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If you think that the open source server technology is only for the Linux operating system, consider it. Although these software projects are very compatible with Linux, they are not part of the top ten open-source technology products discussed in this article. Open-source software is no longer limited to Linux application environments. In fact, today's open-source technology has completely crossed all operating system barriers. Even Microsoft has launched its own open-source Lab named port 25 ), and became the platinum-level initiator of the San Francisco open-source enterprise conference. To give readers a clearer understanding of the top 10 server-oriented open-source technologies, I have compiled a detailed list of projects and application software for readers to refer to and explore, many of these products are free or near free.

1. zenoss

Zenoss is an open-source IT Management Suite. You can use zenoss to observe and monitor your entire network. Zenoss consists of the alarm console, network discovery, performance monitoring, service monitoring, and directory modules. Zenoss is free of charge and easy to install and maintain. zenoss can be standardized through zenpacks.

2. Mono

Mono is an open-source version of Microsoft. NET technology. When I first heard about the Mono Project, I still don't know how to classify Microsoft technology into open-source categories. However, Mono has received the attention of a large number of developers and enterprises around the world. With Novell's efforts, this technology combines two opposing worlds into a flexible and Stable Open-Source Field. Mono can help users develop powerful and Advanced Server Applications on Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows platforms.

3. Apache

Apache Web Server is the most commonly used network server on the Internet. Everyone associates it with apache.org. Surprisingly, there are more than 70 open-source projects under the Apache family. Enterprise-level projects include activemq, Geronimo, spamassassin, and tomcat. Although many Apache projects are related to Java (such as Geronimo and tomcat), there are several projects that are independent, such as OFBiz, and several projects that directly enhance Apache functions, such as mod_perl. If you haven't checked apache.org recently, you should check it out. Apache.org not only includes URLs downloaded from Apache web server, but also contains other new types. It is currently the world's most powerful open-source software database.

4. sugarcrm

If you do not like to use customer relationship management software packages in both engineering and market models, sugarcrm will be your right choice. The sugarcrm team has adopted a unique method for enterprise-level software marketing: users use products first. When you need more advanced features, you can order sugarcrm for business relationship management. The company's energy and investment mainly focus on designing products, rather than marketing or sales. This model helps sugarcrm become the world's leading open-source customer relationship management software product.

5. Drupal

The content management system provides a collaborative environment for social networking websites, corporate websites, internal internet, Community ports, e-commerce applications, and discussion websites. Drupal is a content management system that allows communities to publish, share, and manage various content on network servers. The Community type ranges from several users to tens of thousands of users. Drupal is a standard software with dozens of plug-ins to enhance its functionality and appeal, such as blogs, forums, newsletters, podcasts, photos, file uploads and downloads, collaborative editing, and e-commerce.

6. opensolaris

Opensolaris is an x86 version of the Sun Solaris operating system. Two of the most interesting aspects of this kind of operating system is that it can run on low-cost x86 hardware and includes all built-in enterprise-level components (such as virtualization and ZFS) as standard Solaris configurations. Opensolaris provides a new generation of computing technology, business support, and global R & D communities.

7. MySQL

Currently, MySQL, which belongs to Oracle, is the most common open source database software in the world. It can run in almost any operating system environment and drag from one platform to another without any configuration changes. MySQL is applicable to enterprise-level applications, Internet websites, and zenoss. It is comparable to the most expensive commercial relational database system.

8. pentaho

Pentaho is a commercial company that provides open-source business intelligence product community versions. Their products can be used for free, developed, and changed at will. Both versions support query, report, interactive analysis, console, data integration, and data collection. By providing a commercial version, pentaho has changed the pricing rules for enterprise-level business intelligence software. Their annual subscription fee for commercial versions is 3/1 lower than that for competitors. They also claim to be able to reduce the total cost of ownership of business intelligence software.

9. magento

Magento e-commerce kit (Community version) is a free open-source product that can promote the pace of enterprise users moving towards the internet. Magento Enterprise Edition is also open-source, but commercial license authorization is required for Advanced Support and functions. The Community version provides comprehensive e-commerce capabilities, such as directory browsing, marketing tools, analysis and reports, search engine optimization, mobile commerce, verification, transportation, and user service modules.

10. Java

Java technology has been used for enterprise-level application software since 1995. Java currently covers more than 0.8 billion personal computers, 2 billion handheld devices and 3.5 billion smart cards, a large number of set-top boxes, network cameras, games, media devices and more fields. With the full support of Oracle (the latest Java owner) and giants such as IBM, Java has become a technology that covers all aspects of enterprise-level applications.

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