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TOP1: Brush Machine Wizard

Brush Machine Wizard is a running on the PC side of the Android mobile phone brush machine software, can help users in a brief process to quickly complete the brush machine upgrade. It can help you automatically install device drivers, get root permissions automatically, and automatically brush into ClockworkMod recovery to complete your Android device system upgrades and swipe into third-party systems. You can also find a third-party system that is appropriate for your device through the ROM market, which is built into the Brush Machine Wizard.

Feature Features:

1. Intelligent installation drive.

2. Farewell to cumbersome operation, you can brush the machine simply by clicking the mouse lightly.

3. The cloud sends the brush machine the plan, safe and reliable

Brush Machine Wizard, reload system easy to use (8 pieces).

4. One-button backup, reduction system, reduce the risk of brush machine.

5. Security engine Scan, source eliminate virus rogue software.

6. Wizard-Style interactive interface, small white easy to start.

7. Free online download of the massive boutique third-party ROM resources.

8. Intelligent recognition model, one key root.

 TOP2: Master Zhuo

Master Zhuo (Brush machine Expert), is the software application development team OPDA after the Android optimization master and then opened a PC-side software. The software is positioned as an auxiliary tool for Android phones running on the PC side. Mobile phone and PC can be connected to identify the phone model and system information, quickly determine the brush machine program. The whole use of pure fool-type one-button operation, the user does not need to know how to brush machine knowledge, simply follow the guide prompts click Next, you can complete the brush machine (that is, reinstall the mobile phone system).

Feature Features:

Support the majority of Android mainstream mobile phone one-button brush machine;

Rich advanced features, one key to solve mobile phone FAQ;

Gather mass rom free download;

Provide all kinds of playing machine tutorials, open self-study Research mobile phone new way;

The perfect vertical question and answer community, solves the player operation problem quickly.

  TOP3: Perfect Brush machine

The perfect brush machine software is a brand-new second generation Android mobile phone brush machine software, compared to the first generation of brush machine software, it has done a lot of functional optimization, without any brush machine preparation, no need to learn any tutorials, without manual installation drive, exempt from all the brush machine preparation work, really do a key brush machine.

Feature Features:

1, change brick repair

No need to worry about the cell phone changing bricks!

2, no need to brush machine preparation

The world's first to avoid Android 2.3, Android more than 4.0 through the brush, free to install the driver!

3. Intelligent Brush Machine

To determine whether ROM and mobile phone match, reduce the risk of brush machine.

4. Considerate consideration

Clear the number of brushes and yellow triangle, to ensure that there is no barrier to maintenance.

5. Automatic Pass Brush

From there is no need to differentiate line card brush, support Samsung Series National Line Hong Kong pass brush.

6, Automatic unlock

Support HTC official automatic unlock.

7. Full Mode brush machine

Normal mode, recovery mode, Odin mode ... can brush the machine

8, intelligent identification Compression package, without decompression.

 TOP4: Baidu Cloud Brush machine tool

Baidu Cloud Brush machine tools based on the latest version of Android Baidu Deep Custom development, in-depth optimization of the address book, calls, SMS and other modules.

Feature Features:

Integrated Baidu Unique Intelligent voice search, Word search, such as mobile new search methods, increased such as network disk, information synchronization and other personalized cloud applications, enhanced such as cloud prevention, transmission encryption, such as security protection.

Current support model Brand: Huawei HTC Samsung ZTE Lenovo good domain Shanio Soninhoman Mushroom Gold li

  TOP5:360 Brush Machine Assistant

360 Brush Machine Assistant is 360 launched an Android phone brush machine tool. Provides a fool of a key brush machine operation, get rid of the red tape brush Machine way, backup personal data and mobile phone system, brush machine worry-free, provide quality ROM, do not bother to find, clean and safe; integrated one-key root tool, easy to handle root permissions, provide practical gadgets, convenient for the overall management of mobile phones.

