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A long time ago wrote such a code, but has not been recorded, accidentally wanted to write a blog.

Encapsulate the previous code into functions to facilitate understanding and invocation.

Based on the open source Zxing.net component, the code is as follows:

Add a reference to the Zxing.net first, and then add the appropriate namespaces:

Using System;
Using System.Collections.Generic;
Using System.Drawing;
Using Zxing;
Using Zxing.common;
Using Zxing.qrcode;
Using ZXing.QrCode.Internal;

Method one is to generate a two-dimensional code picture:

///<summary>///generate two-dimensional code picture///</summary>///<param name= "Contents" > to generate the information that the two-dimensional code contains </param>// /<param name= "width" > generated two-dimensional code width (default 300 pixels) </param>///<param name= "height" > generated two-dimensional code height (default 300 pixels) </ param>///<returns> Two-dimensional code picture </returns> public static Bitmap Generatorqrimage (string contents, int width = 300 , int height = +) {if (string).
    IsNullOrEmpty (contents)) {return null;
    //This article address: http://www.cnblogs.com/Interkey/p/qrcode.html encodingoptions options = null;
    Barcodewriter writer = null; Options = new Qrcodeencodingoptions {Disableeci = true, CharacterSet = "UTF-8", Width = width
    , height = height, errorcorrection = ErrorCorrectionLevel.H,};
    writer = new Barcodewriter (); Writer.
    Format = Barcodeformat.qr_code; Writer.

    options = options; Bitmap Bitmap = writer.
    Write (contents);
return bitmap; }

Method Two is to generate a two-dimensional code picture in the middle with pictures:

<summary>///generation of two-dimensional code picture with picture///</summary>///<param name= "Contents" > to generate the information that the two-dimensional code contains </param> <param name= "Middleimg" > to be generated into two-dimensional code in the middle of the picture </param>///<param name= "width" > generated two-dimensional code width (default 300 pixels) </ param>///<param name= "height" > generated two-dimensional code height (default 300 pixels) </param>///<returns> Two-dimensional code with pictures in the middle </returns > public static Bitmap generatorqrimage (string contents, Image middleimg, int width = +, int height = $) {if ( String.
    IsNullOrEmpty (contents)) {return null;
        } if (middleimg = = null) {//return null;
    Return Generatorqrimage (contents); ////This article address: http://www.cnblogs.com/Interkey/p/qrcode.html//construction of two-dimensional code coder Multiformatwriter Mutiwriter = new Multifo
    Rmatwriter ();
    Dictionary<encodehinttype, object> hint = new Dictionary<encodehinttype, object> (); Hint.
    ADD (Encodehinttype.character_set, "UTF-8"); Hint.

   ADD (Encodehinttype.error_correction, ErrorCorrectionLevel.H); Generate two-dimensional code Bitmatrix BM = Mutiwriter.encode (contents, Barcodeformat.qr_code, width, height, hint);
    Barcodewriter barcodewriter = new Barcodewriter ();
    Bitmap Bitmap = barcodewriter.write (BM);

    Gets the actual size of the two-dimensional code (removes the actual size of the two-dimensional code from both sides) int[] Rectangle = bm.getenclosingrectangle ();
    Calculates the size and position of the inserted picture int MIDDLEIMGW = math.min ((int) (RECTANGLE[2)/3.5), middleimg.width);
    int middleimgh = math.min ((int) (RECTANGLE[3]/3.5), middleimg.height); int MIDDLEIMGL = (bitmap.
    WIDTH-MIDDLEIMGW)/2; int middleimgt = (bitmap.

    HEIGHT-MIDDLEIMGH)/2; The IMG is converted to BMP format, otherwise the Graphics object Bitmap bmpimg = new Bitmap (BITMAP) cannot be created later. Width, Bitmap.
    Height, System.Drawing.Imaging.PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb); using (Graphics g = graphics.fromimage (bmpimg)) {G.interpolationmode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.Interpolation
        G.smoothingmode = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.SmoothingMode.HighQuality; G.compositingquality = System.drawing.Drawing2D.CompositingQuality.HighQuality;
    G.drawimage (bitmap, 0, 0);
    ///Insert Picture in two-dimensional code Graphics mygraphic = Graphics.fromimage (bmpimg);
    White Bottom Mygraphic.fillrectangle (brushes.white, MIDDLEIMGL, Middleimgt, MIDDLEIMGW, MIDDLEIMGH);
    Mygraphic.drawimage (middleimg, MIDDLEIMGL, Middleimgt, MIDDLEIMGW, MIDDLEIMGH);
return bmpimg; }

The effect is as follows:

There is a picture and no picture of the generation of the same, the reason is not clear, initially thought that the middle of the picture is because of the original fault-tolerant rate.

The corresponding parsing code is also simple:

Create a barcode reader instance
ibarcodereader reader = new Barcodereader ();
Load a bitmap
bitmap barcodebitmap = (bitmap) image.fromfile ("C:\\sample-barcode-image.png");
Detect and decode the barcode inside the bitmap result
= reader. Decode (BARCODEBITMAP);
Do something with the
"result if" (Result!= null)
    This.txtDecoderType.Text = result. Barcodeformat.tostring ();
    This.txtDecoderContent.Text = result. Text;

The above is the generation and parsing of two-dimensional code, as the generation of one-dimensional code and corresponding parsing is also very simple.

Other commonly used to generate two-dimensional code components are: qrcode.net (open source), zxing (open source), Thoughtworks.qrcode and so on.

After understanding the data storage of two-dimensional code, we can generate creative two-dimensional code based on these technologies.

Reference: QR two-dimensional code generator source code (middle can insert small picture) barcode and two-dimensional code codec implemented in C # How to asp.net and WPF display two-dimensional code C # generating two-dimensional code (QR code) two-dimensional code with qrcode.net details and principles to take you to explore the mysteries of the barcode world Android two-dimensional code recognition Open source project Zxing compilation

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