201404-20151119 Work History

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20140417-20151119 Work History

Change Department bug
20140416 onboarding
20140418 pm forgot to punch in Friday


Material analysis

20140504 put a half-day off at noon to walk the Punch Youth Day

20,140,512 weeks, I was almost late.
20140513 boring afternoons.
201,405,141 pm to deal with a problem, find browser compatibility problems really hard to reply to Social security mail
20140515 pay, the afternoon to deal with a succession
20140516 probation, one months, not much overtime this month. Just one months Friday off.

20140519 There is a new week a table stats tangled up half a day
20140520 Forget the purse good hot today 563.562.509 off work
20140521 614Bug
20140522 has been in the Thursday.
20,140,523 weeks, five. Revise the report and print the settings of the disease-free treatment

20140526 There is a week 1672 modification of DAO Disecostconstructdao related to disease business
20140527 hot weather The first training in the afternoon to see the business of the disease, all of a sudden too much
20,140,528 days of gas is still hot, leaving glory has been almost 2 months, Wednesday.
20140529 Write SQL
20140530 Clinical Road Jin Dragon Boat Festival ends May

20,140,603 weeks Two The new start modifies the deletion function of a custom disease to exchange information about the disease business and test in the accounting model, and found that the program has not changed
20,140,604 days, it's not hot.
20140605 Thursday PM Calculation
20,140,606 weeks, five, one months now. Statistical attendance in the afternoon added to the case collection of the check

20,140,609 weeks a bit sleepy but thinking about starting a day of work energetic afternoon Rango talk about the company atmosphere and personal plan to say quite serious even if positive
20,140,610 weeks Two today there are several reports that must complete today's mission
20140611 this morning to change yesterday's bug fill in the betting ball to tell the truth, it's boring.
20140612 It's a lot today. Unfinished business before work is done
20140613 tasks Many Ah, today I do not know whether it can be completed unfinished

20,140,614 sat six today we have to finish the Friday mission. Shrieked introduced some business names

20,140,616 weeks a 6:00 to work unconsciously came to the company two months ago today, an employee left, it should be a positive start today
Is it going to rain in 20,140,617 days?
20140618 It's a little late to eat something outside 9:03 today.
20140619 start
20140620 Rain

20,140,623 weeks start a new week off work forgot to clock out
20140624 is a little late, estimated 9:03. Taxi card
20,140,625 weeks three, good job today. Correct the Bug yesterday
20,140,626 weeks I've been working late this afternoon, but it's almost useless.
20,140,627 weeks, it's early today.

20,140,630 weeks, January or June, the last day of the year is almost past.
20,140,701 weeks February or July, half a year has passed. The weather in Beijing is hotter than the 2-day code in Tianjin, which finally doesn't meet the people's table structure. The code's all wrong.
20,140,702 weeks It rained, didn't do anything yesterday.
20,140,703 weeks and four sultry
20,140,704 weeks Five haze training some BI/DW relationship learning new knowledge (metric in business is called indicator, derivative indicator, is the data to be followed)
Summary: This week is mainly fixed bug, but a bit laborious, a bit slow, changed the bug did not write notes, after Wednesday to the Department of the cost of the first two rows of menu operation to see the code has been specific business

20,140,707 weeks a new start looked at the cost of the Department of Revenue Cost menu
20,140,708 weeks 29; 01 go ahead for 10 minutes next week and get to the company before 9:00.
20,140,709 weeks three, the time is right.
20,140,710 weeks and four ignore it's like I forgot to punch in yesterday afternoon, I don't want to go home this afternoon.
20,140,711 weeks Five workload fill out the two small requirements of the system platform this week basically nothing, they are looking at the page to understand the function

Summary: Last week basically in addition to change the bug, mainly still look at the department of cost of the first three columns of the menu, that is, the cost according to the apportionment method, so the record workload, service volume is to provide a proportional reference for the allocation, followed by cost imputation
To the Department of a process, the code is not currently seen, probably understand the cost of the process

