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This talk is about how to build a team. This is actually a very large scope, but this time I want to talk about non-technical factors in team building and analysis.
In team building, it is particularly important for members to solve their psychological problems.

First of all, we should correct everyone's misunderstanding and think that in team building, we usually only need to focus on technical construction. For example, we need to focus on what architecture, framework, specific technology, and training the team uses, focusing on performance is enough. In many cases, can we think about how to build a technical team to succeed? In fact, that is not necessarily true,
In a good team, the key is people. technology can be taught and learned. However, if the team cannot be built based on non-technical factors, the team will eventually
Failure. For example, let's take some common examples to analyze. You will certainly encounter such a team:

1) The team is busy all day and everyone is working hard. There is not much communication between them, and the team members feel like they do repetitive work every day.CodeRobot,

Writing code into a good framework does not feel fulfilled.

2) There are many cool people in the team, with only a few common members. Common members feel a sense of crisis, great pressure, and little room for development.

3) The team members are talented, but the technical manager or project manager is not necessarily the best. Therefore, the cool guys secretly dislike the boss, and the boss does not know how to deal with it.
Take care of these cool people

4) The team has always been in a chaotic state. Despite the hard work of the team, the teams with various objective problems are overwhelmed.

5) The team members are unstable, flow, and resentful.



I personally think that in a technical team, we should pay attention to the team's humanistic psychology construction and focus on the following aspects:

1) Goal consistency construction of team members

There are differences between people, but since a team must have a common goal, this must be made public at the beginning of the formation of the team.

Make it clear to the team members that whether you are building a new team or taking over a team halfway, a good way to suggest it is to contact your team.

During the first contact with Members, they should take this goal out or reach it through discussion, or even in writing. Later, at the initial stage of team building, they will publicize and preach this goal of your team for many times, the goal should be simple and executable, so that the team members can feel the information and encouragement. of course, you can also set long, medium, and short goals.

In the initial stage of team building, the better you preach this goal in the team, the more impressed the members, and the easier it will be to execute in the future.

At the beginning of construction, some teams focus on technical issues such as various technical specifications. Even if the goal of the team is not achieved, the results will make your members stay in the future.

Will lose confidence and goals in the development path.



2) identify team members

This is not to say that you need to know their general personal information, team leaders, and the comprehensive situation of each member, such as personal interests, advantages and disadvantages,

Expertise, etc. This can be carried out in the way they are introduced at the beginning of team building, but in fact it is best to do some research, for example, the simplest thing is,

If you take over a team halfway, you can use a spreadsheet to make a simple questionnaire for them to write their own

Personal information, comments on team building, and questions about previous team members, so that they can express their opinions. This is sometimes better than interviews, this is because people's psychology is like this. If you are angry, you can write it out (you can do it by name), but some people are reluctant to interview the boss.

The recommended method can be used in combination with the company's HR to conduct more professional research and recommend the 9-type personality survey, which is internationally authoritative.

In this way, you can quickly understand the characteristics of employees and facilitate future management.


3) Give team members a sense of accomplishment

After understanding the team members, you will know their personality characteristics, and you should start to manage them differently. In a team,

They all want to be paid attention to, promoted, and paid attention to, so they need to be satisfied. However, due to objective conditions, it is generally difficult for your team
The power of people satisfies the ideas of team members. For example, if they say they want to raise a salary, but as a department manager, you did not add it to them by yourself,

There are many constraints, but you should think about what you can do for your team at your level.

For example, if you find that your subordinates are a very active learner and have a strong desire to learn new technologies, you must realize whether you can provide them

This is helpful because the psychology of a person is often like this. If he is interested in a certain aspect and motivated, he will improve himself with all his heart (especially for technical personnel ),

If he finds that the company or team cannot satisfy his desires, he will shake his mind and even consider leaving. Therefore, you should

First, I would like to communicate with him immediately to understand his situation and communicate with him more about the issues he is interested in. This makes him feel that he is valued and appreciated psychologically,

If you are encouraged and helped, your words will often give your staff great encouragement, even though you may not necessarily be interested in something that is better than you,

But there is no such thing as this. For example, you can say, "You should have a bright future in this aspect of your research. I will take a look at it with you when I have time to help you.

What is going on? Can you help me solve this problem? In addition, you can go to the bookstore to check the books written by xxxx or help you... ". In this way, the other party will think

Your boss is good.

There are also some things that should be known, published, and learned by your team and project as much as possible.

