1.2.2 Ruby Introduction and Benefits

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The Ruby language was studied by the Japanese as (まつもとゆきひろ, Yukihiro Matsumoto, nicknamed Matz) from 1993 onwards, with 2 years to go before the first version of the Ruby language: Version 0.95. According to the bank's description: He has always wanted to invent a language, which is a high-profile development, but also allows developers to enjoy the joy of programming.

In fact, Ruby is really a very concise explanatory language, a purely object-oriented programming language, even more pure than Java (in the Java language, there are basic data types, etc. are not object variables, but in the Ruby language, everything is an object). In addition, Ruby offers many additional handy features, such as closures, iterations, and collections, to achieve the dream of the founders of Ruby language: To enable Ruby developers to enjoy programming happiness.

In contrast to the Java language, the biggest specialty of the Ruby language is simplicity. First, it is a weak type of language, the variable does not have to be declared, the variable has no type, so the ruby variable can hold any type of data, second, it also provides strong D regular expression support, and support operator overloading, in addition, Ruby also provides many additional convenient features, such as closures, code blocks, Iterators, collections, and so on.

The Ruby language also has an important advantage: it is also completely cross-platform and can be interpreted and executed on any operating system.

In the 2004, there was an excellent MVC framework in the Ruby language camp: Ruby on Rails, a development framework that was advertised as a substitute for the existing enterprise framework. The Ruby on Rails framework is a truly conscious agile development framework that provides a large number of code generators that can be used to improve the development efficiency of your application by using these code generators.

Ruby on Rails provides a "one-stop-all" solution relative to the Java domain from a multi-development framework, and the Ruby on Rails framework provides solutions such as the MVC framework of the Web layer and the ORM of the persistence layer. With the advantage of the dynamic language of Ruby, the code for the entire application is quite concise, because the development of the Ruby on Rails application is very fast.

There are advantages to the rails framework and the Java EE platform, and the simplicity and ease of use of the rails platform will be more attractive to small and medium-sized applications, but the Java EE platform Car offers more options. A developer who has a precise grasp of the technology needed to solve large enterprise-class applications with complex requirements.

1.2.2 Ruby Introduction and Benefits

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