development models, which can be divided into the following categories: Waterfall model, rapid prototyping model, incremental model, spiral model and object-oriented development model.Various models have

Why are most Internet startups willing to use incremental models for development?

Label:1. Incremental model is an iterative model, in the process of making software, you can first analyze the software part of the basic functions, and then design, code, test, then you can use, and then increase the other increments. This is also

How did Silicon Valley's new media startups compete for user attention?

Label:English Original: Inside the buzz-fueled Media startups battling for Your AttentionA bit of a fake, in a well-funded start-up office, bricks exposed outside the walls, huge screens showing user data and pie charts, all the way to the end of a

Ten effective web startups

Ten effective web startups I suggest you read it all. 1. Contraction: Focus on a problem as small as possible, and you can solve it. Don't think about how to do everything. If you are greedy and chewy, you will become a counterfeiter. Small ones can

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