20 life suggestions for programmers

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1. Do not deprive others of hope easily. Maybe it is the only hope of the other party.

2. Do not make any decision when you are angry.

3. Be careful with those who have nothing.

4. Learn to say "no" politely and flexibly ".

5. Do not expect that life will be completely fair.

6. If the failure of a battle will win the victory of the whole war for you, you should give up the victory of the battle decisively.

7. Don't say "I don't know ".

8. 3 people are praised every day.

9. Enjoy the arrival of dawn at least once a year.

10. Look at others' eyes.

11. I often say thank you.

12. Treat others in the way you want others to treat you.

13. Make new friends and consolidate old friends.

14. Keep a secret.

15. Acknowledge your mistakes in a timely manner.

16. Learn to listen.

17. You should not be able to hear bad things.

18. A wonderful idea that can change the world often comes from a person who works independently.

19. Only books that can be repaid or not can be lent to others.

20. Be cautious when choosing a living partner. This determines 90% of your happiness.

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