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Deep Dive into the PE file format-build your own pe show

Deep Dive into the PE file format-create your own pe showAuthor: winroot//////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////// Start ////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////Hello everyone! I have been

Modify PE executable files (3) patch PE files

-------- Patch PE files -------- We all know that there are many gaps in PE files, so we may patch PE files. The practice is to insert our patch code in the gap. In the following example, I want to teach you how to fill in the notepad.exe (Notepad)

OneKey Ghost (supports 64-bit and WIN8) added PE special Edition

Software level: Update time:2014-05-08 00:00:00 Software classification: System Tools / system backup Software Size: 6.2MB Software Category: Domestic software Software Licensing: Free version Software language: Simplified

Linux system LVM (Logical Volume Manager) Logical Volume management

A ObjectiveEach Linux consumer will encounter this dilemma when installing Linux: How to accurately evaluate and allocate the capacity of each hard disk partition when partitioning the system , as system Management Not only takes into account the

Use the download cable to implement the HTTP interface programming function of the source instance, which is *. *.

This article Reprinted from:   Abstract:Download cables are widely used in the design and debugging of electronic systems. This article introduces its basic principles and programming control

Hard Drive Installation System tutorial

Download the CD image, but the computer does not have an optical drive, or have an optical drive but can not be carved into a CD-ROM, how to do? It does not matter, hard disk (PE) installation will solve the problem The following is an example of

Scjp, scwcd, Oca, OCP | download Java ee 5 SDK

Scjp, scwcd, Oca, OCP Http:// (Java ee 5 SDK Preview (des Sun Java System Application Server PE 9 beta)) The advantages of the Java ee 5 platform: A conversation with distinguished engineer Bill Shannon

Create a Linux & amp; Windows & amp; GParted Live & amp; macOS in one to maintain the U disk, making it easier to reinstall the system.

Create a Linux & Windows & GParted Live & macOS in one to maintain the U disk, making it easier to reinstall the system. Note: This tutorial is only applicable to computers that support EFI startup. If the installation disk contains Linux, the

JQuery authentication plug-in Web front-end design mode ( _jquery

Design goal: Create a universal Web validation plug-in based on the jquery framework ... Design requirements: 1. Need beautiful CSS style and small icons of the retouching ... 2. Based on the jquery framework ... 3. Call. NET Web services to

Build your mail program on the J2ME platform

Program to build your mail program on the J2ME platform Jacky Pan Table of Contents 1. Introduction to tutorials and installation of procedures 2. Structure of the procedure 3. The design of the interface 4. Management of Accounts 5. Network

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