20,140,714 weeks and one by one days of work began again, looked at the code of two menus
20,140,715 Week II the day of the mission was paid in the afternoon yesterday mainly on the operation of the BI platform to roughly practice the dimensions of the fact table configuration and other properties The third month of wages
20,140,716 weeks Three today continue bi new table structure
20,140,717 Thu Today make a report, add a data source design structure to display a custom data source, and customize multi-angle data analysis including data
20,140,718 weeks five morning meet Lee, ask this week I understand bi, ask some questions, answer is not very good, the mood is especially bad, especially depressed, express not to go off work do not do well forget to punch

Summary: Last week is mainly the operation of the BI platform, built some of their own tables, design dimensions, output reports in a specific format
Dimension of
Calculating metric Items---a dimension
Contrast Dimension---
The essence of mining dimension---is the hierarchical relationship between dimensions
Filtering dimension--the data filtering function of the dimension self-band

Hierarchy of dimensions (associated with a foreign key)
Fact tables: Data items and Dole (indicators and derived columns)

Procedures for designing report pages:
Report Designer
Binding of data



Plan: 5 bugs were allocated last week it took about three days. Second, I wrote some SQL statements to import the database (insert into Select) Second, the data flow process of the diseased species has an understanding and some table structure
20,140,721 weeks a new week began again in the afternoon tangled up a SQL and read write SQL own good practice
20,140,722 weeks Two yesterday modified the department comparison
20140723 Wednesday Three o'clock in the afternoon the task is finally finished, carefully check the guarantee that there is no problem. The submission code of the time of yesterday's submission is quick, Cancel immediately do not know the cancellation succeeded No
20,170,724 Thu Today take a look at the report of the disease species specific SQL and off-duty
20,140,725 weeks, five times, a week.

Summary: Last week, in general, the flow of disease data (data stored in the database and business data flow) is useless is to add some fields to the report (there are items in the field of the project code of the disease species of the occurrence of disease)


20,140,728 weeks, we're going to go into the August, six months later. The main report to the disease and the field and adjust the column order printing
20,140,729 Week Two
To work: The day begins again
After work: This morning Lee said nothing, let me see bi, spend the morning to see Bi to do the collection and apportionment of disease in the afternoon the solution for SQL Server BI solution
20,140,730 weeks, three rains.
Morning: I'm going to take a look at the stored procedure of case collection, which has been SQL for a long time, and has not written about the stored procedure.

20,140,731 weeks four car saw Lee, get off only to see unconsciously how old Daze
20,140,801 Weeks 51 weeks There is a lot of work inside or there are many things do not understand or business above (I want to just say a probably, at most 2, 3 minutes can say), to the company also almost 4 months, but the business does not know very well
There's no real job assignment, it's all about changing the Bug off.
Friday Dinner

Summary: Last week, the operation data stream of the disease was carried out a comprehensive code browsing, know case acquisition-calculate price-imputation-accounting model-unit price-disease accounting model The final data flow process

No matter


20,140,804 weeks It's a windy day, it's cool. Plus data escalation
20,140,805 weeks the wind blew up yesterday morning to update the data. The system downloaded a Help document in the afternoon. A cursory look at
20,140,806 weeks Three weather is sunny modify the system platform morning basically put the authority of the thing finished afternoon look at the lock mechanism
20,140,807 weeks after asphyxication Beijing, how the old cold, nose uncomfortable ... In the afternoon Lee said a bit of background code written in the form of a single duty, etc.
20,140,808 Week v. Revise the allocation parameters today

Summary: Last week Lee explained the front backstage code to write the way, as for the workload is to change bug-eliminate combox each load and modify, complete the Escalation page (note the writing format)

On business:

The processing flow of the imputation (the department is the imputation, the allocation and the disease is the accounting model and model data generation)


Not in touch with what more flexible technology to the company 4 months, the job is to fix bugs, a little dissatisfied no
SQL stored procedures (essentially a workload-intensive SQL Write)

No matter


20,140,811 weeks A today I don't know what to do for the morning modify the dot js
PM Learn the VH code format, primarily a single component package to a new employee
20,140,812 weeks 21 days and then I started asking for a little bit of work this week.
Today see the Department into the system platform and the data rights issues on the background data permissions code and logical comb, because of issues related to the authorization of the report query
Modify some bugs

20,140,813 weeks it's raining. The whole technical composition of the system is summarized in the afternoon (see Business document)
20,140,814 weeks four weather improved today if there is no arrangement, today, a keyboard to the basic can not see the chaos of the years have not entered the ...
20,140,815 weeks to pay today's salary look forward to this day, but time does not want to go so soon after work in the morning to ask how to change the basis for change to see the mood is not good .... What are you talking about!!! The mood is a little bad .... But I'll do what I have to do.

