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I attended a one-and-a-half-day Microsoft technical training at the company this weekend. The lecturer was a former Microsoft engineer and was about 35 years old. His ideas were clear and his English was authentic, the technology level is good (it should be better than the application level. This training does not involve the underlying development content ). It mainly uses the C # technology to describe some of Microsoft's new technologies. On Saturday afternoon, I started to talk about XMLHTTP, Ajax and other Web technologies. I still clarified some concepts. In the past, every "A" (asynchronous) in Ajax) the process is not synchronized with the interaction between the server. For an event on the page (such as button processing), the browser creates a new thread to process the event. You do not have to refresh and submit the entire page, the server will display the event processing results on the Web page without sound. Google has many Ajax applications in the image, but the MS lecturer said That Ajax technology originated from Microsoft's XMLHTTP module, and this viewpoint remains to be confirmed.

On Saturday afternoon, we also introduced the XAML and Silverlight technologies. These two technologies are mainly used for web page display and can also be extended to the winform program interface design. XAML is an XML Description Language that Microsoft has launched in recent years to describe the interface. It demonstrates how to use blender to draw the interface and write several lines of C # response code, the results of these operations will generate a XAML Description document. The XAML uses the Silverlight technology to present a new kind of interface view, and 2D and 3D rendering have a great visual impact. What impressed me most about the XAML technology is the way to create an interface. Just like using Photoshop to process images, the software interface can be completely painted by hand. Think about the work done in MFC to beautify a control, this design method is really great progress.

The training on Saturday was very rewarding, and it was very cost-effective to have a lunch. I came to the conference room on time this morning. This morning, I will focus on Microsoft's workflow technology. Workflows can be divided into two processing modes: Rule-oriented and rule-oriented. For these two modes, Microsoft developed the WF workflow technology based on BizTalk, this technology includes the workflow process description, activity node description, event Message description, and event processing engine. The specific procedure is to first describe the relationship between various activities in the workflow model by drawing a picture, which corresponds to the fact that the underlying layer is actually a WCF (with a name forgotten) for XML documents in this format, Microsoft provides a series of APIS, links between workflow activity nodes, and event processing methods by calling these Apis.

This afternoon's content focuses on the highlights and highlights of this training. Good things are always at the end of the lecture. The lecturer started to use. NET technology to implement a system architecture. He divided a system into six modules: user verification, user permission management, connection processing, data ing, message processing, and log. Each module describes several technical solutions. Here, we talk about some interesting topics. We also hope to use a piece of code for analysis and appreciation.

The Processing Method of user authentication refers to the single-point authentication (SSO, which seems to work like this). In BS mode, this technology uses httpmodule to send verification information to the URL of the Verification Center. User permission management is closely integrated with the user authentication module. In user permission management, role allocation is mentioned. In fact, roles are used as an intermediate layer to isolate user and module operations. In the system, you only need to design a series of typical roles and assign user permissions to a role, which can avoid the complexity of Operation permission allocation. The connection processing method refers to the connection sharing technology. Unlike the connection pool technology we commonly use, the connection sharing technology completes multiple transactions in one connection, in this case, you need to rewrite open, begintranc, and commit in the database API. The specific method is to add counters in these operations so that they do not repeat operations and improve the efficiency of connection resource utilization. Speaking of connection sharing technology, the lecturer also showed several pieces of his code. In the data ing module, we talked about the LINQ and Nhibernate technologies. This section is the most exciting part of this training. The lecturer will introduce the implementation principles of the object-relation mapping technology in combination with practices, at last, we compared the two methods. The message processing and Log Module did not talk much about the time relationship. Microsoft's enterprise Lib was mentioned in the log module.

This training gave me a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft's Technical System and gave me a little interest in Microsoft's technology; the professionalism and dedication of lecturers have also changed my past views on IT training. I just found a new book in Douban <>. The NT kernel designer seems to have written well and has time to buy one. UNIX advocates an open and free culture and a culture in which Ms attaches importance to the convenience of interface interaction.

It's a wonderful weekend.


Note: The training instructor did not provide some of his demo code at last. He said that these are all running code. Although he does not work in Microsoft, it cannot be disclosed for security reasons. Microsoft often does not open source code for security reasons. In this way, Linux is an insecure system and Apache is not secure.


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