072 _ Delphi7 Information System Design and Development Instance

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  • Delphi7 information system design and development example
Delphi7 information system design and development example

DelphiTutorial Series of books(072)Delphi7Information system design and development example Organize netizens (state)Email:Shuaihj@163.com


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  • Author: Huang Ming Liang Xu Shi Hu
  • Press: Machinery Industry Press *
  • ISBN: 7111140788
  • Mounting time:
  • Published on: February 1, March 2005
  • Start: 16
  • Page number: 241
  • Version: 2-1


This book is intended for students majoring in computer science in colleges and universities and guides them to use Delphi 7 for graduation design. The book focuses on four system instances: Personnel Management Information System, library management information system, and warehouse management information system, each instance is analyzed in detail in three stages: requirement analysis, overall design, and detailed design. In order to better guide students in graduation design, the book provides graduation design guidance and management information system design and development guidance. This book can be used as a reference book for graduation design of computer science in colleges and universities, as well as for reference by software companies and related personnel.


Graduation Design is a very important part of the higher education system. It can test students' understanding and mastery of professional theoretical knowledge. Through graduation design, students can improve their ability to analyze and solve problems in the process of applying software engineering methods to develop software. However, there are currently few books on graduation design guidance on the market. To meet the urgent needs of teachers and students, we have compiled this graduation design guide. Chapter 1 of this book is the graduation design guide, which describes in detail the issues related to graduation design. Chapter 2 provides guidance on the design and development of management information systems. Chapter 3rd, chapter 4, chapter 5, and chapter 6 detail four instances. Each instance details the entire process of requirement analysis, preliminary design, detailed design, and code writing, for students to refer to in graduation design. The authors of this book are instructors of colleges and universities who have guided graduation design many times and have rich experience in graduation design guidance. The source code of the information system in this book can be downloaded from the website of the Professional Mechanical Publishing House (www.cmpbook.com. This book is jointly written by Huang Ming, Liang Xu, and Shi Hu. Due to the limited level of editors, errors and mistakes in the book are inevitable, and readers and experts are advised to correct them. If you have any questions when using this book, you can contact the author through the following e-mail: dlhm@263.net


Chapter 2 Graduation Design Guide

1.1 Graduation Project Purpose

1.2 graduation design selection requirements

1.3 graduation design selection types and precautions

1.4 graduation thesis writing content

Chapter 4 Management Information System Design and Development Guide

2.1 Introduction to Management Information System

2.2 Management Information System Design Principles

2.3 management information system design and development methods

Chapter 4 Design and Implementation of the Personnel Management Information System

3.1 Requirement Analysis

3.1.1 functional requirements

3.1.2 Performance Requirements

3.2 Overall Design

3.2.1 system level module diagram

3.2.2 Module Design

3.2.3 Database Design

3.3 detailed design

3.3.1 system project files and public files

3.3.2 Interface Effects of the Main Control Platform

3.3.3 User Logon (ulogin. DFM) Module

3.3.4 permission management (urightsetting. DFM) Module

3.3.5 department settings (udep. DFM) Module

3.3.6 employee Archive Management (frmstalnfo. DFM) Module

3.3.7 personnel change management (uchange. DFM) Module

3.3.8 Database Management (udbadmin. DFM) Module

Chapter 2 Design and Implementation of a library Management Information System

4.1 Requirement Analysis

4.1.1 functional requirements

4.1.2 Performance Requirements

4.2 Overall Design

4.2.1 system level module diagram

4.2.2 Database Design

4.3 detailed design

4.3.1 system project files and public variables

4.3.2 Interface Effects of the Main Control Platform

4.3.3 User Logon (ulogin. DFM) Module

4.3.4 permission management (urightsetting. DFM) Module

4.3.5 reader management (ureadersetting. DFM) Module

4.3.6 book category setting (ubookclasssetting. DFM) Module

4.3.7 warehouse receiving (ubookln. DFM) Module

4.3.8 ubookmodify. DFM Module

4.3.9 ubooklend. DFM Module

4.3.10 ubooksearch. dfrn Module

Chapter 4 Design and Implementation of Warehouse Management Information System

5.1 Requirement Analysis

5.1.1 functional requirements

5.1.2 Performance Requirements

5.2 Overall Design

5.2.1 system level module diagram

5.2.2 Database Design

5.3 detailed design

5.3.1 system project files and public variables

5.3.2 Interface Effects of the Main Control Platform

5.3.3 User Logon (ulogin. DFM) Module

5.3.4 permission management (urightsetting. DFM) Module

5.3.5 warehousesetting. DFM Module

5.3.6 Department Archive Management (u_bmda.dfm) Module

5.3.7 material coding management (u_fzlr_clbm.dfm) Module

5.3.8 employee Archive Management (u_zgda.dfm) Module

5.3.9 material warehouse receiving management (usld. DFM) Module

5.3.10 Department picking Management (u_bmlld.dfm) Module

Chapter 1 Design and Implementation of the Examination Paper Generation System

6.1 requirements

6.1.1 functional requirements

6.1.2 Performance Requirements

6.2 Overall Design

6.2.1 system level module diagram

6.2.2 Module Design

6.2.3 Database Design

6.3 detailed design

6.3.1 system project files and public files

6.3.2 Interface Effects of the Main Control Platform

6.3.3 User Logon (ulogin. DFM) Module

6.3.4 permission management (urightsetting. DFM) Module

6.3.5 question bank entry (utmlr. DFM) Module

6.3.6 Question Bank maintenance (utkwh. DFM) Module

6.3.7 Test Paper Generation (usjsc. DFM) Module

6.3.8 test paper extraction (usjcq. DFM) Module

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