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Wamp Construction [WIN7+APACHE2.4+MYSQL5.7+PHP7 I. BACKGROUND

Replace the computer's optical drive with a solid-state drive (120g), which is designed to work with a single system. Phpstudy and Wamp have been used before, but the MySQL version of this kind of integration environment is the highest of 5.5, PHP version is up to 5.6, the latest version of Apache is 2.2. Currently Apache latest version is 2.4.x,php latest version is 7.0.x,mysql the latest version is 5.7.x, Master wamp| The building of the lamp environment is very important, although most of the work is developed by using an integrated environment, but the nature of the integrated environment is to assemble individual packages together.

The advantages of using the WAMP integrated environment are: 1). Easy to use and fast, 2). There are several versions of PHP that can be switched for development. But the disadvantage is also very obvious, you do not know Wamp integration with the use of the essence. In this blog post, we'll start with the download of the Wamp component and say that the Wamp component [apache+mysql+php] works together. The specifics of each component configuration file are not mentioned in this article. If the text of the expression is inaccurate, welcome to make a brick to me, also please forgive me!

Ii. What does Wamp include? How to download Wamp component 1.WAMP from the official website what is included?

A picture of the top thousand, Sir have a picture of the truth?

From the diagram can be: The user access to the B/S program is a process? Under the Windows operating system, installed (apache| iis| Nigix) server, the user accesses the server directly. The server chooses to load the required language resolution engine (Php.exe/jdk/python ...) according to the program being accessed, to the database (mysql| SQL Server |oracle ...) The dynamic fetch of data is parsed into a client (browser)-recognizable way (HTML) to be returned to the client, which is presented by the client.

WAMP environment includes: Operating system (Windows system) + server (Apache) + database (MySQL) + Language Resolution module (PHP parsing engine)

2. How do I download all the required components from the official website?
w:windows System

1) Baidu Search MSDN, the site can download all of Microsoft's genuine products. Download the operating system and install it yourself.

2). Version Introduction
①windows 7 Enterprise (x64)--Win7 64-bit Business Edition
②windows 7 Enterprise with Service Pack 1 (x64)--Win7 64-bit Business Edition "with various service packs"
③windows 7 Home Basic (x86)--Win7 32-bit home base edition
④windows 7 Home Premium (x64)--Win7 64-bit family Premium
⑤windows 7 Professional--Win7 Professional Edition
"What version do I need to download?"

A:apache Server

1). Baidu Search into Apache server website, click to jump Apache server website Download Center
2). Attention Point
① website no longer provides Apache MSI image installation files, only provide source code compilation parsing files
② pay attention to the number of Apache you download "X86 or X64, download PHP version needs and here corresponds to"
3). Version ①apache 2.4.x VC14--VC14 is the version required by the Windows VC + + runtime that is required by the Php.exe program when it runs, "after the VC14 with PHP"
"What version do I need to download?"

M:mysql Database

1). Baidu search into MySQL database website, click to jump Apache server website Download Center
2). Note:
① website Download community version, database services;
"Enterprise Edition is needed money, Community edition is enough for us to develop and so on, if like with MySQL official client MySQL Watch can be downloaded on its own website"

② if the installation of MySQL when prompted VCxxx.dll missing, you can install a dll-files-fixer, can automatically help you solve these DLL file missing problems
3). Version Introduction
① now on the official website is also the source code compiled package, recommended Baidu Download installation image

p:php language parsing engine

1). Baidu Search into the PHP parsing engine website, click to jump PHP parsing engine website Download Center
2) Note:
① If you go to the official website download PHP7 to download VC14 x86 thread safe, do not download non thread safe version, otherwise there is not found Php7apache2_4.dll this file
② Note Download the Apache and PHP version of the number of bits to correspond to "if the system is x64 download x64, if it is x86 download x86==> i download is x64"
③VC6 support APACHE;VC9 support for IIS used in Apache also no problem
④zip version is the source decompression package, Debug Pack for the user is meaningless, is for C + + programmers to develop or modify the PHP extension
3). Version Introduction
①non-thread-safe--Non-thread-safe version--paired with IIS
②thread-safe--Thread-safe version-paired with Apache

The above

1) Apache source directory extracted to: C:/wamp/apache24 folder

Note: 1). I renamed the Htdocs Web site root directory to the WWW folder; 2). F Plate has wamp catalogue "

The F-Disk WAMP directory structure is as follows:

2) MySQL installation to: C:/wamp/mysql Server 5.7
3) PHP source directory extracted to: c:/wamp/php7.0.11
4) will '; C:\Self\WAMP\MySQL Server 5.7\bin; C:\Self\WAMP\Apache24\bin; C:\Self\WAMP\php7.0.11; ' Append to environment variable in path '
"NOTE: 1). is appended, not modified; 2). Note the semicolon to the English state"

Third, how to add Wamp components to system services?

Press and hold: Win+r key-Input: Service.msc Open System Services list

As you can see, the MySQL Server service is installed even though we unzipped the individual components, but we still cannot find our Apache+mysql service in the Local Service list

1. Join the MySQL service to the system service

1). mysql initialization configuration file

Open the My.ini file and edit it. The specific configuration of Baidu, but at this time must be configured in these two places

2). Add the MySQL service to the system service

Press and hold: Win+r key-Input: cmd, open cmd.exe window with administrator

"Remove MySQL service mysqld–remove mysql service name"

3). Turn on MySQL service

4). Note:

①. mysql default root user initial password: mysql-h localhost-uroot-p to log in
②. Modifying the root user password:

mysql> use mysql;mysql> update user set Password=password(‘newpassword‘) where User=‘root‘;mysql> flush privileges;
2. Modify the PHP configuration file

1). PHP Initialization configuration file

Open the php.ini file and edit it. The specific configuration of Baidu, but at this time must be configured in these two places

2). Test executes the following procedure, running results, indicating success:

3). Need to open the extension "search extension, remove the previous"; ", restart the server can be"

打开mysqli支持:extension=php_mysqli.dll打开pdo方式mysql连接支持:extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll打开curl请求方式支持:extension=php_curl.dll开启mongodb支持:[PHP7.0废弃了mongo扩展,却支持mongodb扩展]    在http://pecl.php.net/package/mongodb下载PHP7.0的支持    【如果PHP下载的线程安全版本,此处也要下载线程安全版本】    在php.ini配置文件中加入extension=php_mongodb.dll。    运行phpinfo(),出现这个扩展即可


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