Feature Features:

One key brush machine

No longer need to worry about the complex brush process, a little easier to

Backup and Recovery

Brush machine does not lose data, you can completely restore the original system, really do the rest of the brush machine

Quality rom Download

Provide quality ROM download, 360 security verification, no longer time-consuming and laborious to find ROM

Practical Tools

A variety of utilities to meet your various needs

  TOP6: Sweet Pepper Brush Machine Assistant

Sweet Pepper Brush Machine Assistant to provide users with simple, convenient, safe one-button brush machine program, support a variety of brand model Android mobile online upgrade and system backup functions, and provide Chinese recovery system sweet pepper. The tool through the fast Retrieval Cloud brush machine scheme, without manual intervention to complete the whole process of brush machine, sweet pepper Brush Machine Assistant to provide security detection, mass free brush machine ROM package and a variety of brush machine gadgets. Sweet Pepper Brush Machine Assistant currently has two platform products, sweet pepper Brush Machine Assistant pc side and sweet Pepper Brush Machine assistant for Android phone client.

Feature Features:

One key brush machine

Simplify the machine and make it easier to brush

One key root

One-click operation, easy access to mobile phone management rights

Knowledge base

History of the most complete brush machine knowledge collection point, so that you become a brush machine master

Application Management

Easy management of mobile phone software

One-click Delete Preset Application

  TOP7: Qi Rabbit Brush Machine

QI Rabbit Brush Machine is an Android phone brush machine tool, to achieve a real one-button operation experience, guide users to complete the brush machine quickly. Massive high quality ROM resources, easy to download quickly. Easy backup system and all data, at any time a key recovery, security risk-free.

Feature Features:

1. The cleanest ROM package.

2. The newest, most dazzling, cleanest ROM package, in addition to system components, resolutely resisted, all custom applications.

3. Backup Restore.

4. Fast backup restore, secure data security, so you dare to challenge the brush machine limit.

5. Intelligent driver installation.

6. Matching the mainstream model of the market, intelligent, fast, automatic loading drive.

  TOP8: Master of Brush Machine

The Master brush Machine is dedicated to providing Android users with a one-stop brush machine service crafted Android Phone Brush Machine wizard. Brush Machine master computer version is also called Mushroom Cloud Brush Machine Wizard is a running on the PC side of the Android One-button brush machine tool, can replace the user manual brush machine cumbersome operation, compared with the relatively cumbersome traditional brush machine, it can for the vast number of Android mobile phone players in the brush when the time and energy savings.

Feature Features:

Cloud services intelligently identify your Android devices and provide full cloud services: Cloud adaptation, cloud detection, cloud backup, cloud storage, etc. A full range of safety and security, so that you brush the machine more worry-free all-round management brush machine master set application download, installation, upgrade, backup, uninstall as a whole, more automatic installation, clear cache, batch management, such as one-button service, to provide you with more user-friendly Android phone management experience

 TOP9: Green bean Brush Machine artifact

Mung bean Brush Machine artifact ("Mung bean") is an Android first automatic brush machine artifact, support a variety of mainstream Android phone, no computer and data cable, can be automatic one-button brush machine, a key backup/restore system and personal information, a key to get root permissions, a key to install prerequisite software, a key to download software games.

function characteristic:

Get rid of the shackles of computer and data lines, Android's first brush machine application! Powerful fool-Type one-button brush machine function, will be complex, cumbersome simplified backup function more playing machine more secure.

Swiss saber-level toolbox, one key root, boot restart and other professional features more suitable for professional players to use

Original official ROM, let the phone return to the essence (features)

Recommended third-party ROM through the engineer's screening and testing to protect the player's fun

Still a huge amount of software and games, free flow of one-click installation always updated

New design of the fresh interface, so that players more focused on the process of playing the machine

Practical memory information, power saving mode, fast switch and so on in the small battery parts

Memory information and battery endurance information to help you keep abreast of your phone's health

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