A tutorial on writing SOAP servers using Ruby soap4r _ruby topics

What is SOAP? Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a cross-platform, language-independent, xml-based RPC protocol, usually (but not necessarily) HTTP. It uses XML to encode information to make remote procedure calls, HTTP to transfer

Several solutions to improve Ruby on Rails performance _ruby topics

Brief introduction The Ruby on Rails framework has been widely watched since its inception and, guided by ideas like "Don't repeat Yourself" and "contract is superior to configuration", rails gives Web developers a very high level of development

tutorial on using Java code with RJB in Ruby on Rails _ruby topics

Before you startAbout this tutorial Ruby on Rails (rails) is a full-stack WEB application framework written in Ruby, and Ruby is a rich, free, extensible, portable, object-oriented scripting language. Rails is very popular among WEB application

Build Ruby on Rails development environment on Mac OS X

This article is where I read Hugh wrote "Build Ruby on Rails development environment on Mac OS X", followed his steps and sorted it out. The content is basically consistent, adding some graphs. If you want to see the original content, look at the

Install Ruby 1.9.2 on Ubuntu

First of all, 2012 years, already have Ruby 1.9.3, why I want to install 1.9.2. Answer: Because I'm learning Ruby on Rails, the reference book Ruby on RAISL 3 tutorial is written according to 1.9.2, and Heroku server seems to support only Ruby 1.9.2

How to compile the Ruby interpreter correctly

Usually when we compile a Ruby interpreter from the source code, we encounter problems where we cannot find some C-extension libraries. Here's how I compile the Ruby interpreter from the source code, the problems I've encountered, and how to solve

Ruby on Rails Primer Example (Ruby1.8.6 gem 1.3.1 Rail 2.2.3)

1. Ruby and Rails must be installed successfully 2. Start building the first Web program with the following commands: C:/>MD Rubydev C:/>CD Rubydev c:/rubydev>rails-d MySQL A It is worth noting that the original command to establish the program

Ruby on Rails Learning: Solving Chinese garbled problems __ garbled problem

Beginner rails, simple to do an example, found that there is a Chinese problem. The general Chinese question is categorized as follows: 1, the page can not display Chinese, the production of Chinese garbled 2, MySQL database using UTF8, the page

Ruby on Rails Summary (i)

Environment Related: First, the order: 1. Update the installed version of rails: Gem update rails 2, after the updated version of Rails automatically save the previous version of the file upgrade, using the Gem Cleanup command to delete these files 3

Mac10.6.8 under Ruby Environment

Mac is actually a ruby development environment, but because of the low version, I still want to develop under the latest version, so I found the following installation upgrade method. My system version is 10.6.8. set up the path 1> edit the. profile

Build Ruby on Rails development environment under Windows system

Construction of development environment under Windows system 1. Remote Installation Step 1: Download and install the Ruby one-click installation package Download the latest Ruby 1.8.4-16 one-click installation package with a download

Ruby Require versus load difference

What's the difference between "require" in Ruby, "load" and "include"? Require "and" load "purposes are consistent, used to load the new library," include "is used to mix-in module "require" can load a a.rb file, and it can omit ". RB", and it

Build a Ruby on Rails native development environment with Ubuntu 12.04

Reprint, original link http://linux.cn/portal.php?mod=view&aid=170 using Ubuntu to build a Ruby on Rails Local development environment Want to develop a Ruby on Rails app? Although there are already some (beginner) Ruby on Rails

"Ruby" International SMS API Interface Demo

Note: The following code is only for the convenience of customer testing and provide the sample code, the customer can according to their own needs to write the code for Learning and research interface only for use, but provides a referenceRequire '

Ten steps to get Ruby on Rails running on Windows with IIS FastCGI

Since The original tech preview release of FastCGI last year, we ' ve been seeing a lot of requests for getting Ruby on Rail  s running with our FastCGI. Theoretically, since the FastCGI component uses a standard protocol to support fastcgi-enabled

Ruby on Rails mountable vs. full Engine

Original: https://www.travisluong.com/ruby-on-rails-mountable-vs-full-engine/A rails Engine is essentially a rails application that you can attach to other rails application to provide additional functionality.A rails engine is a rails application

Distributed programming with Ruby Reading notes seven Starling and AMQP/RABBITMQ (Part3 chapter7-8)

Part III distributed Message Queues Part III breaks from this ' traditional ' approach of distributed computing and look s at distributed message queues. Chapter7 Starling: including 9 parts: What is a distributed

Ruby Learning Notes (2) the difference between-chomp,chop

Not yet a systematic study of Ruby, recently looking at the Metasploit framework of the exploit will involve the Ruby script, it would be very hard to check the data once again to make some notes.There are built-in functions for chop and chomp in

Ruby on Rails development from scratch series of tutorials (with Ruby ebook download)

Keywords: Ruby on Rails, instantrails, windows, getting started, tutorial I always wanted to try Ruby on Rails, but I was not familiar with Apache and MySQL, and I was not confident in setting up the rails environment. So I never started. After

How to Generate PDF in Ruby on Rails (HowtoGeneratePDFs) ZT

Document directory Headers for Internet Explorer Do not use a layout This howto covers seven approaches to generating a PDF document with Rails. HTMLDOC PdfWriter PDF: Writer (Austin Ziegler) Ruby FPDF JasperReports PDF Form Fill PDFlib

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