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Macs are very reliable and stable computers, but that doesn't mean they don't go wrong, they're not bad, they're not stupid. We've summed up some of the Mac's "Ah-oh" shots and told you how to deal with them and prevent them from happening again.

There will never be a problem without a computer. Even the Mac has a temper, suddenly do not work well, from a good baby into a great monster.

If the PC is sometimes stubborn and willful, then the MAC is a bit hard to fix. Usually they only revolt under the conditions of their own evil--say you drank a little juice or something for the MacBook. Like people, Macs work longer hours and need a little time off.

No matter what the Mac problem, there are ways you can fix it yourself. Sometimes you get lucky and the problem is obviously solved. If an application doesn't work well after you upgrade your operating system, you may subconsciously think that the program might need to be upgraded, too? More often than not, solving a Mac problem may require you to identify a few simple steps, from the most obvious to the simplest: are your lines plugged into place? If it's too complicated for you to be, calm down, be cool, don't smash things, especially your Mac.

Below, we'll introduce you to the 17 Mac FAQ Solutions, including Mac,iphone and ipods. If you're not sure you can fix them, suggest you be cautious and don't make it worse. You should take your machine and go to a professional maintenance company to let them fix it for you. Of course, don't forget to back up your data. If you don't have a backup, a small problem can put all your work to naught. (Leopard users, your machine has a fool will use time Machine, so don't tell me you do not know how to back up!) )

  Question 1: The keyboard is splashed with water!

Survival tips: If you accidentally splash water or other liquids on your MacBook keyboard, you need to clean the surface of the liquid very quickly. Cut off the power immediately and remove the battery. Then turn your computer lid upside down and let the liquid flow out slowly. Do not throw, nor flat, you need to dry it. Use paper or dry cloth mat to absorb water under the machine and replace it when needed.

No matter what happens to your computer, don't turn it back on in 72 hours-you need to keep the machine dry before you start. Some people may use a hairdryer, but if you blow dry, the contents of the liquid (if not 100% water) will remain on your machine parts, so it is best to dry naturally. If you're really in a hurry to get the data on your computer, I'm sorry, get 600 bucks ready and go find the data rescue company.

If your data has been backed up, you just want to know if your computer can still be used, you just have to wait for it to dry out and see if it can be started. You can choose whether to take it to the Apple Store or find a nearby place where you can repair the apple. (Please note that if the damage is caused by the liquid, the Apple is not responsible for the drop-maintenance staff is not stupid, do not lie to them say "it suddenly does not work" and so on)

If you choose to save yourself, and the dry computer has been activated, it depends on what you splash on. Ordinary warm water, there should be no big problem (ice waters hit the hot motherboard is not a good thing to do). Mac can still endure sugar syrup, acidic liquids, milk, whatever, but the problem may occur after a while, because these liquids will corrode your computer's hardware. So you need to clean your computer at once. If you're sure you have the ability to dump your computer in chunks, wipe all the splashed parts with distilled water or industrial alcohol and put them back intact. If you can't, go to the Apple Store.

If your splash is an external keyboard, unplug the keyboard from the computer and drain the keyboard upside down. Then hang it for 24-48 hours and plug it back in.

  Issue 2: Card in boot mode

Survival tips: If your Mac card is in the splash screen for a long time, take a deep breath and turn off your computer to select self-test mode.

Press the power button, and then press and hold Command+s, you will enter Single-user mode, and then see the white text displayed on the screen.

When you see the # Command prompt, key in/sbin/fsck–fy, and then enter. Then you can wait for your Mac self-test to see what's going wrong and fix it yourself. This process takes about 15 minutes, so be patient.

If that doesn't work, take your OS X system disk into the optical drive, reboot the Mac and hold down the C key. If your system is 10.4 or higher, go to Applicationsutilitiesdisk Utility, select your hard drive, and then click Repairdisk. If the disk is not wrong, point repair Disk Permissions. After the steps are complete, restart your Mac.

If your system is 10.2, the above steps are the same, but the directory of the program is in Installeropen Disk Utility.

