11g Manual Patching

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On two nodes, execute with Oracle user separately, stop resource node one: srvctl stop home-o/app/oracle/11g-s/home/oracle/s1-n 11grac75 node 2:srvctl stop Home-o/A Pp/oracle/11g-s/home/oracle/s1-n 11grac76
On two nodes with root user, unlock node one:/app/crs_home/crs/install/rootcrs.pl-unlock--Note Replace path location node 2:/app/crs_home/crs/install/ Rootcrs.pl-unlock
On two nodes, respectively, the Oracle user to execute, save the configuration prepatch.sh to have 777 permissions, general decompression after the patch set folder set 777 node 1:/app/19380115/19121549/custom/scripts/ Prepatch.sh-dbhome $ORACLE _home node 2:/app/19380115/19121549/custom/scripts/prepatch.sh-dbhome $ORACLE _home
The next step is to start the real patch process on two nodes, with a grid user executing Cd/app/19380115/app/crs_home/opatch/opatch napply-local-oh/app/crs_home
On two nodes, execute Cd/app/19380115/app/oracle/11g/opatch/opatch napply-local-oh/app/oracle/11g with Oracle user
Cd/app/19380115/19121551/app/oracle/11g/opatch/opatch apply-local-oh/app/oracle/11g
Readme.txt documentation may be error, see MOS ID 763680.1 for details
On two nodes, performed by ORACLE User:/app/19380115/19121549/custom/scripts/postpatch.sh-dbhome $ORACLE _home Postpatch.sh to have 777 permissions, general decompression after the patch set folder is set 777
Re-restore security settings, on two nodes, respectively, with root user execution
If you already have a database, upgrade the database su-oracle sqlplus/as sysdba sql> startupsql> @?/rdbms/admin/catbundle.sql PSU apply
Check, performed after landing with ORACLE and grid: $ORACLE _home/opatch/opatch lspatches$oracle_home/opatch/opatch lsinventory
Set linesize col action_time for A30 col version for A15 Col ID for the col action for A10 Col namespace for A10 Col COMMENTS for A20 Col bundle_series for A15 select * from Registry$history;

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11g Manual Patching

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