2016-year book plan

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1, plan to read the technical category, Popular science, literature books five or more.

2, a weekly translation of a technical article in English, the category is not limited to science and technology-based categories.

Technical books take the work learning needs as the premise, the choice has the practical value and has the certain extension knowledge the work. May focus on mobile development, machine learning, algorithms and so on. Free choice of popular science and literature class.

English translation from the end of May, starting from a simpler article, slowly increase the difficulty.

Planned/read book records:

READ: "Best practices for Public platform Development" Second edition of the Double Studio series | | Description and introduction of the interface documentation. Basically organized by official document entries, there are good explanations for application classifications and code practices.

READ: "The complete three body" Liu Cixin | | China sci-Fi Hugo Prize Foundation works. In the context of the three-body world invasion, the future picture that civilizations and the universe may face is depicted.

READ: "The Strings of the Universe" B. Green | | The books that were planned to be read very early have a sense of brief encounter after reading them.

Program: "Machine Learning Combat"

Plan: The structure of the universe

2016-year book plan

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