Not yet? Go to the Apple Store.

  Question 3: no boot.

Survival tips: If you press the power button, but the system is not responding, the light is not bright, you can not hear the fan sound ... first, take a deep breath! Then unplug the power cord, remove the battery if it is a notebook, disconnect all peripherals, and then count from 1 to 60. Re-street your battery and power cord to see if the machine can be started.

Unplug the power cord and battery if it does not work. Try to focus on system Management Controller. The reason is that if the Systemmanagement controller settings are problematic, then your Mac will not recognize the battery or power supply. On the MacBook and MacBook Pro, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, then connect the power to the boot computer. Other mobile versions of the Mac are slightly different, looking at Apple support or Google smc+ the model of your computer to see the specific procedures.

  Problem 4: Running too slow

Survival tips: If your Mac is as slow as an ox, it's your fault. You are download some software that you can not use a few time in a lifetime, the desktop is all folders and icons, it seems you should clean up. Uninstall the software you do not use, the folder to organize the collection (to know that every small icon on the desktop takes up some system memory), turn off some system functions, such as system animation, stretching effect, smooth scrolling what. The easiest way is to download a tinkertool, free software, do the system setup work.

Then, considering your Mac's hibernation state, the OS x system is automatically run with UNIX scripts on a daily 3:15am, weekly Saturday 4:30am, or 5:30am on the first day of the month. If your computer is usually shut down or hibernate at these times, then the system's temporary folder will be filled with the system's junk files, and your Mac will certainly not run fast. If you use leopard, this script will run every time you start.

  Question 5: The power is on fire!!!

Survival tips: Another reason your Mac runs slowly, freezes, shuts down, or does not play the video smoothly is due to dust, dirt or your pet's hair clogging the machine to make it hot. If you allow them to develop, your Mac will be slowly roasted to death.

To handle this problem, you need to open the lid of the machine and blow it clean with a hairdryer. If you can turn on your own Mac, that's easy for you. If you're not in the bottom of your mind, find an Apple store. If you just want to blow away the surface of the dust, and do not want to do any deep cleaning, then you do not blow the picture into the more inside, your hair dryer tilt to a certain angle.

Apple says some MacBook has a thin layer of plastic on the back cover. This was originally used in the production of the factory to prevent dust, should be removed when the shipment, but some computers do not. If you have plastic on your MacBook back cover, get it down and throw it away. Make sure that the heatsink behind your computer is not blocked by anything, or that it is slowly blocked on a soft surface or on your leg. Your computer needs to breathe.

  Question 6: Software doesn't listen.

Survival tips: If a software is a good performance but suddenly do not listen to the boss, then you must be in trouble with it. Did you do a system upgrade? Have you installed other new software? Or did you change your computer's settings? You also need to upgrade your disobedient software.

If it doesn't work, see if the software itself is set incorrectly. Create a new account and log in to the software to run it. If there is no problem, it means that your common account settings are wrong. You can clearly set before the directory in Users/library/preferences folder. For example, software like Photoshop, you can press Command+option+shift to restore the default settings when the software is started.

Damaged fonts can also make your software run wrong. You can look at question 14 how to solve them.

Finally, is there something wrong with your memory? If your software crashes without any warning, your memory may be in trouble. Then you check the memory, out of the air the other is very easy to find, swap memory slots to try.

  Question 7: My mac scratches the bird ~ ~ ~

Survival tips: The metal surface is easily scratched, the fact is so cruel. The first scratches are always painful, but there is no feeling in the row. But if you are not, you can try to use the scratch paint, but must follow the instructions to OH. Then avoid the paint hitting the seam of your rear cover heat sink, interface or lid. If your Mac is already dirty or scratches, it's recommended that you try Apple Polish cleaning Kit.

  Question 8: a dirty MacBook

Survival tips: The white MacBook won't last much longer, especially in the wrist, and the black will be splinters by the oil on your finger. But you can try the rub, Colin.

  Question 9: The key is loose!

