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System. Collections // namespace contains interfaces and classes that define a set of objects (such as lists, queues, bit arrays, hash tables, and dictionaries.
System. collections. generic // namespace contains interfaces and classes that define generic sets. Generic sets allow users to create strong type sets, which provides better type security and performance than non-generic strong type sets.
System. Configuration // The namespace contains the types of programming models that are used to process configuration data.

System. Data // namespace provides access to classes that represent the ADO. net structure. You can use ADO. Net to generate components to effectively manage data from multiple data sources.
The system. Data. Common // namespace contains classes shared by various. NET Framework data providers.
System. Data. ODBC // namespace is the. NET Framework data provider for ODBC.
System. Data. oledb // namespace is used for the. NET Framework data provider of ole db.
System. Data. SQL // namespace contains classes that support specific functions of SQL Server.
System. Data. oracleclient // namespace is used for the. NET Framework data provider of oracle.
System. Data. sqlclient // namespace is the. NET Framework data provider of SQL Server.
System. Data. sqltypes // The namespace provides a class for the local data type in SQL Server 2005.

System. Drawing // namespace provides access to the basic graphics Functions of GDI +.
System. Drawing. Design // namespace contains the user interface (UI) logic and drawn class during the extension design.
System. Drawing. drawing2d // namespace provides advanced 2D and vector graphics Functions
System. Drawing. Imaging // namespace provides advanced GDI + image processing functions
System. Drawing. Text // namespace provides advanced GDI + typographical functions.

System. globalization // namespace contains a class that defines information related to the region, including the language, country/region, calendar used, date, format pattern of currency and number, and sorting order of strings. We can use these classes to write global (international) Applications

The system. Io // namespace contains the types that allow reading and writing files and data streams, as well as the types that support basic files and directories.

System. management // provides access to a large number of management information and management event sets, which are related to Setting Detection Points for systems, devices, and applications according to the Windows Management Specification (Wmi) Structure

System. Net // namespace provides simple programming interfaces for various protocols used on the current network
System. net. Mail // namespace contains a class used to send an email to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.

System. Reflection // The namespace contains the types of information that is retrieved by checking the metadata of the assembly, module, Member, parameter, and other entities in the managed code. These types can also be used to operate load-type instances, such as hook events or call methods. To dynamically create a type, use the system. reflection. emit namespace.

System. Text // namespace
System. Text. regularexpressions // The namespace contains classes that provide access to the. NET Framework Regular Expression Engine.

The system. Threading // namespace provides classes and interfaces that enable multi-threaded programming.
System. Timers // The namespace provides the timer component, which enables you to specify the interval for triggering events.

The system. Web // namespace provides classes and interfaces that allow the browser to communicate with the server.
The system. Web. caching // namespace provides classes for caching common data on the server.
System. Web. Configuration // namespace contains classes used to set ASP. NET configurations.
The system. Web. Handlers // namespace contains the HTTP handler class used to process requests sent to the web server.
The system. Web. Services // namespace is composed of classes that allow you to create XML Web Services Using ASP. NET and XML Web Services clients.
The classes and interfaces provided by system. Web. UI // namespaces can be used to create ASP. NET Server controls and ASP. NET web pages used as ASP. NET web application user interfaces.
System. Web. UI. adapters // namespace contains the base class of the control adapter and page adapter. You can use these adapters to override the lifecycle status of pages and controls. This rewrite is useful if you want to modify the tag or behavior of these controls to adapt them to the new tag standard or a specific browser.
The class contained in system. Web. UI. Design // namespace can be used to extend the Design Support for ASP. NET web pages and web server controls.
System. Web. UI. htmlcontrols // The class contained in the namespace allows you to create HTML server controls on the web forms page.
System. Web. UI. webcontrols // The namespace contains classes that can be used to create Web server controls on a webpage.

System. xml // namespace provides standard-based support for XML processing.

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