09 the Chinese Valentine's day has passed

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She fell in love, and I also fell in love. The difference is that she was dumped by others, and I dumped others. Feelings are so complex and simple. No matter whether you love or not, you will always be in touch with some people. She has been rejecting my feelings, so I understand the pain of her lovelorn. However, I cannot tolerate another person. This is the bottom line of love, whether it is good or not, but persistent or inappropriate. In love, tolerance and cruelty are not two completely different opposites. They contain too many feelings in life and are intertwined, regardless of right or wrong.

In fact, I am not clear about the concepts of Chinese Valentine's Day, Chinese Valentine's Day, and Christmas, especially after college. My life and feelings have gradually stripped me of the joy or sadness these days have brought.

I don't know when to enjoy my parents. One year, two years, five years, or two five years. I don't know why I recently remembered the cat more than 10 years ago. At that time, I was still in elementary school. I have been sad for seven years after my death. I think this proves that I am a man with rich feelings. But what's different is how much courage and waiting I have now.

I think it's not my style.

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