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Register an assembly as a safe control in the web. config file

SharePoint-register an assembly as a safe control in the web. config file In order for you to use your own custom assembly with your Web parts and other little bits, you will need to add your safe control to the Web. config file. however, you need

MVC5 support for Webapi add namespaces

By default, the Webapi route in the MVC framework template provided by Microsoft does not support the namespace parameter. This leads to some larger projects that cannot separate WEBAPI into a separate class library.This article provides a solution

Configuration File web. config (1)

The following is my learning experience in Asp.net. I have noted down my understanding of each knowledge point. please correct me if you have any errors! ASP. NET configuration data is stored in XML text files. Each XML text file is named Web.

Web. config detailed

Web. config is a very important file in the ASP. I remember when I was a graduate in college, the question of a teacher in a defense was what does Web. config do? The answer is that the database connection can be stored inside the information, the

[Yii2.0] Loading custom classes or namespaces in YII 2.0 style [configuration using Yii2 autoloader]

One of the most notable features of Yii 2.0 is the introduction of namespaces, so the introduction of custom classes is different. This article discusses how to use the automatic loading mechanism of YII 2.0 to introduce custom classes and

Web. config file of ASP. NET application

ASP. NET is not a simple upgrade of asp, but Microsoft. It is an important part of the Net plan. Net multi-language and powerful class library support, introduced the Server HTML control and WEB control, automatic processing of control client and

Web. config configuration database connection

The first type:Fetch connection stringString connstring = system.web.configuration.webconfigurationmanager.connectionstrings["SqlConnStr"]. ConnectionString;Orprotected static string connectionString =

[Solution] How to better manage the Web. config for MVC projects

Cast Stone asked:Many times the configuration in Web. config is different in production and PROD environment, a lot of green notes, debug settings and Pord settings mixed together, this you can endure?!So how to better manage your project's Web.

All cshtml page reference namespaces in ASP.

Add in the Web. config file: so that all pages that require the following namespaces do not need to refer to these namespaces separately in their pages12"System.Web.Mvc.MvcWebRazorHostFactory, SYSTEM.WEB.MVC, version=, Culture=neutral,

Two ways to configure a database (majority) connection in Web. config

This is my first article, since it is the first article, then from the most basic just talk about the configuration database connection in--web.config.There is a lot of information on the Internet, but found that there is no one from the beginning

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