Mainly is the change of department cost data permission
function permission is only a specific function, but it is related to the data, a bit of data permissions, different units of the user's view of the data of the operation of the permissions are inconsistent

The indicator is the data in the fact table, or the data derived from it (that is, the so-called summary of similar data, perhaps the calculation of the existence of formulas), the calculation of dimensions is an indicator

KPI Index System-A recent look, the indicator is the amount of the report to see (the cost of the same period, the proportion of data)

On business:

Flow of data permission operations:
First select the system, then the unit, followed by the department, according to the Order of the authority of the Department authorization.

No matter



20,140,818 weeks a today is a good spirit, too good every day yesterday changed some data permissions of the report, found that the table structure is still a bit unfamiliar
20,140,819 Week Two today is a very heavy workload. The menu for cost comparison can also be a 4 level + total similar SQL query today
20,140,820 weeks three days of good weather today put the data permission of the menu and end this afternoon has been SQL, code +sql look bored to death, bored off work
20,140,821 weeks four mood is not very good, it is also raining here is also very depressed this afternoon see the rest of the menu to complete the completion of the task execution
By chance, when the company sees others talking about workflow, about financial approval, the previous contact workflow is not manual collaboration, but the process reengineering between heterogeneous systems, and the workflow scenario is currently two

20,140,822 Friday this afternoon, I'll finish the data.

This week:
The main cost of the Department of data access to complete the ratio
Changed most of the SQL inside DAO

No matter


20,140,825 weeks a day is exceptionally clear, the week starts again, and August is almost over.
20,140,826 weeks I forgot to write a log today. I took a picture in the morning.
20,140,827 weeks come a little late today these days have been tangled bi exactly to who use, Microsoft's BI Solution Design method morning complete dropdown box blur foreground query
There's nothing to do, I can't take it, TIME's so slow
20,140,828 weeks four to rain, mood also follow the change of the weather, not how good, a little depressed, feel the company's atmosphere is especially depressed but the study is still to learn is it! See Logj4 in the afternoon. Configuration for logging
Log file (size,)
20,140,829 weeks The weather's fine, and by the end of August, today, moon cakes.

JS Compilation and Interpretation execution



20,140,901 weeks It's going to rain, like September, it rains.
20,140,902-week two-touch BI project, this week's task is very big start ExtJS and code organization is finished
20,140,903 weeks, three days, exceptionally good work. Extra backstage and Hibernatrte based queries done
20,140,905 weeks 43 days resolved the calculation of latitude data filtering and saving functions
Some of the problems involved in these days:
ExtJS's writing is all based on a custom object
Hibernate lazy Loading and HQL queries

Latitude Relation table
Calculate the Latitude table
relational table for storing sum
20,140,905-week five-table structure relationship


Recently Bi, it is because of the existence of meta-data, the analysis of its metadata storage, into a flexible analysis

The second is the temporary table, part of the temporary table, some long-term temporary tables

How to generate temporary tables, insert data in temporary tables

SQL statement that caches SQL statements that generate temporary tables for cached page reports

The original table---modeling----latitude relationship (Multidimensional data model)---Data cube---Configuration Analysis page---Generate temporary tables---cache data---generate query sql

ODS------------------metadata metedata-----------------------------------------Data Warehouse----------------------------

20,140,906 weeks and six overtime
Temporary tables generate multiple, basic one page exists multiple tables

20,140,909 weeks after the Mid-Autumn festival, the day after tomorrow will be completed, and today and tomorrow two days
It's a huge task.

