18 of the price

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one of the 18 of the volume price :

See :

the same , Fall among , wave by wave in a shrinking volume . overall, the downward slope trend of the volume : as :

18 of the value of the second

The main force is to put a lot of sweeping at the bottom . the ensuing rising . Quantity not released . until the high level began to ship .

in the downward trend . each volume does not reverse the trend , still fall . as :

18 of the price is three

The amount of gentle amplification of red

The amount of mild amplification of the yin

Red proof of good change of hand

the negative proof of the floating-raise is not clear .

See "

Chang Yang or long yin is often observed in the market. , while ignoring the Zhongyang and the Middle Yin

And in the market, Zhongyang and Yin occupy the market's total disk surface , so in the middle of a rise, it's a moderate volume change of hand. .

The price of 18 is four

Increase the amount of explosion and long red future bullish

To increase the amount of explosion and long Yin future bearish

Fancy . long red or long yin corresponds to the amount of explosive volume .

The main force of the full collection of the long red time explosion proof . The main Buy retail sales

Proof of the long Yin burst volume of the main selling retail buy

the price of 18 is five . Six

Is the trend of 20120625 Market today

18 of the price of seven

In general, a wave of rising volume is relatively uniform.

18 of the price is eight

if the share price goes down one wave at a time, , the volume should also be a wave downward trend .

but in the downward trend . The amount behind is bigger than the previous one. . so be careful what you kill in the future.

And so

Personal Experience : When you fall . back to new highs , and the quantity is higher than the previous quantity , so make sure you're careful . . and then it's possible to kill more.

18 of the value of the nine . 10

the value of 18 is the Xi. , 12

Value 18 of 13 , 14

Bottoming after the reversal you have to observe the initial hold- up amount,

If the market rose three days , profit chips chase buy , if hold three months , back to Ben want to run

18 of the price of the measure

Value 18 of 16

Value 18 of 17 .

The value of 18 . 18

18 of the price

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