101 metrics for a perfect website. Part 1. Overview

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The most interesting profession in the world is website designers. Some people charge 5000 US dollars for their work, while others can only pay 129 US dollars. Many people cannot see the difference between the two, I have met a Canadian freelancer designer who has a quote system on his website. You can select your budget range. The smallest option is-US dollars, and on craigslist (www.craigslist.org, hundreds of dollars of website designers are everywhere. If you read alistapart (www.alistapart.com), you will know what top designers are thinking all day long. They are just a matter of things. For some subtle things, there are many people in the world who are pursuing perfection, perfection does not exist, so everyone is doing it at random. A website is such a product, and its consumers think it is unattainable. In the eyes of designers, its threshold is so low that it is so difficult for a really good work. There are 1.3 million Internet sites in China.

Or never updated,
Either it contains a large number of technical errors,
Or it cannot be accessed in the second browser,
Either it is completely abandoned by the search engine,
Either it's terrible,
Or people are confused,
Either one attack can be broken,
Or they are over-designed to be very popular,
Either it is as simple as a straw team.

Aiming at the most common problems in the current website design, "101 metrics for a perfect website" covers seven aspects: content, usability, design, security, performance, W3C standard, and SEO, analyzes the quality that a perfect website should possess.

During the compilation of the 101 metric items for a perfect website, I would like to express my gratitude for the following network resources for their great help and inspiration.
1. Ala, some technical essays on website design (www.alistapart.com)
2. w3schools, an accurate and authoritative W3C technical website (www.w3schools.com)
3. blueidea, A W3C design-related website in China (www.blueidea.com)
4. joomla, the most elegant open-source CMS system (www.joomla.com)
5. clexus: I 've been here more than once to steal design inspiration (www.clexus.com)
Ways, also on the design and standards of the Technical site, unfortunately after the end of 2006 to stop updating (http://24ways.org)
456 bereastreet, a website about design, usability and web standards (http://www.456bereastreet.com)
8. CSS zen garden, a test site on CSS, to see what CSS can help people implement (www.css zengarden.com)
9. CSS beauty, same as above (www.css beauty.com)
10. 31 three, as I said earlier, I have stolen his inspiration from a freelancer designer starting at $2500 (www.31three.com)
11. Vision Australia, an online program that helps you with Web color analysis testing (http://www.visionaustralia.org.au/info.aspx? Page = 628
12. Watch fire, an online web usability & Accessibility testing tool (http://webxact.watchfire.com)
13. XHTML strict verification, the most authoritative XHTML syntax verification tool provided by W3 (validator.w3.org)
14. CSS validator, CSS verification tool (http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator) provided by W3)
15. html validator, an HTML syntax verification tool (http://www.htmlhelp.com/tools/validator/) provided by WDG)
16. ie Buggs, site dedicated to exposing ie bugs (http://positioniseverything.net/explorer.html)
17. Best Website Award, Best Site Selection (http://www.webaward.org)
18. website usability checklist, website usability detection tool (http://web.mit.edu/is/usability/usability-guidelines.html)
19. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Web Content Accessibility guide from W3 (http://www.w3.org/TR/WAI-WEBCONTENT/
20. Seo checklist, this simple web page provides amazing value for Google SEO (http://www.vaughns-1-pagers.com/internet/google-ranking-factors.htm)
21. seomoz, if you want to find the only authority of global Seo, it will be them. Http://www.seomoz.org)
22. dianshi interaction, if you want to find a domestic Seo only authoritative organization, is their (http://www.dunsh.org /)
23. Seo Daily Post, if you want to find a Chinese SEO industry's personal hero, is Zac (http://www.chinamyhosting.com/seoblog)
24. W3 organization, author of W3C (www.w3.org)
25. Special thanks to Ms. Hu baojie for her full knowledge Manual on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), although many of her views are outdated.


The 101 metrics of the perfect website are divided into seven categories:

  • Content
  • Easy to use
  • Design
  • Security
  • Performance
  • W3C Standard
  • Seo

We put content first, and put a lot of people's overly focused design in the third place. In fact, in a website, content represents 80% of the value of the entire site. If we use the above seven aspects for people, we may wish to understand a perfect person like this:

  • Content (I really want to learn)
  • Easy to use (easy to communicate and get along)
  • Design (looks great)
  • Secure (very reliable)
  • Performance (healthy and strong)
  • W3C standard (compliant with Rules)
  • SEO (followed by many people)

101 metrics for a perfect website (Summary)