Speak today, there is no clear, but today's mission is good, completed in fact, the data of the SUM,COUNT,AVG is the fact table data, so the change is not very big
At present basically satisfies the request, after two days after the Ming examines carefully

Generate several temporary tables to store data, a SQL statement that extracts raw data to summarize its data into a temporary table, and then roll it into the cache table

20,140,910 weeks three mornings saw several colleagues, but did not go together, afraid of not knowing what to say
Today is the last day of the mission, today carefully check one side yesterday wrote, the basic task, even if completed, the test currently has no data, but can guarantee that there is no problem

20,140,911 Thu today should be the day of completion, the task is completed on time today is the system of the whole process of the table structure to understand
Today, a count calculation error is found, in fact, count is calculated only once, without multiple aggregations, and SUM and AVG can be aggregated multiple times, but the same result
The mood in the afternoon is particularly bad ... Tangled........
20,140,912 weeks The weather is bad, it looks like it's going to rain, today's modeling of the Multidimensional analysis of its bi-modal code flow collation side
Successfully completed this week's mission, but these two days the mood is not very good

BI Analysis: Multidimensional modeling custom indicator model for indicator modeling


This week is mainly for multidimensional analysis of SQL parsing, how to generate SQL statements based on the latitude relationship in the database
One is to create a table
One is the query statement



20,140,915 weeks a good weather, the mood is also good morning to attend the meeting is mainly this time the task of the completion of the basic completion of the task afternoon for the mining latitude avg and Count of the revision
20,140,916 weeks Two The weather is not good mood and bad, special depressed today's task is the realization of max,min work
20,140,917 weeks three days of Air Yin today to the front desk and the background request to go through the link only to observe the URL request some information and a new colleague but also a new colleague.
20,140,918 Thu based on the process of page designer and background interaction look at the process of code design but it's still not clear, it's a little complicated.
20,140,919 Weeks 51 weeks There is no this week is Max,min JS's custom component is part of the lifecycle---component two different concept plug-ins

Max,min operation and Page interaction

Multidimensional Analysis
The system is both query
Instrument panel
Reporting features

Table linkage
Table Details-pop-up window
Table diagram------pop-up window
Graphics Detail-pop-up window

Page out

To find the maximum value
To find the minimum value
Find the number

Same period
This issue
Growth rate These are some of the metrics data built into the system.


This week, there's no specific mission plan to take the multidimensional Analysis one step.

20,140,922 weeks It's going to rain. There is no specific schedule for this week, but the code for Multidimensional analysis is not clear at the moment, and the execution cache does not understand the meeting today, the work is done, and no other work is scheduled.
20,141,923 weeks The rain has been a part of these days or some still don't know the code snippet to finish the page initialization work
20,140,924 weeks the weather clears up and the air is very clean. Code snippet created by temporary table
20,140,925 Thu Today, the program of OLAP tables is collated to form a document that has not been completed.
20,140,926 Fri Continue today OLAP continues to use BI, the functionality is still very powerful

Bi ingenious design ideas, excellent database design and a set of elements, technical requirements, may be in the face of the design of JS requirements, but the most difficult is how to design this point ....

20,140,928 Day 11 The days before the holiday normal to work today continue to organize BI today meeting scheduled to make some bi report in the afternoon to fix Max's bug fixed spent half a day

20,140,929 weeks a table structure to make some statements in the afternoon basically did not do but found a bug is mainly for the count operation, a little bug, but the operation can be avoided.
20,140,930 weeks two weeks put Max in the wrong place. The original should be right, but the change is not much what to do these days??? 11 arrived ...

20,141,008 Weeks 31 Holiday ended, the first day of work today ..., I thought it was going to rain in the morning.
20,141,009 Thu I met Lee today, and I said a few words. Analysis of operational analysis (for departments) and report analysis (tri-index) This is the day of the week is multidimensional analysis of the report design today Zhang talked about the things to Kunming may go one months
20,141,010 weeks five weeks five the weather haze
20,141,011 weeks six fog haze do some analysis indicator in the afternoon deleted the sequence of the YF database, file logging: Database sequence f:\ database sequence Yf.txt General Lee look at the index of the document late after work

20,141,013 weeks It's getting fine, but it's getting cold. An example of setting up a custom analysis item maintains a subset of the indicator data
20,141,014 Week II Register all the latitude tables to the inside today register all latitude--Custom analysis items and basic calculation formulas
20,141,015 Week III Continue indicator registration today
20,141,016 weeks 4,140 Indicators It's almost done by tomorrow morning, and the rest of the indicators should be over. Maybe the new one's about 140. The eyes are looking at the data too much.
20,141,017 Fri Today forget to bring card today without punch-in record Sunday to Kunming morning train 36 Hours I came home only 18 elder brother hours, haven't sat so long car afternoon booking borrowed Rango money

