14 websites with the worst User Experience

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1. ultra-long page download time.

If the page download time exceeds 30 seconds, it is difficult for users to like your website.

2. unlimited use of flash and Images

It is undeniable that appropriate use of some images and flash can increase the vividness of the website and increase the visual impact. but unlimited use of flash and images. the page file is too large, occupying the CPU resources of the browser, and is not conducive to page update and search engine crawling of the website.

3. The website page is too long.

How many views do you think are interested in looking at the bottom of your webpage? Don't compare yourself, because more than 99% of the talents just learned to access the Internet.

As mentioned in an article by Wang jianshuo. "In an Internet user survey conducted by Jakob Neilson in 1995, only 1994 of users in the United States dragged the scroll bar on the right of the browser in 10%. Most users, 90% of whom opened a website, if you only view the content on the first screen, you will see it all without scrolling down. "

Now there are many such people in China.

On the homepage of a website, only a website with a length of less than 10% of the content displayed on the third screen can easily lead to visual fatigue of viewers. What's more, most viewers may already be

The two screens attracted other pages.

4. unfriendly navigation

Unfriendly navigation is the most influential to user operations, so it is not easy to remember what you think. when a user arrives at a page, he does not know how to return to the previous page, and does not know the column under which the current page is located. this kind of website is likely not to happen again once the user comes.

5. Expired Information

If you do not update the information for a long time, it is easy for viewers to feel disgusted, and your brand image on this website will be greatly compromised.

6. Dead connection or connection Error

This is the most basic error, but there are still some such errors, such as Sina.

7. Isolated pages

The user does not know how to return to the home page. This often occurs on the Information prompt page or the content investigation result page.

8. No visual differences between pages

There is no visual difference in the page. The page design is very "flat" without "sense of attention", lack of visual impact and highlights. or what highlights the visual impact is not the main content of the website. this is the easiest mistake for inexperienced designers to make when designing large websites.
How much do you think a visitor will remember by presenting a large amount of information in front of him? The page design should attract and guide viewers to view the content or products you want to promote. of course, the design level of the webpage "sense of privacy" is not simply achieved by some high-purity colors, according to the page environment and surrounding elements. it is very obvious to draw a white dot on a blackboard, but it cannot be clearly seen if you draw a white dot on a whiteboard.

9. There is no standard form of link connection

Nowadays, many people who just got on the website think that only the text with a draw line is the link. the website must have a unified and standard link representation, which is different from the unconnected text. it is necessary for the viewer to easily recognize the connected text.

If you want to mark "click an image to see the big image" under the image, you must add the "Alt" attribute to the image.

"More" should be written in Chinese. It is best not to use "more" or punctuation.

10. use new technologies too much

The so-called new technology is a technology that only a few people have mastered. Although it may have a good visual effect and powerful functions, the excessive use of new technologies means that you are ready to discard 99% of users.

11. Lack of interactive content

Lack of interaction content, lack of participation by netizens, and failure to allow netizens to express their emotions and thoughts. It is doomed that this website is only a dead website.

12. complex file directories and file names

Complex file directories and file names do not use the search engine to pick up pages, and it is not conducive to the viewer's memory. almost 100% of users use the IE cache when entering the website. directories and files are too complex and placed in the IE cache. Of course, you have a much lower chance of being accessed for the second time.
Do not use favorites. Do you think more than half of the users will use favorites? In addition, it is not easy to find a website in the favorites folder for people like me who have too many favorites.

13. Framework

It is not recommended to use the framework. No, it is because the search referral does not like it. Even in Google's advertising plan, the Code with the framework is separate.

14. Malicious plug-ins, malicious pop-up window

15. "_ blank" is often used on the page"

Too many pop-up windows will occupy a lot of computer resources and affect the browsing speed of viewers.

# Html/XHTML/XML Column

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