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Good writing is important, good with the picture can be more icing on the cake, with a map of the GIF is a vital link! Anyway, the small series is the most like to see some easy humorous GIF pictures ~ But can not always go to Baidu in a haystack, so today small compilation for everyone to figure out some GIF website, practical leverage.

Some websites need to turn over the wall


Official website: http://kotaiguchi-gif.tumblr.com/

Kota Iguchi, a unique designer from Japan, features a combination of Chinese characters and three-dimensional space, creating an ancient rhyme with a full sense of modernity. The depth of the existing space and the cycle of time, thin taste, quite philosophical meaning. is a high force must be a sharp weapon!

 02.Golden Wolf

Official website: http://goldenwolf.tv/

This is a British company, founded in 2013, the style is diverse, very consistent with the taste of young people. In addition to passion, they are the most lack of imagination, so many well-known brands trust, such as Sprite, Adidas, Ray Ban, Red Bull, Disney, Vans, Nike and Target. They're all small-knitting-like brands.

 03.Julian Glander

Official website: http://glander.co/

Julian Glander High School began his animation career, from a hobby into his career. Animators, illustrators, game makers are his title, style humor, deeply loved by young people.


Official website: http://scorpiondagger.tumblr.com/

James Cole's work is a bit of a heavy taste for the masses. The characteristic is: Spoof! irony! religion, culture, sex and so on are all the looting objects that he creates works. At the same time to maintain high production, the importance of each piece of the quality of the work, meaning that the spoof of all of the spoof ~


Official website: http://www.gifparanoia.org/index.php#

Matthew Cooper and Johnny Kelly were good friends, and they worked together on a series of titles called I ' m not a artist (I'm not an artist). Originally they only want to be a small collection of works, did not expect to expand into an open activities, more and more people involved.


Official website: http://www.rafael-varona.com/

Rafael Varona do is a veritable "small animation", each piece of work is small and exquisite, in addition to small and circular, the overall style of a kind of light humor, let people see the mood is also very comfortable. is the literary and artistic small fresh class essential Oh ~ Colorful absolutely satisfies you!

Small series favorite is the humorous funny class GIF ~

And then you just throw it out,

No more words to repeat it ~

  07. Fox Chart Net

URL: http://www.giffox.com/

  08. Hi Graph Network

URL: http://www.hitu.org/

 09.GIF Cool

URL: http://www.gifcool.com/

  10.Best Funny Gifs

URL: http://gifs8.com/


URL: http://memebase.cheezburger.com/


URL: http://gifson.net/


URL: http://www.gifbin.com/

See here, perhaps some of the friends will say, if I want to have no GIF online, I need to record it? Which software is good?

Mobile phone: Hand-racer, the United States picture GIF

These two can be made according to the picture, can also record a GIF directly, later can also add frame and special effects. As for which is better, let's try it for ourselves ...

Computer end: The United States Mito, are called the Beast

The United States Mito will not be introduced, using the existing material to make GIF, 0 basic users can quickly start.

is called the Beast is the video screen type software, if has any clip which I thought is very good, may use it to record directly.

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