Survival tips: If the keys on your keyboard fall off: Whether it's an old Apple computer or a new aluminum keyboard, you're less likely to press it back. Turn the button and look at the plastic clips. If still, not bad, then please gently pull out the clamp and then do not choose all means to press it back, the first card to the right, and then the card on the left. Now you need to put the cap back in, and you may need a toothpick or something fine to stall the key cap. Remind friends with aluminum-alloy keyboards: Those non-alphanumeric and digital keys are very difficult to handle, because the things that drag them are very easy to bend unless you have a very light approach.

If the plastic clips are broken, then you'll have to go online and find out if anyone's selling it.

  Question 10: noise, noise.

Survival tips: If your Mac already has some weird sounds--high or low frequencies from your hard drive--then your hard drive may be almost dead. Others, such as applications that are frequently unresponsive, folders mysteriously missing, startup frequent crashes, or open documents or save more and more slowly-back up your data immediately, even if your Apple disk tools say your disks are in good condition.

In fact, you should be glad that your computer warned you early. In general, the form of such reminders is always that the computer does not work. So don't ignore the backup AH ~ ~

  Problem 11:ipod or the iphone screen scraping

Survival tips: Some people say that toothpaste can take out the iphone or the ipod's flimsy screen scraping. The gentle grinding of toothpaste can not only white your teeth, but also remove iphone/ipod scratches, just like we use toothpaste to clean the jewelry. But we found that some of the toothpaste was too strong for ipod/iphone. Use some professional: applesauce Polish or Radtech ' s Ice crème.

  Question 12: Scratch to find the MacBook ~

Survival tips: If the MacBook screen is spent, don't be a family workshop. Any tool that removes scratches can also damage the protective coating on the screen. We've heard of people using computers to find jewelers, and there are people who use Vaseline, but we don't recommend that. If scratches really bother you, don't hesitate to change the screen. Of course, your Apple Care Protection plan is not going to pay. But you can go to the Apple Store and say my screen is biased.

  Problem 13:ipod Bath.

Survival tips: You dropped your ipod/iphone in the water (bathtub, toilet, or the sea ... if it's still open, shut down the machine, if it's closed, then we'll just say amen ... if the device is off before it is off, please dry it thoroughly. If you have removed a lot of water, then put the equipment up, so there will be no water residue in the bottom of the shell. If you know how to take it apart, remove the battery. Dry for 72 hours, then try to turn on the boot. If you can't turn it on, hang on for another 48 hours.

  Question 14: Fonts in trouble

Survival tips: Small fonts cause big problems! Damaged font files can cause printing or display errors, or even damage the program. The screen was messed up.

In the OS X system, you can go to the Applications folder and start the font book to check for damaged font files. If any, press command to click on the suspicious font file, then file > Validate Fonts. If the font is broken, you can see a round x icon. Select damaged fonts, and then delete them. If you see a yellow alert icon next to the font, move it out of the font folder and restart to see if the problem is lifted.

  Problem 15:safari strike.

Survival tips: If Safari is not as diligent as it used to be, please restart Safari > Reset Safari. This clears the login information, favorites, cache, history, and cookies that exist in Safari. If you completely empty, you will find that the speed has been significantly improved, but your password-requiring sites will have to trouble you again. If you don't remember your password, leave cookies and login information.

  Problems 16:mobileme into the big mess

Survival tips: This proves that Apple also releases such problematic software. If you want to continue using software that even Apple admits is defective, then you have to back up all of your data, cloud Sync, and then restart isync. System Preferences > MobileMe, click sync/advanced and then click Resetsync Data. Choose All data from the pop-up window, if only some of the data is problematic, select the problem user. When you click on the right mouse button, you will see the "on MobileMe with sync info from" computer. Words.

  Question 17: or MobileMe

Survival tips: If 16 does not solve the problem, or if you receive conflicting information, please reset the Sync Services folder, select Preferences from isync menu, click Reset Sync History. If you have multiple Macs, you will need to perform them on all computers.

  5 ways to avoid the persecution of the above

1. Keep your computer dry

2. Keep your software upgraded to the latest

3. Ensure your data is secure

4. Cleaning work is important

5. Backup or Backup

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