1 Rich Content
2 Accurate content
3 Constantly updated content
4 Professional content
5 Originality
6 Complete content
7 Content contains text and text, but mainly text
8 Embody enterprise values
9 Differentiate the audiences of different regions and cultures
10 The most basic content of an enterprise website includes:
11 Company news, enterprise or industry news
12 Team
13 Your products or services
14 Service and support
15 Extended knowledge of your products or services
16 Product purchase and promotion information
17 Help Information
18 FAQs
19 Legal disclaimer (copyright, privacy, Terms of Use, disclaimer, etc)
20 Job Vacancy
21 Content for major customers and partners
22 If you are a public company, you should publish the public information
23 Blog, BBS, comments, and other dynamic content
Ease of use
24 Only mature, simple, and compatible technologies are used
25 Do not use any webpage Special Effects
26 Clear and unified navigation
27 The navigation depth cannot exceed level 3
28 The navigation link must contain text (even if the image is used as the navigation button)
29 A site map of the plain text version is required.
30 Must have a bread navigation bar
31 Each page has its own title
32 Any page has a link pointing to the Home Page
33 The Website Logo points to the homepage
34 Wizard navigation should be provided for sequential content
35 Full-text search
36 Do not use the welcome page
37 ALT and title attributes must be set for any image.
38 If the image is to be displayed in the form of thumbnail, use the thumbnail that actually reduces the size. Do not just change the width and height of the image.
39 The link must have identifiable visual features
40 Any page has a print-friendly version
41 The page uses the same color and structure.
42 Based on the current mainstream display size, your site should avoid rolling windows around the vast majority of users
43 The site must be in the first-level navigation depth, allowing users to see your complete contact information
44 The size of each page should be smaller than 50 KB
45 Consistent performance in all mainstream browsers
46 Provide help at the user's operation site, instead of allowing users to access the dedicated help system for help
47 Users can make comments or feedback on some content.
48 Page cannot be too crowded
49 Identifies unaccessed and accessed links with different colors
50 Use the correct font that everyone can display
51 Do not open a new window unless necessary
52 If you do not use full screen mode to display webpages, you can determine the window size by yourself.
53 Do not bring up a window
54 When registering a user, you only need to enter the necessary content. In fact, you only need to enter the user name and password.
55 When you add an advertisement to a webpage, it must be clearly marked as an advertisement.
56 Advertisements cannot use spoofing tricks to trick unskilled users into clicking
57 After JavaScript, CSS, and other supporting files are removed, Your webpage can still be accurately displayed.
58 Deliver professional first impressions for first-time visitors
59 Industry-oriented design
60 Design cannot be overwhelming
61 Design follows the elegance principle (elegant)
62 Design complies with peace of mind (peace)
63 Include eye-catching logo
64 Includes a set of very attractive enterprise banner
65 Enterprise banner should be updated on a regular basis
66 Enterprise banner reflects enterprise Dynamics
67 Properly arrange the center of gravity of the page.
68 Consistent Design Style
69 Optimize the image size and adjust the JPG compression ratio to minimize the number of colors.
70 Use secure database technology
71 User passwords or other confidential data must be encrypted using mature encryption technology and then stored in the database.
72 Passwords or other confidential data must be encrypted using mature encryption technology before they can be transmitted through forms.
73 Passwords or other confidential data must be encrypted using mature encryption technology before being written into cookies.
74 Malicious Code checks are required for any data submitted by visitors.
75 The website must have a secure backup and recovery mechanism
76 Website error information must be processed before being output
77 Optimize the database design
78 Use store procedure for data exchange between the database and the website business layer
79 Records in the database are returned by PAGE instead of pages at the business layer.
80 Use mature and optimized web page rendering technology
81 Use XHTML + external CSS + External JavaScript to reduce HTTP requests
82 Use clean code (XHTML, JavaScript, CSS)
W3C Standard
83 Your website should comply with W3C standards
84 Each page of the website should have the title, description, and keywords that match the content on this page.
85 Keywords on each page must appear in the page content and have a certain density.
86 Key words should appear in the key position of the page, such as the front of the page. It is best to use tags such as strong, H1, h2.. H6 to modify keywords.
87 Pages to be indexed by the search engine must use static addresses.
88 Do not use the doorway pages label or the Meta Refresh label
89 Do not use cloaking to cheat the search engine
90 A website must contain a site map that meets the sitemaps.org standard or other criteria recognized by search engines.
91 Regularly update websites so that search engines can collect your content regularly
92 Your content should contain links that match your site, are excellent, and are connected to other websites.
93 Avoid as many flash applications as possible
94 The navigation system should never use flash.
95 Do not use the hidden text spoofing Search Engine
96 Increase keyword density without repeated content
97 The key content of the site should be recommended on the homepage in the form of static links
98 Do not use frame
99 The final output page content is completely static and does not dynamically generate content using JavaScript, DHTML, Ajax, and other technologies.
100 An everlasting truth about Seo is that your website is designed for your users rather than search engines.
101 Through some legitimate efforts, increase your page rank value. Your page rank value depends on the quantity and quality of the out-of-site links you get.

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