There is competition in people's teams. Everyone wants to learn what they want and their opinions. Don't adopt it in the team. In this case, employees will feel like they are

You have a position and competitiveness in the team. But as you know, this is often difficult to fully implement. It is limited by various conditions, such as your team.

Framework a is used, but many of your Members have started to learn about framework B. Then, you can think about whether you can make them in some internal, small, irrelevant projects.

Show your skills? If they can't, can they use what they have learned to rewrite some old small applications?

For example, if your member has learned UML, but your company's documents never use UML, you can consider letting him

In his own documents, he tried to draw a UML diagram by himself. This is actually a good method and does not affect your overall situation. In short, there must be a solution,

You just need to brainstorm


A good way is to regularly share knowledge, such as creating e-blogs and e-knowledge bases, so that team members can submit information on a regular basis.

What they learned, or when they hold regular meetings on a weekly or monthly basis, requires team members to share the knowledge they learned recently.

Although it is not necessarily a big project, it is enough to make the team members feel satisfied and make them feel that they are not actually "code robots". If they are feasible, it is even defined as a performance appraisal.
This will encourage everyone to form a positive learning atmosphere.


4) fully humanistic care for your members
It is a word of fatigue. It is indeed a fact. It is not a fact that one of your team leaders can change, for example, they often work overtime, but sometimes they can

Within the scope of your ability, you need to focus more on your members. For example, if you work overtime, it is best to avoid your team members in the initial stage of team building.

I think you are a leader who advocates overtime, because I believe that no one likes to work overtime. Do not mention it in a cold tone: If you can't finish it, work overtime.

This will lead to a bad impression on employees. To be honest, if you are a responsible employee, you will consciously work overtime. You don't need to remind me. You should give it to employees.

One impression is that we advocate that we should work hard to solve the problem as much as possible and do not advocate overtime (although in fact, your company may have to work overtime frequently,

But never say it out of your mouth ).

There is also more to care about them from some small matters, such as trying not to arrange for female employees to work overtime too late, arrange for compensatory leave, and strive for relevant benefits for employees;

Usually, you need to organize some cultural activities in private with your members, such as playing sports, singing K, and having a meal, instead of pushing these activities to the company's HR,

In this way, you can become a close friend of your team members.

Take care of the interests and needs of employees as much as possible. For example, some employees may like to listen to music and play games when they work overtime,

In fact, you must be sure to take into account the staff's

Feelings and interests are needed, because your team members are "people" first. If the demands are hard-bound and rejected in the name of the system, then no

Make your team members feel warm.


5. Communicate with your members on a regular basis

This is actually a good method. For Single-to-single communication, you can use email, QQ, interview, etc. Sometimes it doesn't need to be too formal.

It gives members a feeling of oppression and tension. You should chat in a relaxed atmosphere and regularly understand what each member thinks and thinks. Sometimes it depends on your mind,

Don't take your books with you and chat with your members in the conference room. When you look at your family, you will be the first to guard against you. You can talk about your work on a chat topic,

When talking about life and so on, the focus is to find out the difficulties encountered by the other party. The other party may only dare to talk to you separately.

I have a good chat next day. I guess this is still very helpful.


6. Integration with agile XP

This is actually a very proud practice, and it does have some results. For example, in the daily meeting of XP scrum, you can consider

Different people host the event, which gives them the opportunity to exercise and make them feel a little fulfilled.


7. Give team members a sense of ownership
A good way is to ask team members to submit reasonable suggestions on a regular basis every month. Then, they can read their opinions one by one at the meeting and then

We discuss whether there is a good solution. If you can solve the problem by the department, you can submit it to the company if you can make a photo on the spot. The advantage is that you can make your members psychologically

Realize that they are fair in the team. Everyone has the right to speak, and everyone will pay attention to them. This will inspire their initiative.


Encourage your members

We should encourage the team members to provide more products. Even if the members make mistakes, we should also point out that we should not say anything like "How did you do it, screw it up and pull it ."

Words, especially in department meetings, should be used with caution for employees who make mistakes. The characteristics of the other party should be taken into account; otherwise, it will be very troublesome.

Another good suggestion is to let your encouragement, praise, and be filled with the whole team, for example, simply write "good" in the case card on the XP whiteboard"

, The entire Whiteboard will see a lot of good red, will make your members feel happy and exciting, QQ, MSN on a simple message to encourage them, will make them feel warm.

In addition, at each meeting, we suggest giving everyone a certain amount of time to praise each other. This will make Members feel psychologically valued and successful,

Then point out the shortcomings. Don't start with them.


The above are some of my personal opinions that the non-technical construction of the team can be worth thinking about and exploring and transforming.

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