2014 Year-end summary

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In 2014, two things happened in my life: I took the college entrance examination, I went to college. It's a turning point in my life.

In the first half, into the super-nervous high school next semester, the afternoon after class early anxia days, rushed to the canteen to eat, and then rushed into the classroom self-study. I do not know why, this is my deepest impression of the scene, I also clearly remember that has been with another friend to eat together, he will always eat faster than me. After noon to go back to the dormitory, take out a hidden cell phone to rest, and so on the dormitory members to sleep. Evening study is up to 11 points, I generally go back to the point, hurriedly wash face on the bed, waiting to sleep off the lights. In the first half of this immediately passed, the college entrance examination two days, I almost insomnia for two days, no matter what is difficult to sleep, noon directly did not sleep, but the spirit unexpectedly good. The final result is surprise and disappointment. In short, after three months of playing, I left home and came to the big smoke outside of the real mile.

In the second half, I had a college life. First of all, Yantai prosperous let me refreshing, after all, is a small county came out of the children, but also let me a lot of expectations. Enter the university, the first feeling is busy, and high school has been doing the title is not a level, which there is a disappointment and hope, in anticipation of the weekend hurriedly arrived in the same life, the second half of the same is done. Professional knowledge is C + +, the first contact with the programming language, the feeling of a new computer understanding of the door opened, before you can not understand the professional terminology, code, such as now seems to have a little clue, in short, is quite looking forward to more in-depth professional courses. In the university, I learned a lot of things, many are the first contact, let me feel that college life has not been white, unfortunately not a good stroll down Yantai this beautiful city. If you want to say the state, more still look forward to it.

2014 Year-end summary

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