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Webmasters know that, in general, traffic is directly proportional to earnings. However, there are occasional exceptions.

Today, I will use a real case to tell you that even if your website traffic is not high, as long as you have the ability to monetize and strive to increase the conversion rate, it is enough to earn considerable income.

1. [case description]

First look at the figure:


Figure 1: decoration website traffic diagram


Figure 2: Customer List

This is one of my decoration websites (to avoid advertising suspicion, do not write the website). Most of the time, the traffic per day is less than 10 thousand IP addresses, but it can bring me more than yuan of revenue every month.

In March August 2009, my construction manager took the initiative to contact me after knowing that I was good at network marketing. If I introduced the customer to him, he can give me a commission based on 10% of the actual contract amount (for this, you can search Baidu or go to the local community site to find the construction manager to confirm ). In the current Wuhan market, the contract amount for each household decoration order is generally 4 ~ Between 60 thousand RMB, that is to say, the commission per ticket can reach 4000 ~ 6000 yuan. You only need to attract customers through the network, chat with qq, and recommend the construction manager by the way. The rest is done by him. It does not take much time for me, so we will soon discuss the payment method and other details and start cooperation.

1. First, I quickly set up a blog and use seo tutorials to attract new owners in Wuhan to visit my website (this is not difficult for most webmasters ). Because there is not much time to talk with too many people (because they go to work during the day), the traffic is controlled below 100ip. I only need the most accurate traffic, try to eliminate all interference, and work hard.

2. Attract potential customers to contact me through soft texts and attractive free materials. (Note: you cannot directly leave the contact information of the construction manager on the website. Please think about why)

3. Use qq to further introduce the decoration experience to build trust, obtain detailed information of potential customers, and then recommend and encourage them to contact the construction manager.

4. The construction manager follows up on the negotiation and signs the ticket.

Then get the Commission, communicate regularly, and constantly improve the strategy. (Note: In the same way, if it is not feasible to cooperate with a decoration company, please think about why)

Currently, I have 2 ~ Qq communications are conducted within three hours. Generally, it can be successfully signed every month ~ 3 orders, with an income of more than 10 thousand yuan, and extremely stable.

II. [case details]

The reason why we can cooperate and get the Commission is as follows:

1. the construction managers of decoration companies usually take private jobs on their own, but it is very difficult for them to get new customers. They do not know Network marketing or how to make advertisements, but has strong business negotiation capabilities. Therefore, it is feasible to cooperate with the construction manager and use network marketing to help them pull the customer's commission.

2. it usually takes about one month for a potential customer to sign a ticket from the first contact. During this period, I, the designer, and the construction manager should work closely together to ensure smooth information before they can succeed, so I can keep abreast of the latest progress of each customer, including signing orders.

3. Besides me, the construction manager does not have any other channels that can provide stable customer resources. Therefore, he attaches great importance to me, pays promptly, and cooperates actively.

Any product can be realized through marketing channels or talents with business negotiation capabilities. Similarly, virtual goods, services, or website traffic also needs to be realized through marketing channels (such as Google adsens and other advertising alliances) or people with business negotiation capabilities (such as salesmen or dealers. In this project, I use the construction manager to monetize my website traffic, otherwise the traffic will have no value.

Conversion rate is also very important for websites. If your traffic is very junk or you have not taken any measures to increase your conversion rate at various stages, it is very difficult to generate more value. In this project, I first use seo to ensure the quality of traffic (the top 3 among multiple key words Baidu ), then, we can use soft texts and attractive free materials to increase the conversion rate from traffic to consulting volume (up to 5% at present ), next, we will introduce practical and useful decoration experience to improve the conversion rate from consultation to on-site negotiation (up to 5% at present ), finally, the construction manager's business negotiation capability is used to increase the conversion rate from the quotation to the order signing (up to 80% at present)

It is precisely because my partners have the ability to monetize and I have taken a lot of measures to increase the conversion rate. Therefore, in this project alone, I have a monthly revenue of over 10 thousand yuan.

This case takes very little time and requires less money, which is almost negligible, in addition, the methods and procedures used are also applicable to many other types of products or services (such as second-hand car intermediary, enrollment, building materials group buying, etc ). However, it is very important to know more about the products or services you promote.

Although this case is easy to operate, it requires close integration between online and offline. It may be difficult and not suitable for many technical colleagues, but the principles of many projects are the same. When you are in trouble, all you need is to change your mind and focus more on monetization and conversion rate improvement methods to make your Traffic and Rankings more valuable.

3. [gossip]

1. Everyone has their own expertise or resources. If they cannot be realized, their values will not be reflected. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. QQ: 791639961 (online time, ~ every day ~ 23: 00 ).

2. Apart from one or two fixed projects, I will conduct experiments on small projects for monetization and conversion rates every year. There are often a lot of unexpected gains, which are really interesting. For example, I have introduced a typical case in this article that was recommended on the a5 homepage in 2008. If you are interested, you can see: Marketing Case: Do not create a website or open a shop, one software sold more than 200 sets in two weeks

3. I would like to remind you that, after practice, it has been proved that the current business owners generally have high requirements for online marketing talents, and their treatment is low, therefore, at present, online marketing is more suitable for hobbies and less suitable for occupations (without exception). My current position is irrelevant to online marketing.

4. My sideline revenue far exceeded my main business, but I did not choose to resign, for the following reasons:

A. I am currently working for the best mobile Internet company in China. It provides me with a broad platform that gives me the opportunity to use my abilities.

B. Working at home and working at home are two completely different states. Working at home not only accumulates more experience and contacts, but also shows more business opportunities.

4. [two assignments]

At last, I will leave you two questions as my homework. I will give you the answer as long as I add qq (791639961:

1. Let's take a look at the figure below. This is my software download site's April traffic. How many monetization methods do you have?

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