0317 Experiment three summary and analysis

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Compounding items Estimation Actual
Time (Hours) 3 2 hours
Total line of code 100 156
Features include Simple interest calculation, compound interest calculation, principal calculation, investment life, investment project interest rate estimation
Development tools C

Through three experiments, so that I initially understand how the software is composed, the customer's needs are also changeable, so the code will be modified many times, so we began to write the generation

Code to be easy to nest, easy to change later, the code can be constantly updated and perfected to meet customer needs. In addition, the initial time does not understand the compound interest is what, but after

Over the Internet to find information, formula Search, calculation, backward, to slowly take this job to do success, so we in the process of making software, but also in continuous learning.

0317 Experiment three summary and analysis

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