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How programmers Choose Computers

In commercial office, there are so special with a group of people, every day to face the dense programming code, they are programmers. Programmers on the computer performance requirements are high, not only need to deal with complex operations and become, more competent multitasking, a good desktop computer is a better choice, to ensure the stability of complex work completed. So how does a programmer choose a computer?

The first neat office environment can improve programmer's programming efficiency. Just imagine, already very crowded desk, if on the desktop heap a large chassis, obviously look very annoying, but if the chassis placed under the table, using the interface is not so convenient. Therefore, a small, mini desktop computer can solve this problem, not only to meet the interface of the ease of transfer and not affect the desktop cleanliness and space utilization. HP Elitedesk G2 DM is a commercial mini PC that can meet the needs of programmer development.

Clean office environment can improve programmer's programming efficiency

HP Elitedesk G2 DM model is relatively conservative, but it does not give people a stiff feeling. Cuboid shape of the left and right side is completely flat, HP Elitedesk G2 DM can easily be placed vertically on the desktop platform, greatly saving the user's space occupancy. In addition, the market products are also paired with a supporting base to enhance the stability of vertical placement.

HP Elitedesk G2 DM can easily be placed vertically on the desktop platform, greatly saving the user's space footprint

Hewlett-Packard Elitedesk G2 DM Machine is a standard short cuboid, the thickness is not large, pitching section near the square, long width is smaller, unlike the book is more like the past some small radios. The whole machine material takes the steel shell, the finger bounces on the crisp, the strength is not the question, is very strong, only the front panel has taken the plastic material, its front plate heat dissipation hole design has quite a kind of old feeling.

The whole machine is made of steel casing. Not like books. Some small radios in the past

Second, the scalability must be strong, programmers in the work also need to transfer all kinds of USB port or other interface based devices. As a commercial mini machine equipment, external expansion capability is also very important, mini fuselage design does not give HP Elitedesk G2 DM Interface Configuration impact.

HP Elitedesk G2 DM Interface Configuration

Hewlett-Packard Elitedesk G2 DM is equipped with 2 USB2.0, 8 USB3.0 interface, headset/microphone interface, 2 DP interface, VGA interface and RJ45 network cable interface, 10 USB interface can fully meet the programmer's multiple device debugging requirements, Three video output interface can easily transfer multiple display, is undoubtedly an effective way to improve efficiency.

HP Elitedesk G2 DM front panel and upper surface for overall removable enclosure design

In addition, HP Elitedesk G2 DM's front panel and upper surface for the overall removable shell design, with only one screw in the rear is responsible for fixing, easy to disassemble. From the front panel and the upper surface connected to the top cover, simply slide can be drawn away from the inside, a glance, it is worth mentioning that the screws in the rear is not completely screwed, is HP in order to prevent users to lose the screws do design.

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