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How does a lot of data and information show up? The answer, of course, is the infographic. The information map has been popular for several years, but it is a minority to do well enough. Combining the rigor of fun, entertainment, vision and data with the reliability of information is a great test of the ability of designers and editors to have a brain hole. We have previously sent information map design techniques, but also sent the infographic template, but their limitations are also very obvious, either you have to build from scratch, or you can only use the template modification changes.

So, today we summed up 13 useful infographic making tools, save you a lot of trouble, the most basic of the most trivial parts for you to complete. These tools are either free or available for free, whichever is best for you and you'll know when you try.

1. easel.ly

Easel.ly is a very simple online tool that does not have authorization issues and can create and share powerful, visually effective infographic and posters. A diverse collection of icons, symbols, characters, and a comprehensive assortment of topics allows you to create an infographic that fits your needs.

2. Piktochart

As an online infographic authoring and Presentation tool, its repository of images, templates, icons and graphics is rich in the ability to turn boring data into compelling infographic, all you need to do is click. It also provides sharing and saving infographic to third-party tools.

3. Vizualize

Vizualize.me is a popular infographic making tool, and you can use quick and easy interaction to help you transform your boring resume into informative, visual infographic.

4. Venngage

Venngage can help you design countless infographics for business presentations, marketing materials and even some teaching projects. The same is the selection of templates, themes, and other small visual elements of the process, if you want to complete brand customization is also possible, even to make animation!

5. dipity

Dipity is a Web site that focuses on creating timeline-based infographic, organizing information content through time and date. The embedded interactions are excellent, and they are excellent for integrating interactive timelines that include video, audio, images, text, hyperlinks, and even social media.

6. Get About

This is a free Windows platform app that will help you monitor and record your social network and generate the appropriate infographic for you.

7. visual.ly

This is an established online infographic production community that has been in existence since 2011, not only to help you create infographic, but also to see other people's shared infographic to get inspiration. Its online real-time collaboration tool allows designers from around the world to focus on a single project. Here, you will get a dragon service.

8. Creately

Creately can help you create beautiful infographics, flowcharts, UML and even UI, which provides more than 50 types of professional charts to help you quickly make good charts.

9. Tagxedo

Tagxedo can make beautiful text collages based on the infographic you provide, and you can adjust the font, shape, color and layout according to your needs.

Ten. infogr.am

Also an old infographic production platform, infogr.am can help you create infographics, business presentations and marketing solutions. The 30 + chart types built into the platform cover the vast majority of needs, and you can upload your own images and videos, embed blogs and web sites, and have a high degree of freedom.

One. Google Developers

Although Google's services are not available domestically, many students use a VPN to access services that use it. Google Chart is also a very powerful tool, and Google developers can use your real-time data to generate a infographic of your site.


Icharts can help you show complex information in a simple way, and it's common to use this tool to generate health information, trends, and information maps of sales reports in financial analysis reports. In addition, Icharts provides features such as cloud services, real-time data access, and information comparisons.


Statsilk is also a powerful tool that can help you convert spreadsheets into interactive charts, map information, timeline, scatter charts, and more.

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