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first, the user needs a clear focus

Enter the hotel reservation site or plate users generally purposeful, they have a very complete idea, and came to the site just to complete the plan. Therefore, it is a good way to improve the user experience to let the user see the content that they need directly on the homepage and to reduce the appearance of other unimportant content as much as possible.


As Agoda's design, the site's first screen with the imagination of the scenery as a backdrop, the hotel booking a quick access to the most eye-catching, even the company slogan is only briefly appear on the top of the page. Home design to the most popular content, based on the preferences of most users and click on the number of queries listed recommended, this idea is really good, but the bottom shows the "Hot Country" and "Hot City" is not a bit too much ...

  Two, use the suitable big picture as the background

With beautiful high-definition large image as the site background seems to have become a universal design method, a large picture with simple text, you can easily let the site become inexplicable tall. In the choice of pictures, "Is it beautiful enough?" It may be our focus, and "suitability" may be more important to our overall design. The word "fit" here includes many aspects, color, layout, size, and even the meaning of the expression in the picture.


Airbnb's web site's image usage is well worth drawing on. The first screen mainly to large pictures, in the bustling crowd there is a man and a woman happy walking, there is a feeling of home. The lower part of the use of different features of the photos as a background, so that users can more intuitive to the local customs have a preliminary understanding.

  Third, to switch pictures to reduce delays may

The most noticed and first appearance on the hotel details page is some pictures of the hotel, which may be loved and hated by the user. When the user is browsing, they will feel that the picture is complete but somewhat messy, and when the user does not need to be due to some normal operation caused by delays. If the site can first show a part of the picture, so that users need to see more pictures to click into a special picture plate, and the classification of these pictures, so that users can be targeted to quickly find the content of their own needs, such a design is more in line with the user experience.

Travel Lot

More details page The picture uses the mouse hover to enlarge the effect of the picture, and also has the "All pictures" button.

Click on "All Pictures" appear in the window, the left side of the picture content types of classification, for users to choose from, the right side display pictures and thumbnails. This form makes the picture part of the hierarchy very clear.

 Complete and detailed hotel information

The information on the hotel details page is similar in content, but some nuances can make the site's user experience very different. Most of the site's introduction to the "hotel profile" such as the official information as the primary content, in fact, users do not really need these official information, and its relevance to the practical content is their most concern.

Where to Live

Where do you live? Web hotel Details page content sorting Unlike most Web sites, the text introduces the section to "Hotel facilities", "Hotel Policy", "Hotel Introduction" ... Of the order, really according to the user's actual needs to do the design.

 V. Special information should be marked

The special information mentioned here is not all of the important information, but also can be the preferential information that some website party thinks needs to attract the attention of the user, gift item, or quantity reminder.


Booking is a professional global hotel reservation site, the design of the site is more humane. As shown in the case of the hotel booking link, the use of text and its colors are based on the user's point of view, users may be interested in the content of a different color display, which is conducive to promoting sales.

  Six, the Vivid comment page

Other users ' reviews are one of a number of sectors that are being watched by users who are choosing, and these comments may play a big role in guiding their final choices, so this part of the design should be more important. The regular division will let the user feel dull monotonous, try to design a lively and lively comment plate, make the user more easy to accept and approbate.

to the net

To the Web reviews part of the design into the form of a dialog box, and support illustrations, increase the user's trust, but also allows users to browse the time more participatory sense.

Vii. Affective Booking Calendar

Booking a calendar is a very small part of the process, but the user is very easy to create confusion here, so it is particularly important to give users a timely interactive response, color display or small annotations will not appear superfluous. But in this part of the design should also note that the region should always be kept clean and tidy, not because of the content of the neglect of visual feelings.

Where to, net?

Where to go the network booking calendar design performance is very considerate. A light blue shading is displayed when the date is selected, and a small logo is used to tell the user the total number of days, greatly reducing the user's thinking time.

Viii. Interaction generates feedback

When browsing any site, users like to have a "I am not a person browsing" feeling, so each mouse hover generated a small action will make the user feel very warm.

Yi Long Net

Art Dragon Home Interactive effect is very good, almost every hover will have feedback. However, although the interactive response of the case site is more, it will not be superfluous and complex. This also gives us some inspiration: when there is more interaction in a page, the response that needs to be noticed is best within a specified range, and once out of scope affects other sections, it is too cumbersome.

 Nine, split the complex process

Most of the hotel booking process is not very complex, and generally similar to the process of online shopping, but first-time subscribers may be less security, and split and show the whole process is the best way to eliminate user anxiety.

Same network

The same course site is very careful to split the whole process. Each of the more important links with colloquial text, so that users can not only have a clear understanding of what to do after, while increasing the affinity of the site.

  Ten, reduce the input box and required fields

The Mansi input box and the required fields marked with a red asterisk are inherently an objectionable visual experience, and many websites happen to do so! Why must users be required to register before booking or buying? This mandatory behavior requires users to feel that they are in a very passive position. If the site can be a soft attitude to solve the registration problem will be better?

TUI Niu Net

For example, the practice of the cattle network, "login or registration can get more concessions," such guidance may be easier to allow users to accept willingly.

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