20141019---20141231 Yunnan tumors

BI implementation over there, mainly to do bi theme Analysis design page and other GZ

The first day of the New Year on the 20,150,104 Sunday.
201,501,051 weeks of new beginnings
20150106 small bugs found with Max
20150107 heard some went to Kunming, came back only a few days after the meeting to arrange to import Excel database inside, the evening added class
20150108 put Kunming sent over the problem of 11th number again to Kunming business

20151011---20150209 Yunnan tumors
BI implementation over there, mainly to do bi theme analysis design page, etc.

20150210 didn't go to work today (I didn't go to work after I came back)
20,150,211 weeks Asphyxication Company to work basically sat a day

20150309-20150827 in Yunnan Province Cancer Hospital, doing BI project


20,150,828 weeks five back to work on the first day
20,150,829 weeks six back then arrange to do the health insurance analysis topic afternoon leave to find a house overtime
20150830 Sunday pm Leave to find a house overtime
20,150,831 weeks one completed the Health Care topic page, the afternoon to check casually do some data
20,150,901 weeks Two The requested data is not very accurate, request more data, the main data collected in the afternoon, spend more time than AH
20150902 Wednesday pm to show the leader of the page evening and colleagues to eat dinner at dinner leaders said to everyone's performance did not mention my work situation, I am very dissatisfied
20,150,903 weeks the task of assigning analysis report this morning, because the topic page of the day before yesterday did too slow, lead to give me this task is not many, a little lost

20,150,906 days after the holiday back, today began to work today is relatively late today task indicator cache health Care Topics page
20,150,907 weeks I finished all the indicators yesterday.
20,150,908 Week II cache the report today.
20,150,909-week three analysis report
20,150,910-week analysis report today, Liang is on this side of the project cost of the theme interface to do a design, others, the boss really think, in Yunnan did so long, know a lot of repetition, but really did not think how to improve.
20,150,911-week Analysis Report Training accounting module Learn about the scorecard and other knowledge

20,150,914-week project cost analysis
20,150,915 weeks two project cost analysis
20,150,916-week three project cost analysis
20,150,917 weeks four project cost analysis
20,150,918 Weeks five project cost analysis
20,150,919 weeks, six overtime, one day.

20,150,921 weeks, a normal job.
20,150,922 Week two normal work
20,150,923 Week three normal work
20,150,924 Week four normal work
20,150,925 Weeks Five Training department cost knowledge

20,150,928 weeks without a thing
20,150,929 weeks two nothing.
20150930 Wednesday Morning Schedule The analysis of the cost of the disease to modify the interface, hair view inside the year dictionary does not manage the main idea 11 holiday

20151008 Thursday The first day of the National Day holiday back to work this week began to revise the cancer hospital report
20,151,009 week five indicator definition today's financial report on the need to see a hospital segment
20,151,010 weeks Six indicator definition today requires the collation of the hospital-side indicator document

20,151,012 Week One income indicator check
20,151,013 Week two income indicator check
20,151,014 Week three income indicator check
20,151,015 Week four Income indicator check
20,151,016 Weeks Five Income indicator Check modify a view today Lan said some not very good things, very depressed, until 8 o'clock to work

20,151,019 Week One indicator definition
20,151,020 weeks two indicator definition
20,151,021 Week three day off today, Wednesday vacation Day (see tooth)
20,151,022-week Four indicator definition these days the mood is not good, too thin is depressed, the weight is seriously insufficient, do not know what nutrition is lacking.
20,151,023 Weeks Five

20,151,016 weeks I saw a few people on the subway talking about implementation, thinking about the project I did technically, needless to say, if there is any real value, I really can't. Just
As far as I'm concerned, I just know how to do it, but after the details, the actual meaning cannot be said.
20151016/31 think about this year's work, business is mainly cost accounting and data Warehouse, technical improvement is not very big

20151101 beginning to have the intention of leaving
20,151,105 Five-week proposal for separation
20,151,116 weeks a formal decision to leave
20,151,119 weeks four leaders agreed to leave

201404-20151119 Work History

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